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Ang Mo Kio Arts Fest


Arts in Ang Mo Kio

We sure are enjoying the likes of art galleries like National Gallery Singapore, but there’s no need to venture far from home when we’re already surrounded by the arts. From now to 25 March 2018, there’ll be a series of artsy events held right in the heartlands at Ang Mo Kio. And there’s plenty of rich heritage to explore – after all, it’s one of Singapore’s mature towns.

Arts in Your Neighbourhood is happening right outside your doorstep, so get your fill of the arts by joining in art jamming sessions under the stars, tapping out a song on a massive set of piano keys, and best of all – wandering through an arts pop-up carnival in a carpark.


Check out Ang Mo Kio’s interesting art installations


Ahoy-hoy! in Ang Mo Kio

Ahoy-hoy! lets you play with the rotating mirrors, to see Ang Mo Kio in a new light.

Rambutan trees were once everywhere in Ang Mo Kio, hence the name – ang mo dan which means rambutan in Hokkien. But that’s about the limit of our knowledge. Now you have every reason to find out more about one of Singapore’s oldest heartland neighbourhoods through art installations like Stop and Smell the Ang Mo Dan!.

Hearing your own voice with Sound like 19

Sound like 19 lets you listen to the sound of your own voice.

Taking photos at the wall murals of Reminiscing Ang Mo Kio

Reminiscing Ang Mo Kio’s mural paintings.

Check out Sound Like 19 – it’s made out of hollow pipes and joints so you can listen to the sound of your own voice echoing through, or Reminiscing Ang Mo Kio – mural paintings featuring familiar but forgotten scenes, like cooking in a kampung kitchen.

Circling round with Watching the World Go Round

Watching the World Go Round.

Otherwise, try pedalling on the bicycles of Watching the World Go Round – it’s a self-propelled carousel for you to go round and round.

Stop and Smell the Ang Mo Dan!
Venue: Various locations (Find out more here)
Dates: 8 – 25 March 2018
Admission: Free 

HDBs in Ang Mo Kio

Everyday scenes in Ang Mo Kio. Image credit: D-KPO Collective

For more of Ang Mo Kio’s history, there’s also a photography installation at one of the hawker centres at Block 724. Tell me an (Ang Mo Kio) story shows you what it’s like to live in Ang Mo Kio – through the lens of professional and community photographers.

Tell me an (Ang Mo Kio) story
Venue: Blk 724 Ang Mo Kio Market & Food Centre
Dates: 21 – 31 March 2018
Admission: Free


Head down to Nomadic Art Caravan, a carnival in a carpark


Nomadic Art Caravan is a carnival in a carpark

Image credit: LOPELAB

There are certain things we’ve come to expect from carparks, and an art carnival never crossed our minds. But hey, let’s take our hats off to creative collective LOPELAB for transforming one of Ang Mo Kio’s open carparks into a full-blown art carnival, the pop-up Nomadic Art Caravan.

AYN 2017 - Art in Construction - Bedok
play button
AYN 2017 - Art in Construction - Bedok

Closed-road Arts Carnival, Arts in Your Neighbourhood (2017). Image credit: LOPELAB

With a stellar lineup of live performances, you can expect tunes from bands like Disco Hue and Spacedays, along with dance performances and theatre workshops for kids. There’ll also be Art Jamming sessions under the stars and workshops for you to make your own old-school Five Stones.

Also, there’ll be free samples of salted egg-flavoured treats – ‘nuff said.

Venue: Open carpark at Ang Mo Kio Central 2 (Behind Ang Mo Kio Public Library)
Opening hours: 5PM – 10PM, 24 & 25 March 2018
Admission: Free

Find out more here.


Immerse yourself in interactive programmes


Playing with the life-sized keyboard

Image credit: The Royal Dance-Off

If you’re up for something that’ll get you off the couch, there’s a Got to Move Pop-Up – Piano Playground, that comes with a massive set of piano keys. These aren’t for you to play with a la Beethoven or Mozart – but feel free to jump on the keys to thump out a melodic tune with your feet.

