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11 Alcohol Delivery Sites In Singapore To Stock Up For Your House Parties

Alcohol delivery service in Singapore

Alcohol can be fun, but dragging it home from the store with it clanging in your bag isn’t, especially not when it can weigh up to several kilograms. Which is why direct alcohol delivery will save plenty of time and effort.

If all you want is a night of partying with your friends at home sans an unintended arm workout, here are 11 alcohol delivery sites in Singapore where you can get your beer, wine, and spirits from.

1. Jarbarlar – Loyalty programme for up to $50 off your next purchase

alcohol delivery - jarbarlar
Image credit: Jarbarlar via Facebook

For alcohol enthusiasts out there that host frequent house parties, stock up with Jarbalar’s loyalty programme that allows you to accumulate points to exchange for vouchers of up to $50, with 5 points earned for every dollar spent.

They’ve got a 2-hour express delivery for your urgent alcohol needs but you’ll have to get orders in before 6pm on weekdays and 1pm on Saturdays – make sure you’ve ordered enough for the night. If you are looking to have your alcohol delivered the next day, remember to place your order before 4pm, else it’ll be delivered the following day.

Delivery hours: Mon-Sat 12pm-10pm
Delivery fees: $8, free with minimum spend of $80
Contact: 9664 8566 | Jarbalar website

2. Alcohol Express – 1-hour express delivery up to 3am daily

alcohol express
Image credit: LP PK via Facebook

With home parties, the last thing you want as a host is for the alcohol to run out. But you can refuel with Alcohol Express that’ll bring over the booze you need in under an hour. They’ll accept orders till 3am – even on public holidays and weekends. Be prepared to fork out an extra $8 if it’s during public holidays though, but it’s worth it if it means the party continues all night long.

Apart from their wide selection of wines, spirits, and beers, you can also order hangover relief – they’ve got you covered for the aftermath as well. It’s a pill that helps eliminate alcohol from your system so you’ll feel less likely to throw up. 

They even have a list of alcohol-free wines for non-drinkers if they FOMO but still wanna party.

Delivery hours: 3pm-3am, Daily
Delivery fees: 

  • 1-hour delivery: $20, free with minimum spend of $50
  • Standard delivery: $10, free with minimum spend of $100

Contact: 9664 8566 | Alcohol Express website

3. Three Musketeers – 85 different brands of whiskeys

alcohol delivery - three musketeers
Image credit: @3mk.liquor via Instagram

Three Musketeers are the people to go to if you’re looking to stock up on whiskey. They’ve got a substantial list of wines and other spirits but none of them come close to the 85 brands of whiskey they have.

They also have a range of collector exclusives; think rare and vintage whiskeys that are mainly kept as showpieces. They do have a $155,000 bottle if you’re feeling baller enough.

But for their regular range of drinks, you have the option of 90-minute delivery or same-day delivery for those impromptu drinking sessions alone or with friends.

Delivery hours: Mon-Sat 12pm-5pm (Closed on Sundays)
Delivery fees:

  • 1.5-hour express delivery: Enquire with business
  • Same-day delivery: $15, free delivery with minimum spend of $120
  • Next-day delivery: $12, free delivery with minimum spend of $100

Contact: 9816 9895, 9235 4590 | Three Musketeers website

4. GudSht – Bottled cocktails to skip the mixing

Image credit: @wearegudsht via Instagram

Not everyone’s a mixologist – let GudSht handle the cocktails if you’re looking to drink something more complicated than a vodka cranberry. They come in cute bottles with quirky names like Unicorn Barf ($15) and Deeznuts ($15). If you’re not sure which ones to pick, they have cocktail bundles of 4 drinks each so you can have a taste test session with your buds (from $49/4 bottles).

They’ve also got bundle prices for cans of Chu-Hi or Japanese highballs. Choose from popular brands like Strong Zero or Suntory that both come in an assortment of flavours. While they don’t offer same-day delivery, you can always head down to their bar for self-pickup if you need to restock urgently.

Delivery hours: Mon-Sat 12pm-5pm (Closed on Sundays)
Delivery fees: $10, free with minimum spend of $199
Contact: 8683 3052 | GudSht website

5. Paneco SG – Free delivery with no min. spend

Paneco has a large range of beers, spirits, and wine, all categorised by brand and country of origin. The large selection is enticing, but make sure to narrow down your search to their promotion section first – we’ve spotted bottles going at over 50% off.

alcohol delivery - paneco sg
Image credit: @geraldtay84 via Instagram

Next-day FOC delivery is available for orders placed before 4pm, but you can opt for same-day delivery by topping up $8 and ordering before 4pm. If you really want your booze now, Paneco also offers 2-hour delivery at a fee of just $12.90.

