1-for-1 martinis at No.5 Emerald Hill

No.5 Emerald Hill martini week

As we’re approaching mid-year it’s safe to say that most of us deserve a little treat for all our hard work so far. No. 5 Emerald Hill’s martini week comes at a perfect timing: Back for its 2nd year with some spankin’ new martinis, you’ll be able to kick back with a couple of James Bond’s favourite mixes for an entire week from 17th to 23rd June 2019.

If you needed a reason to try a variety of different flavoured martinis, the bar will be having special 1-for-1 promos* all day, all week on their Marvellous Martini menu. 8 of their best-selling cocktails will be priced at $16 (1-for-1) while the remaining 8 will go for $20 (also 1-for-1).

*Note: Order the same drink for the 1-for-1 promo to apply.

New 1-for-1 martinis to look out for

Following in the footsteps of last year’s martini week, the menu of Marvellous Martinis features the classic cocktail in a variety of twists, from fruity concoctions to tea-infused mixes. Here are 3 newcomer cocktails to look out for during the week.

1. Passion Fruitini

Passion Fruitini at No.5 Emerald Hill

A new cocktail on the menu that will probably resonate well with ladies, the Passion Fruitini is a sweet and sour mix with tropical flavours of passion fruit.

2. Lemon Knight Martini

Lemon Knight Martini at No.5 Emerald Hill

If you’re not quite up for something as strong-tasting, head for the newly concocted Lemon Knight Martini, a lightly citrusy mix that’s sweet and easy on the palate.

3. Yuzu Martini

Yuzu Martini at No.5 Emerald Hill

For those who fancy something with a little more kick, head for the Yuzu Martini, a refreshing mix with a white rum base that’s not too sweet, but still has a zesty aftertaste to spruce up your regular ol’ martini.

Snacks to accompany your cocktails

Mini burgers, chicken wings and pizza at No.5 Emerald Hill

Don’t forget the perfect accompaniment to a tipple, No.5’s bar snacks. The menu is pretty fuss-free here, mainly featuring snacks to share that you can easily eat using your hands.

Go for the ever-popular No. 5’s Chicken Wings ($18) that’s marinated with shrimp sauce and Chinese wine, or their Mini Beef Burgers ($22) that comes with fries and a special dip made in-house. Try No. 5’s Special Pizza ($19) as well, which comes topped with hearty amounts of cheese, chorizo sausage, tomatoes and jalapeno peppers for a spicy kick.

Martini week at No.5 Emerald Hill

5 martinis at No.5 Emerald Hill

Martinis take centre stage at No.5 Emerald Hill from 17th to 23rd June 2019. Head on over to enjoy 1-for-1 specials from their Marvellous menu from $16 all week, accompanied by some delectable bar snacks.

Step into the bar and you’ll immediately notice that this isn’t your average cocktail bar. Housed in a rustic Peranakan shophouse, the place is decked out in aged fittings like wooden carvings and brass trinkets that can easily be placed in our grandparents’ era.

Despite being filled with nostalgic decor, the vibe here is undeniably casual – a place where you can easily wind down, right in the heart of the bustling Orchard Road.

Old school interior of No.5 Emerald Hill

Find out more about No.5 Emerald Hill here

No. 5 Emerald Hill
Address: 5 Emerald Hill Road, Singapore 229289
Opening hours: Mon – Thurs 12PM-2AM | Fri – Sat 12PM-3AM | Sun 2PM-2AM
Telephone: 6732 0818

This post was brought to you by No.5 Emerald Hill.
Photo credit: Gabriel Seow

Event Information
1-for-1 Martinis
5 Emerald Hill Road,
Singapore 229289
17 - 23 Jun 2019
12:00 pm - 2:00 am
Things to note:

Opening hours: Mon - Thurs 12PM-2AM | Fri - Sat 12PM-3AM | Sun 2PM-2AM

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