While you’re in the groove, also catch exhilarating performances by dancers from TRDO (The Royal Dance-Off) happening in the same area. Got to Move (GTM) is a nationwide dance movement by the National Arts Council that celebrates the diversity of dance through two pop-up events in March and June, along with an anchor festival in October 2018.

Got to Move Pop-Up: Piano Playground
Venue: Ang Mo Kio Central Stage
Opening hours: 11AM – 2PM, 25 March 2018
Admission: Free

The Di Capella Dizi Ensemble

Image credit: Di Capella Dizi Ensemble

If that isn’t enough musical talent for you, The Dicapella Magic Flute: Wonders of Ang Mo Kio shows off the melodic notes of the dizi – a wooden Chinese flute. With the dizi and activity book, join in a quest to find out the meaning behind the name of Ang Mo Kio – there’ll be musical tasks along the way.

The Dicapella Magic Flute: Wonders of Ang Mo Kio
Date: 5 – 8PM, 25 March 2018
Venue: Ang Mo Kio Central Stage
Admission: Free

Taking photos with the cast of Nadine & The Enchanting Pots

Image credit: National Arts Council

And of course, there’s something for everyone: children will adore the quirky tale of Nadine & The Enchanting Pots – especially since she’ll be using three magical pots to help out her kampung. It’s performed by theatre company Sweet Tooth, so you can expect colourful puppets and intricate costumes. Get ready to take photos with the cast after the show – kids will also adore exploring the two life-sized playhouses.

Nadine & The Enchanting Pots
Date: 5 & 7PM, 24 March 2018
Fringe Activities: 5 – 8PM, 23 March 2018 & 4 – 7PM, 24 March 2018
Venue: Ang Mo Kio Central Stage
Admission: Free


Enjoy exciting activities in other neighbourhoods


Chinese opera Three Beatings of the White Bone Demon

Image credit: Traditional Arts Centre

While there’s much to do in Ang Mo Kio this month, don’t limit yourself to just one neighbourhood – there’ll also be plenty of live performances held islandwide. Dance and theatre performances will be held all over Singapore, from Yew Tee to Tampines.

Take a seat at the performance of Three Beatings of the White Bone Demon, an excerpt from Chinese classic Journey to the West. Or if you’re looking for something to tap your toes to, join in the Rose Borromeo Spanish Dance Company’s Castanets – Dance With Your Fingers! and learn how to create Spanish dance rhythms with palmas – hand-claps, finger snaps, and foot-stamps.

Three Beatings of the White Bone Demon
Date: 7PM, 24 March 2018
Venue: Bedok Town Square
Admission: Free 

Date: 7PM, 25 March 2018
Venue: Yew Tee Square (Hard Court in front of Yew Tee MRT Station)
Admission: Free

Try Spanish dancing with Castanets

Image credit: @spanishdanceflamencosingapore

Castanets – Dance With Your Fingers!
Date: 12.15PM & 1PM, 21 March 2018
Venue: Tanjong Pagar Centre
Admission: Free

Date: 6.30PM, 24 March 2018
Venue: Kampung Admiralty Community Plaza
Admission: Free

Agni: The Fire Within with different musical instruments

Different instruments from all over the world. Image credit: Nawaz Mirajkar Swarhythm Music Ensemble

Another highlight is Agni: The Fire Within, which features musical instruments from a mishmash of different cultures – Chinese erhu, Spanish guitar, Western piano, and Indian sitar and tabla.

Agni: The Fire Within
Date: 7PM, 25 March 2018
Venue: Our Tampines Hub (Festive Plaza)
Admission: Free


Artsy things to do in Ang Mo Kio


Art jamming with different paints at the Nomadic Art Caravan

Art jamming at the Nomadic Art Caravan. Image credit: LOPELAB

The beauty of Singapore’s heartlands is often overlooked, but thanks to Arts in Your Neighbourhood, we’re seeing Ang Mo Kio in a whole new light. Until 25 March 2018, take the chance to wander around Ang Mo Kio and other neighbourhoods – art installations and live performances are waiting right outside your doorstep.

One of Reminiscing Ang Mo Kio's wall murals

Find out more about Arts in Your Neighbourhood here!

This post was brought to you by National Arts Council.

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