AptaAdvantage Resilience Day Out 2019

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When life bumps you up the leaderboard and makes you “Mom” or “Dad”, you’ll find that your new title comes with a whole heap of new responsibilities such as nursing, diapering and bathing your youngling.

Another responsibility that takes high priority is raising a good-natured, kind and resilient child. But these characteristics don’t come naturally. If you’re keen to learn more about resilience-building while enjoying a fruitful day out with your little one, then mark your calendars for the upcoming AptaAdvantage Resilience Day Out 2019.

Happening on 31st August 2019, AptaAdvantage Resilience Day Out is a family event brought to you by Aptamil Toddler that’ll see Stadium Roar at Singapore Sports Hub transformed into a full-fledged obstacle course for your toddlers and tiny tots. 

Crowds and kids don’t go well together. This is why the event will be held in 2 sessions – the first from 9AM-1PM and the second from 1PM-5PM – so you won’t have to worry about overcrowding or your child missing out on any of the activities.

From mass Zumba sessions to free milk sampling, here’s what you can look forward to:

Mass resilience workout for the family

There’s nothing like a little exercise to warm the fam up for a full day of fun. Kickstart AptaAdvantage Resilience Day Out 2019 by falling in for a mass family Zumba session with your little one and get ready to work up a sweat. 

Morning session timing: 9.30AM
Afternoon session timing:

Mini resilience obstacle course for toddlers

Obstacle courses are well-known for testing us in the areas of strength and agility, but AptaAdvantage’s obstacle course is specially tailored for toddlers between 3 and 6 years of age. The course features 5 curated activities that will test the limits of your little one’s perseverance and resilience. Don’t worry, all the activities are mild and absolutely safe!

River of Perseverance

Image credit: @SuperMom Baby Fair

Leaving the warm, safe embrace of their parents’ arms and tackling obstacles twice their size can be daunting for toddlers, but independence and confidence is key to building a resilient child and the River of Perseverance is a good place to start.

AptaAdvantageImage credit: AptaAdvantage

Your child will have to muster up enough courage to overcome his/her fear of heights with a flying fox-esque mini zipline across the “river” to cross this first activity off the list.

Maze of Adaptability

Image credit: @SuperMom Baby Fair

Send your kids blazing through the maze of adaptability – this station will not only improve your child’s spatial awareness but train him/her to be able to think fast on his/her feet.

Bridge of Daringness

Image credit: @SuperMom Baby Fair

As parents, we’re quick to jump to the rescue if our child is ever placed in a situation where they feel insecure. But put your helicopter parenting aside because over at the Bridge of Daringness, your kiddo will have to make a solo attempt across the hanging bridge to get to safety.

Crane of Resourcefulness

Image credit: AptaAdvantage

Give your little one’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination a boost as they take on the role of an excavator for the next challenge and dig for hidden loot!

Hill of Self-Reliance

Image credit: AptaAdvantage

The final obstacle will see your bub scaling the Hill of Self-Reliance – an activity that promotes self-dependence and autonomy.

BONUS: Play area for tiny tots under 3-years-old

Your little one might not make the age cut off to roll with the big kids and take on the Resilience Challenge, but that doesn’t mean they’ll have to be benchwarmers. Keep your eyes peeled for AptaAdvantage’s designated infant play area to partake in a series of resilience-building activities with your child.

AptaAdvantage goodie bag worth $200


If your little braveheart is one of those to complete the entire Resilience Challenge, you’ll receive an AptaAdvantage goodie bag worth $200! It comes loaded chock full with all that you’ll need for a growing toddler. Expect a couple of packs of Drypers Drypantz, a whole 900g sample tin of Aptamil Toddler Gold+, rice vermicelli and snacks!

Be sure to collect your stamps of completion at each station on your wristlet as proof to redeem your goodie bag*. 

Parents of young ones between the ages of 6-months-old and 3-years-old will also be eligible for the AptaAdvantage goodie bag as long as they produce proof that their kiddo has similarly completed the five challenges at their designated play area.

* Goodie bags are limited to 1 per paid child present upon showing proof of completion of the Resilience Challenge while stocks last.

Free Aptamil Toddler Gold+ milk sampling and advice from certified nutritionists


You’ll also be able to look forward to getting your hands on free samples of their Aptamil Toddler Gold+, which hails all the way from New Zealand. Aptamil Toddler Gold+ is formulated with the highest amount of DHA (157MG)** of any toddler milk in the market to support brain development.

It also includes a patented prebiotic blend to aid your child’s natural defences so you can rest assured that your child is getting the optimal amount of nutrients he or she needs for everyday growth.


Read more about our journey behind the scenes at Danone’s Aptamil factory here.

**Applies to Aptamil Stage 3 and 4 Growing Up Milk vs other Growing Up Milk (Stage 3 and 4) sold in Singapore as checked on 22nd Nov 2018

We all have a million and one unanswered questions as parents from colic and diapers to baby-led weaning vs. purees. If you’re looking for a little guidance or reassurance, Aptamil’s certified nutritionists will be around to answer any questions you may have on parenting.

Raise Resilient Children at AptaAdvantage Resilience Day 2019

Skip the malls and usual playgrounds and make a date with AptaAdvantage this 31st August 2019 at AptaAdvantage Resilience Day Out 2019, brought to you by Aptamil Toddler. Not only will the resilience challenge exhaust your child’s seemingly endless supply of energy, but it’ll grow their adventurous spirit and make them more determined as individuals.

Tickets are priced affordably at just $12 per child and include admission for 2 accompanying parents*.

*Each family MUST have at least one child between the ages of 6 months and 6 years old.

Register your child for the AptaAdvantage Resilience Day Out 2019 here!

Sign up as an AptaAdvantage member & get a free 900g sample here

This article was brought to you by Danone.
Photography by Clement Sim.

Stadium Roar at Singapore Sports Hub
9:00 am - 5:00 pm