This list highlights the best buffets you can find in Singapore under $50. It covers buffets that lie in-between the value buffets (below $30) and the ‘high end’ buffets ($70+) you typically find in hotels. Welcome to the $30-$50 mid-tier range! What you get here is absolutely delicious food that isn’t compromised by low prices, with the fortune of not having marked up prices because they usually aren’t located in posh hotels!

You will not find ‘popular’ places like Todai, Sakura or Seoul Garden in this list as our smart local foodies have identified these as places to skip. Instead, you will run into less mainstream but hidden gems (at least for now) that are very highly rated by our roving members. Because really, that is the whole purpose of TheSmartLocal – to uncover these great places and then to share them with fellow Singaporeans.

Remember it is always a good idea to read more reviews and tips of these places by going to their respective TSL page so you know exactly what not to miss! And contributions from readers are always welcome, whether its a review you want to share or a comment you wish to leave of a place we should feature here.

5 Best Buffets in Singapore under $50

1. Brazil Churrascaria 90% (Brazillian)

14 Sixth Avenue Singapore 276476 
6463 1923 | Price: $40++

A haven for meat loves that provides customers with barbequed meat in unlimited quantities at a churrascaria.

desirabbit says: “This is a great place to come with your friends if you are all meat lovers. It is quite delightful watching the waiters go around with the huge slabs of meat on skewers as they carve pieces onto customer’s plates. Try a little bit of each type of meat to find the one you like, then go for the big slab!

I remember trying all the different sausages and it was such an interesting experience. Although I am not a meat-lover, I really enjoyed myself in the atmosphere and setting of the restaurant as it was very brazillian style and authentic. “

Iswariya says: “One word: Awesome!!

I’ve eaten there twice already, once at Sixth Avenue and the other time at Marina Bay Sands. Both times, I enjoyed myself tremendously and came away full to the brim. The waiters here walk around with various meats on skewers and carve out large portions onto your plate. you’ll be spoilt for choice like I was! All cuts of chicken, lamb, beef, pork and fish are available. Oh, and not forgetting their unique toasted pineapple which is something other-worldly!

Their salad bar is also interesting, with unique Latin American foods sitting there temptingly. My advice: Come here on an empty stomach. It’s worth it. “

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2. Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant 85% (Japanese)

#03-15/16 UE Square Clemenceau Avenue Singapore 239917  
6733 2272 | Dinner Prices: $36/39++ (Weekday/Weekend)

Shin Minori offers an eat-all-you-can ala-carte Japanese buffet and also provides an extensive selection of sake and shochu. What does Ala-carte mean? You order from a menu restaurant type fare, just that its an unlimited flow of everything! So the food has more variety and its individually cooked only when ready instead of being pre-prepared en masse. This results in amazing food quality and for these prices this buffet is an absolute steal.  It is my personal pick and my new favourite Japanese buffet in Singapore.

jeremy says: “This place is the best kept secret of UE Square. Tucked away in an upstairs corner amidst tuition centres, Shin Minori serves up delectable, authentic Japanese cuisine to an appreciative clientele. I was there on a weekday evening and the place was pretty much packed.

I must admit I am terribly fond of buffets because of the all-you-can-eat factor. Shin Minori offers fantastic value for money in this respect. I loved the sashimi for its variety and freshness. Also memorable were the cooked dishes such as the duck breast.

Me and my friends ate so much we had to waddle out of the restaurant. Hardly a dignified exit, but well worth it! Oishi…”

wangkh says: “I realised more and more restaurants were manned by Filipinos waiters or waitresses. This was one such restaurant. The last time I visited this restaurant, I was served only by Filipinos but the thankful thing was that this restaurant had an open bar where you can see a few Japanese chefs preparing certain food items.

Also, if you were not driving, then you should also try the sake there. They have a good selections of sake.

The restaurant must also be serving good Japanese food because the few times I had been there, there were always a few tables of Japanese eating there. I had not observed the same when eating at other Japanese chain restaurants.”

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3. Ikoi 91% (Japanese)

Hotel Miramar Lobby Level, Main Wing, 401 Havelock Road Singapore 169631
6887 3788 | Prices: $38++

Ikoi is the only buffet in this list that is located in a hotel – the 4 star hotel Hotel Miramar. They offer gastronomic indulgence at great prices. Queues are long especially over the weekends so bookings are a must.

kiiimpeck says: “Ikoi is a lovely Japanese restaurant, one of my favourite in fact. It is intricately designed and has a delightful Japanese setting. Ikoi serves up fresh and simply delicious Japanese cuisine. Almost everything is excellent, ranging from the sushi to the sashimi and so on. The sashimi is served is generous portions, and is really fresh.

