Adopt An Orangutan 2022

One of Singapore’s most iconic animals is the orangutan Ah Meng. While she has since crossed the rainbow road, her status as Singapore Zoo’s poster girl and all-round loveable nature made us all understand how important it is to preserve the natural habitat of orangutans. 

Come 2022, you can do your part for these wholesome primates by adopting an orangutan from Sarawak from now till 31st March 2022. On top of supporting rehabilitation and conservation efforts by the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, you’ll also get exclusive gifts as a thank you.

Adopt an orangutan at just $55

ooooha baby orangutan
Baby Ooooha
Image credit: Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

All it’d cost you to adopt an orangutan from the Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is just a one-time fee of $55. That’s it. There are no hidden subscription fees that you’ll have to fork out months down the road. You can even use PayNow to make your adoption payment. We stan 2022 digital efficiency!

adopt an orangutan gift pack

In return for your kindness, you’ll receive a gift pack with a thank you letter from the 2-year-old Ooooha plus a limited-edition lanyard and button.

All you have to do is go to the adoption page and fill in your name, contact number, email address, and mailing address. All of the proceeds will also go towards the Sarawak Forestry Corporation to aid in their conservation and rehabilitation efforts.

How the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre cares for orangutans in Sarawak

Semenggoh Wildlife Centre
Image credit: Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

The Semenggoh Wildlife Centre was first established back in 1975 as a safe haven for injured, orphaned, and captive orangutans. Today, it is a sanctuary that cares for over 25 orangutans, not just Ooooha. But make no mistake, the orangutans in their care are all free to roam the forests, and they only return to the centre during their feeding times. 

While the Semenggoh Nature Reserve has over 653 hectares of forest, that’s still not enough wild food for all the orangutans who call the reserve home. That’s why the Wildlife Centre needs all the help it can get to supplement the diet of the endangered species and their large appetites.

bananas for the orangutans
Food supply for the resident orangutans
Image credit: Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

They’re fed twice every day – at 9AM and 3PM – and while their diet consists primarily of fruits, orangutans are also known to eat insects, small vertebrae, and sometimes even bird eggs.

Adopt an orangutan and save their natural habitat

orangutans at the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre
Image credit: Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

Adopting a pet is a novel act, but you can go the extra mile by adopting an orangutan like Ooooha to help the endangered animals in need. Not only would you be playing a part to conserve their natural habitat in Sarawak, but you’ll be helping to preserve a species that is still being threatened by logging and hunting.

The work that the Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre does will ensure that the orangutans in Sarawak have a safe space within the nature reserve to live out their lives as they were meant to. Albeit with a little help from donors like you to keep their bellies full with fruits. 

Find out more about adopting an orangutan here

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Cover image adapted from: Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

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