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American Eagle Outfitters' (AEO) latest collection Christmas 2016

While Hypebeast (and Yeezys) are all the rage these days, the more practical of us look to more affordable, functional fashion. For those of us who prefer comfy, trendy essentials to tide us through our long days, American Eagle Outfitters’ (AEO) latest collection is going to keep you covered in their rendition of effortless chic for any occasion.

Alongside AEO, we’ve come up with 5 looks to bring your #iwokeuplikethis self to life:


1. Festive Chic


Christmas is coming, and you’re torn between going full-out Christmas sweater, complete with reindeer antlers and a rudolph nose, or reverting to the safe formal-ish wear for those house visits. Good news: you won’t have to do either.

American Eagle Outfitters, maroon Fit & Flare Dress with Lace details

American Eagle Outfitters, Raglan V Neck Sweater

The laidback look never goes out of style, just because it’s so comfortable that we’re never going to let it go. Ladies, spice up your pleated dress with a deep maroon shade, some boots, and a cute hairdo, so if you end up going over to bae’s for a family Christmas dinner, you’ll still look understatedly festive, but effortlessly glam.

For the gents, a sweater-and-joggers combination can look a little too casual. Put on a button-up shirt beneath that sweater, and most importantly: leave one side of your button-up peeping from under your sweater to transform from preppy schoolboy to chic gentleman.

On Adria:
Fit & Flare Dress with Lace details, $89

On Dion:
Chino Jogger with Flex technology, $79
Fall Western Plaid Shirt, $79
Raglan V Neck Sweater, $69


2. Sweater Weather


Speaking of sweaters, the cool December showers don’t have to stop you from being fashion-forward. Sweaters don’t have to be ugly Christmas ones. Sweaters can be bold, and sweaters can make you look cute.

American Eagle Outfitters, bold coloured sweater

For the girls: When you’re wearing a one-coloured sweater, choose a pair of jeans with a more sophisticated design – it’ll give you an edge of boldness. The jeans on Adria are made with Flex/Denim technology for extreme comfort and durability that hugs your curves all day. Tucking the fronts of your sweater in also gives the illusion of longer legs.

On Adria:
Texture V Neck Pullover in Mustard, $79
Patched Jegging Ankle Jeans, $99

For the boys: When you’re wearing a sweater with bold designs, it’s best to keep everything else simple. Pull on a pair of fitting jeans, and some earth-toned accessories to tie the whole look together. Tuck out your sweater for that extra laidback street look.

On Dion:
Slim Fit Denim, $69
Zig Zac Crew Neck Sweater, $99


3. Islander Chill


Singapore’s surrounded by an abundance of sea, but interestingly, we behave more like city folk than islanders. Bring back the seaside island vibes with some distressed denim and an airy top.

American Eagle Outfitters, laidback cooling outfits

Let the pockets peep from under your shorts for a ‘just cut my jeans into shorts’ look, and pair it with an airy, sleeveless top for the extra comfy vibe. Put on some socks that match your top, and your outfit is complete.

Gents, sweaters can go with shorts, as long as you’re not wearing a knitted top. Pair a plain, thin sweater with some distressed shorts, and take a flannel with you draped on your back, tied ‘round your neck – you can always put it on when you’re feeling a little cold. If you’re not into boots, sneakers or boat shoes work just fine.

On Adria:
Printed Camisole, $39
High Rise Destroyed Denim Shorts, $69

On Dion:
Medium Wash Denim Shorts, $69
Heritage Henley Long Sleeve Tee, $29
Fall Western Plaid Flannel, $79


4. Street Rebel


Buying clothes from the usual stores almost guarantees that you’ll meet someone who’s wearing the same top you are, no matter which corner you turn into. One quick way to stand out from the crowd? Wear a single colour outfit:

American Eagle Outfitter, road-trip outfits

It also makes for a comfy road-tripping outfit that’s going to turn heads, especially when you’ve coordinated it with bae.

Tip for the ladies: Although overloading the floral patterns can make you look ratchet, your outfit will look much more put together when you have a tiny floral hint on your second piece to match your primary source of flowers.

American Eagle Outfitters, Wool Baseball Jacket

Tip for the gentlemen: plaid shirts look effortlessly smart casual, but for more formal events, it can come across too laidback. Pull on a bomber jacket, and you’ve transformed from chill countryside to urbanite swag.

On Adria:
Burnout Velvet Sleeveless Dress, $69
Embroidered Floral Bomber, $109

On Dion:
Black Wash Denim, $99
Fall Western Plaid Shirt, $79
Wool Baseball Jacket, $249


5. Adventure Weekender


Weekends are our only two days free from school, work and NS. It’s also the only time slot we can dedicate to our cafe hopping and island exploring adventures, so it’s natural that we’re dressed in functional style.

American Eagle Outfitters, layering flannel over shirt

Wearing double layers can put some people off, but here’s the trick – layer two thin pieces, and you’ll be prepared for any weather that the day holds. Pick a colour on your flannel, and select a top that matches that colour for a coordinated look. To spice up the ladies’ laidback style, add a hint of sexy with a slinky camisole.

American Eagle Outfitters, Christmas, stretchable yet sturdy jeans

When you’re exploring the nooks and crannies in Singapore, the last thing you want to experience is a wardrobe malfunction involving jeans that don’t fit, are itchy, or aren’t stretchy enough for you to take those long strides. Choose a pair of stretchable yet sturdy jeans for all-day comfort you won’t have to worry about.

If you’re looking for something even lighter, jeggings are your best friend. The high performance stretch fabric lets you move around without restriction, and although they look like jeans, they’re not. Featuring super soft finishes on both the inside and exterior, you’re going to feel light as a feather to explore your weekend away.

Hairstyles make or break this outfit. If you’ve got frizzy hair, braid them in a French, Dutch, or cornrow for a cleaner look, or wax it up away from your face to look sleek and polished.

On Adria:
Lacey Cami, $59
Heather Boyfriend Plaid Shirt, $69
Super Soft Jegging Pants, $79

On Dion:
Super Skinny Black Wash Denim, $79
Twill Shirt, $79
Seriously Soft Pima Cotton V-Neck Tee, $29


Wearable, comfortable streetwear


comfortable streetwear, American Eagle Outfitters, Christmas

Fashion doesn’t have to be limited to stock catalogues and pairings that only retail sites tell you are acceptable. Besides covering up, clothes are meant to accentuate and bring out your unique personality, so feel free to mix and match from the essentials that AEO provides. If you’re looking for some trendy, versatile essentials to stock up on for 2017, AEO now has its Holiday specials with up to 50% off selected styles. You can also quote ‘AEOTSL’ to get 15% off your final bill.

Note: The discount code is valid on regular and sale items till 2nd Jan 2017.

Models: Dion (@deeeyeohanne) | Adria (@thambellina)
Address: VivoCity #B1-06/07, Suntec City West Wing #01-375/376/377


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