Art Encounters at Bugis Town

Art installations are like magnets to us Singaporeans. We’re always drawn towards aesthetic visuals and interactive experiences, whether it’s to simply admire a work of art or snap that winning IG shot. If that sounds like you, head on down to Bugis+ Outdoor Plaza from now till 3rd October 2021 to catch Art Encounters in action. 

Not only will you get to surround yourself in a “jungle” of florals and landscape paintings, but you’ll also get to collect postcards to unlock discounts to use at participating outlets at Bugis Junction, Bugis+ and Bugis Street. 

Experience “jungle” vibes inside mobile container studios

Bugis Art Encounters

Organised by Art Outreach, Art Encounters repurposes shipping containers into a mobile art space. Its Bugis Town instalment features floral-themed and landscape paintings by artist Chloë Manasseh, who painted everything inside the containers onsite. 

Artist Chloë Manasseh at work
Artist Chloë Manasseh at work

There are two main galleries for visitors to take a break in and immerse themselves in a burst of forest vibes. The first is the gallery container which you’ll instantly recognise thanks to its huge  canvases of blue floral and landscape paintings. You can kick back and admire these from the comfort of custom-designed bean bags featuring the artist’s paintings.

Bugis Art Encounters gallery

If you’re feeling inspired, you’re also welcome to add your own interpretation to the public canvas inside the gallery container.

Girl painting on wall

Be sure to stop by the multi-sensory installation in the second container. Here, you’ll be surrounded by vibrant floor-to-ceiling paintings, with ambient sounds and smells to create a whimsical jungle experience.

Bugis Art Encounters
The scent in the gallery was designed by homegrown fragrance label Scent by Six in collaboration with the artist. 

The installation comes complete with a wooden boat that pays homage to Bugis Town’s history. Don’t forget to look down – the floor will have a layer of resin that gives you the illusion of walking on water!

Collect postcards to get discounts at Bugis Town malls

While you’re taking the time to explore each container, the welcome container is a must-visit. Look out for a photo wall that’s filled with vibrant graphic postcards featuring works by street art collective RSCLS. Here, you can get your hands on a free postcard to get discounts and deals at Bugis Junction, Bugis+ and Bugis Street. 

Bugis Art Encounters postcards

Here are some of the deals you might want to suss out: 

  • ActionCity, Bugis Junction: 20% off Cosbaby products
  • De Paradise Nail Spa & Foot Reflexology, Bugis Street: Classic gel manicures from $23 (U.P. $26) and foot reflexology from $28 (U.P. $30)
  • Gelare, Bugis+: $5 Classic Waffles 
  • Typhoon Café, Bugis+: Get their Signature Fruit Teas or Typhoon Creative Smoothies for $6+ (U.P. $8.50+/$9.90+)

Postcards at Bugis Art Encounters

There’ll also be a donation drive for you to support more of Art Outreach’s initiatives, so there’ll be more free art events like this in the future. 

Find hidden artworks to win an art session worth over $150

Take a good look around you and you’ll notice that it’s not difficult to spot art everywhere. Tune into your artsy senses and look for hidden art installations around Bugis Junction and Bugis Street. 

Girl taking selfie with hidden artwork

Be sure to snap a photo of yourself with the artwork if you think you’ve uncovered one and upload it on Instagram. You may just win a Swing Spin Splash art jamming session (worth over $150) for yourself and a buddy at ArtyParty on Bugis Street

Remember to set your Instagram account to public, follow and tag @BugisJunctionxBugisPlus in your post, and use the #BugisJunctionxBugisPlus and #BugisTown hashtags to qualify. 

Girl taking photo of hidden artwork

Here’s a little hint to get started, head up to level two of Bugis Street and keep your eyes peeled for vibrant floral visuals. You’ll be able to find more artworks inside Bugis Street and Bugis Junction. 

Immerse yourself in a floral “jungle” at Art Encounters

Bugis Art Encounters

Once in a while, we need to stop and smell the flowers – take things slow and appreciate what beauty there is around us. In this case, you can almost literally do that at Art Encounters at Bugis Town from now till 3rd October 2021.

Hidden artwork at Bugis mall

Whether it’s absorbing a sensory experience of a lush jungle or snapping that perfect IG photo against a backdrop of florals, you’ll be able to get your dose of art with these mobile containers. While you’re at it, collect postcards for mall deals to make the most out of your next visit to Bugis Junction, Bugis+ and Bugis Street. 

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This post was brought to you by Bugis Town.
Photography by Zhou Jinquan.

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