The other dishes such as the salmon head and BBQ chicken wings are equally as yummy, and the best part about this buffet is that all the food is freshly cooked. You never get those pre cooked and re heated dishes. It is definitely worth the money! I would advise people to book in advance if you are thinking of going as Ikoi is normally fully booked on the weekends. “

hustlerosette says: “Ikoi is a really small restaurant but I love the interior design and the concept. It is really very Japanes-ish thus giving a very homely and cosy feeling. Although it is buffet style, you do not go around picking food. There would be a menu for you and you would have to order via the waitress. The downside of it is that you would not be able to see what you are ordering as the menu does not provide any pictures.

Food wise, I love the food alot, especially the sashimi platter. They come in generous servings and the presentation really appeals alot to me. Their sushi really good too and their soup (starters) was addictive!

If you are there, do order a lot at one go because food service can be slow and you wouldnt know when is the next time the waitress would appear! And, do make a reservation especially during weekends!

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4. Pariss 77% (Seafood)

#03-128A, Marina Square Shopping Center 6 Raffles Boulevard Singapore 039594
6258 6688 | Prices: $45++

This buffet only has 3 reviews from our members so far so it remains to be seen if it can hold its spot on this list. What we do like about is its that its specializes in seafood. It is located in Marina Square and spans over 10,000 sq ft of with big round dining tables and large VIP rooms.

Missy W says: “I have been to Pariss when they first opened in 2004 at Marina Square. Man, I was blown away by their wide variety of food on display! Free flow of fresh seafood (Fresh OYSTERS!), live cooking stations, nice ambience and eager to please service staff, I left with a very good dining experience.

With that happy memory, my hubby and I went there again last week to celebrate our wedding anniversary, this time well prepared with suitably empty tummies. Well, they certainly didn’t let us down. However, their concept now is a fusion of seafood buffet and Ala Carte orders, which were included in the per head price.

I’m still happy to share that Hubby and I left deeply satiated after the feast because we were there mainly for the food. Must try! (At least once in a lifetime) “

Itzybell says: “I went to Pariss to celebrate new year’s eve, the place was truly high-class and the service crew served us well. Since it was new year’s eve, I was already mentally prepared that the place was going to be packed. I am actually impressed with how the staff handled the never-ending queue, my friend and i got a seat within minutes.

They served mostly seafood but since Christmas ended not quite long ago they also had turkey ham and roasted chicken. I especially loved their smoked salmon. It was simply well-seasoned and delectable. The oysters do not have a fishy smell to it unlike some restaurants I patronised before.”

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5. Ju Shin Jung 85% (Korean)

1018 East Coast Parkway
6258 6688 | Prices: $40++

A reasonably price buffet along East Coast Park that serves up authentic Korean BBQ grub.

duskofdoubt says: “Having been to Korea for a vacation once, I was definitely pleasantly surprised to find out that my dining experience at Ju Shin Jung was just as good as the ones that I’d had in Korea, and needless to say, it was an extremely delicious dinner.

Ju Shin Jung has got Korea BBQ meat buffet down to a tee. The interior of the store resembles that of BBQ meat stores that I’d seen and visited in Korea, and the buffet even came with authentic Korean side dishes. Just like the outlets in Korea, the staff in Ju Shin Jung served up the plates of side dishes the moment we sat down, and offered refills for us.

The BBQ meat at Ju Shin Jung was absolutely delicious as well! The meat came on plates, and had to be manually cut into pieces, so customers can decide how big they want each slice of meat to be. The meat was also marinated with sweet sauce, and when grilled, a tasty smell was given off. An absolutely wonderful Korean BBQ meat buffet place that I will surely be returning to soon. “

lizzzie says: “The first great aspect is the authentically Korean side-dishes that come free with your orders, which is a typically Korean practice in Korea’s restaurants. These can be re-filled as you want, which is great as the kimchi, beans, anchovies, tofu, and other kinds of springy fresh veggies balance things nicely as you gorge on your meat feast.

The meats provided are tender and fresh. The cuts are strips of pork and pork belly, or samgyupsal, and grilled at your table. My favourite way to eat it is wrapped in the lettuce leaves provided, together with the garlic, sauces and even the side dishes, so that everything is a sweet, smoky mix of flavours.

Seriously addictive, since it is a buffet flow of meats, and it’s so easy to sit there and make these delicious wraps for hours. Your stomachs will be further filled with the rice or noodle or stew main dishes that is included in the cost, so it’s great for hungry food lovers.”

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