Our youth is the only point in our lives when we can do almost anything and get away scot-free. Well most of it anyway. We do the silliest, craziest things just for the fun of it, to irritate or even to piss someone off. 

When I look back at my teenage years, I feel a pang of nostalgia for all that I’ve been though. So I decided to assemble a list of some of the best memories from our golden days. I’m sure many Singaporeans can relate to this list and will have some very fond memories of them too!

#1 Text like a pro underneath your desk

Easily mastered when we had physical keyboards, but we’re still pros with the smartphones.



#2 Study for our paper only the night before

Chug gallons of coffee. 


#3 Living off others


Student: Eh lend me your book leh? Lend me your pen leh? Aiya, the eraser also. All la all.

#4 Sneezing loudly when it’s all quiet


Especially during assembly.

#5 Send the entire class into chaos just because of an insect


#6 Sometimes we also catch and keep them as pets.. or put them into someone else’s bag

#7 Have the coolest dress code



Hahaha of course! .. Not.

Guys: Tapered pants, tight fitting top and the funkiest mohawk(?) 

Girls: Altered skirt, baggy top, excessively layered hair with fringe falling all around to frame the face and…. ANKLE SOCKS!

We also thread shoelaces through the hem of our tops to trick teachers into believing we ‘tucked in’ our shirts. Most often we find ourselves engaged in a tug-o-war when discovered.

#8 Mocking our school song

We change out the lyrics or sing an explicit version of it. I shall not give an example. 



#9 Argue with the teacher


The best students at this can sometimes make the teachers cry and would hence be proclaimed ‘the big brother/sister a.k.a ??’.

#10 Shouting “YESSS!” and walk out with swag after getting kicked out of class

Just to see our teachers fume and because we get to visit the canteen like a boss for some tea-time snack.

#11 Try to master the art of sleeping with our eyes open

Few can actually do this and we call them the ‘Gods of Sleep’. Tell them apart when all but them rise to greet the teacher.



#12 Throwing rubbish at the person in front of you

Tissue paper, eraser dust, you name it. Some take it a notch further and practice playing darts.. with bubble tea pearls. The end result is always a sight to see. 

#13 Lying about losing our homework

Of course we didn’t lose them. Or our dogs ate it!



#14 Turn the class into a gambling den


Always, during Chinese New Year.

#15 Cheating

Oh come on.. you know you’ve done it somehow. I remember my friends using erasers with its sides numbered for MCQs. 


#16 Pick a fight


Student 1: Oi, why your face like that? You think you handsome?

Student 2: …

#17 Throw fart bombs into classes that are having lessons



Yes. This. 

#18 Cut queues during recess


#19 Write stupid answers on our test papers


#20 Skipping school


Hoho, nuff’ said!

#21 Hiding from discipline masters

They’re like ninjas who appear stealthily behind you. So you’ve got to just be.. more ninja.

#22 Bring the GameBoy and play Pokemon

#23 Running away from detention

#24 Ending friendships for these reasons..

  • She wore the exact same thing as me the other day. Copycat!
  • She has a new best friend. He/She hasn’t met me out of school for like 2 days!!
  • He didn’t side with me when I quarreled with the teacher. I hate him!
  • She is cuter than me!!

#25 Type with the childish internet lingo 

To come across as more cute: Are we havinq PE riight nowx? xoxoox

#26 Throw wet tissues on ceilings or into your friend’s cubicle when she’s taking a dump




#27 Play family

Suddenly, everyone is someone’s god-brother/sister. Whaaaaat. We’re related?!

#28 Passing notes behind the teacher’s back


#29 Poke other people with a pencil

#30 Feign an illness so you could rest in the sick bay


#31 Steal other people’s food

*Group of students eating at a table*

Student 1: Wah chiobu! *points*

Student 2: WHERE?! *turns around*

Student 2: *turns back* 


#32 Shoot rubber bands or pop a balloon right by somebody’s ear

#33 Ring a PE shirt and use it as a whacking tool

#34 Flip another girl’s skirt (Girls)

Guys don’t do this please!

#35 Cook up random ghost stories about the school just for the orientation night walk

Student: Have you heard? The school hall is..


#36 Steal people’s clothes/towel while they are showering during camp



okay this can be very creepy if its not between friends of the same sex.

#37 Be an artist

We draw all day, everyday. On tables, toilets, our hands and even on our friend’s faces.

#38 Rank the most good-looking people in class


#39 Compare who has the worst grades for the end of year exam

And laugh at the one who scored As. 

#40 Learn completely nothing sometimes



Remembering our childhood

So there you have it! Although some of the things we did were so crazy, annoying and even dangerous at that time, it was all part of our Singapore school days and looking back it was these memories that made it so fun.

What were some of your fondest memories growing up as a kid in Singapore? Do share them in the comments below!

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