Delivery hours: 12pm-10pm, Daily
Delivery fees: $8, free delivery with minimum spend of $80 or if order includes spirits
Contact: 3138 4353 | Paneco website

6. Prime liquor SG – Delivery in as fast as 30 minutes & bundle deals

If there’s anything better than 1-hour alcohol delivery, it’s booze that gets to you in just 30 minutes.

prime liquor sg
Image adapted from: @primeliquor via Instagram

Make sure to check out Prime Liquor’s package deals that go at relatively affordable prices – you can get a bundle of Jagermeister with 6 cans of Redbull for $57.

They’ve got a bundle for every occasion, like the Club Go-er ($165) that comes with snacks, tequila, vodka, and mixers all in one for you to pre-game before you head out to the best clubs in Singapore. Those who are fans of the beer and soju mix – somaek – can go for the Chuga Jeju Somaek (from $74), which lets you pick your choice of soju flavour and beer brand.

Delivery hours: 12pm-2am, Daily
Delivery fees: From $8 depending on location, free with minimum spend from $99 depending on location
Contact: 8133 3943 | Prime Liquor website

7. Alcohol Delivery – Drinks delivered chilled

alcohol delivery - alcohol delivery service
Image adapted from: AlcoholDelivery via Facebook

There are lots of things that just don’t taste right at room temperature and booze is definitely right up there on the list. To get your drinks delivered to your place in 1 hour, chilled, hit up Alcohol Delivery.

They also carry a wide range of alcohol from beer in cans and kegs, to soju, and vermouth – so there’s something for everyone in your party crew.

Delivery hours: Sun-Thu 12pm-12am | Fri-Sat 12pm-2am
Delivery fees: $9, free with a minimum spend of $70 (Small order fee of $15 for orders below $40)
Contact: 9244 5533 | Alcohol Delivery website

8. Alcohaul – One-stop shop with drinking games

Any party animal will know that drinks are just half of the equation. For a lit party, you need great games as well.

Image credit: This Is Why Im Broke

Lucky for us, Alcohaul carries both. Upgrade from the usual Five-Ten game to inventive drinking games like Drinko (Plinko with shot glasses), Drunken Tower (variation of Jenga), and mini basketball.

Delivery hours: 12pm-10.30pm, Daily
Delivery fees:

  • 2-hour express delivery: $19.90 with any purchase
  • Same-day delivery: $15, $5 delivery with minimum spend of $100
  • Next-day delivery: $10, free delivery with minimum spend of $100 for orders made before 12am

Contact: 6240 6822 | Alcohaul website

9. Cellarbration – More than 600 types of alcohol

If variety is what you’re looking for, do your next celebration with Cellarbration.

Image credit: @zanthrea via Instagram

There are more than 600 different kinds of beer, wines, spirits, and whiskies that you can add to your cart.

Delivery hours: 11am-10pm, Daily
Delivery fees:

  • 1-hour express delivery: $19.90 with any purchase
  • Same-day delivery: $9.90, free delivery with minimum spend of $150
  • Next-day delivery: $8, free delivery with minimum spend of $99

Contact: 8685 5500 | Cellarbration website

10. Asher BWS – Cocktail bundle sets

alcohol delivery - asher bws
Image credit:
Asher BWS

For a different cocktail experience, Asher BWS sells cocktail bundles from $70 (toolsets included) so that you can shake things up a bit by being your own bartender.

Delivery hours: Mon-Sat 12pm-6pm
Delivery fees: $7.41, free delivery with minimum spend of $50
Contact: 6848 8555 | Asher BWS website

11. Liquor Bar – Premium liquors

liquor bar
Image credit: LiquorBar via Facebook

If you’re the sort that hunts rare alcohol like Jack Sparrow hunts treasure, The Liquor Bar would mark the spot. Here, you can find premium liquors valued at up to thousands of dollars.

We dug around and found this atas bottle of cognac called Louis XIII going for $4,200.

But don’t worry, regular whiskies, tequila, and beer are up for grabs here as well, at relatively affordable prices.

Delivery hours: 10am-8pm, Daily
Delivery fees: $10, free with minimum spend of $300
Contact: 9227 5297 | Liquor Bar website

Alcohol delivery sites for your house party

When there are stores with services like 24-hour delivery, 0 delivery charge, party nights will never be the same again. But before you turn into a Mabuk Monkey, always remember to drink responsibly and be considerate of the people around you.

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Originally published on 24th June 2019. Last updated by Raiz Redwan on 14th July 2023.
Cover image adapted from: @wearegudsht via Instagram & Amazon