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20 Romantic Ideas That Will Melt Your Partner’s Heart

Romantic Gestures That Will Strengthen your Love


Whoever said romance is dead probably didn’t know what to do.

That’s alright, we forgive them. But they need serious help and that’s why we’re here. We’re here to assist all you helpless souls inject more romance into your relationship. We heard your pleas so here’s a list of 20 romantic things you can possibly do.

It’s guaranteed to make your partner swoon. 


1. Breakfast in Bed 



Mmm…breakfast. Get that pancake mix ready at night and you’ll be ready to go in the morning. Wake up extra early to sneak into the kitchen and prepare some yummy breakfast for your other half in bed. 

Breakfast tastes so good but tastes even better when you don’t have to prepare it yourself. It’s also a good way for you to show off your Betty Crocker side!


2. Custom Heart-shaped Pizza



Mmm…pizza. *drools* You cannot go wrong with pizza. What’s better than a regular pizza? A pizza in the shape of a heart. What a great way to express your love!

So when people tell you that the way into anyone’s heart is through their stomach, you better believe them. 


3. Slow Dance Anywhere



Just dance. Even if you have two left feet, dance. There’s nothing that screams romantic more than slow dancing to your favourite ballads. 

I think the best part about slow dancing is that you can do it anywhere! Ok fine, maybe not in the middle of the shopping mall. But, you can do it at home or at the beach. And if there’s a function you have to attend, then be sure to grab your partner and drag them to the dance floor. 


4. Trip to a Romantic Destination



If you have the cash then why not splurge it on a romantic trip for just the two of you! Surprise your other half with return air tickets to Paris or Maldives and have a splendid time together.

Don’t switch on your handphones and don’t cave in to your need for wifi. Just spend the much needed quality time together, without any distractions.  


5. Create A Photo Album 



Put together all the pictures of your favourite memories together in a photo album. It sounds simple enough but in the age of Facebook and Instagram, no one actually bothers to print out pictures anymore. 

It’s such a sweet gesture and just in case Facebook or Instagram decides to join the fate of Myspace, at least you’d still have pictures to look at in future!


6. Hand-written Letters 



Nothing is sweeter than taking the time to express your love by writing a hand-written letter to your other half. They’ll be smitten by your efforts and will fall further in love with you. 

Even if your handwriting is the worst thing in the world, just do it. It’ll mean the world to your other half. 


7. Explore Somewhere New Together



“But Singapore is so small, we can’t do anything!”

Well, someone obviously didn’t read our list of 52 things to do in Singapore before you die! There’s so many things you probably have not seen or done yet so why not set aside a whole day just to explore those places together!

Better yet, you can insta your whole adventure together. Now isn’t that sweet? 


8. Do Something That Your Significant Other Wants To Do 



C’mon, it’s time you stop making everything about you and start thinking about your other half. Try to think of something that your other half would like to do be it watching F1 or going window-shopping.

Instead of waiting for them to tell you what they want to do, suggest it! It’ll surprise them and make their day. 


9. It’s The Little Things 



It’s true when people say it’s the little things that matter the most like opening the door for her or reminding him that you care for him every day. You don’t need to execute grand gestures just to win their heart. 

At the end of the day, it’s the little things that go a long way. 


10. Pamper Them



Massages, spa, shopping trips…and food. Lots of food. 

Treat them like they’re the King or Queen for the day and give in to all their demands. Make them feel extra special even though it’s no special occasion! It’ll make them so happy they’re going to love you forever.


11. Serenade Them


Well who cares if you can’t sing well, it’s the thought that counts! You can choose to sing a classic song like ‘More Than Words’ by Extreme or go with the super cheesy ‘Just The Way You Are’ by Bruno Mars…



…maybe not.

Whatever you pick, make sure it’s a love song and not some head-banging metal rock song…you don’t want to scare your other half into not dating you ever again. 


12. Relive Your First Date 



Relive your first date, right down to the small details like what you ate and drank. It would surprise your other half that you remembered so much about it and it’ll definitely invoke nostalgic feelings.

You can choose to spend the rest of the day reminiscing about your past or just talking about the future together. Either way, it’s going to be a great second first date. 


13. Candlelight Dinner



Mmm…dinner. Everything is ten times more romantic if you have candles. Trust me. You can just buy them from supermarkets or drugstores and they come in a whole bunch so it’s super worth it.

You can have a candlelight dinner cum picnic or just a simple candlelight dinner at home. It’s all up to you to decide but a candlelight dinner will definitely add some romance to your date.  


14. Spend The Entire Day Watching Romantic Movies



The Notebook. A Walk To Remember. Love Actually. These are just some of the movies you can watch to get you started. There’s nothing like cuddling in bed, watching a good ol’ movie or two together.

It’s a cheaper alternative to watching a movie in the cinema so why not!


15. Take A Moonlit Walk By The Beach



Cliché but absolutely romantic. You don’t even have to pay to walk by the beach. Even better is if you manage to catch the sunset! It’s going to feel like a scene out of a romantic movie but it’s actually for real!!!


16. Cook Their Favourite Meals



Mmm…food. If you can’t be bothered to make breakfast so early in the morning, or get the candles for a candlelight dinner, why not settle with cooking their favourite meals for lunch or dinner? Your other half would still be touched by your gesture.


17. Write Them A Poem



I don’t mean the typical roses are red, violets are blue poem. I mean, an actual poem. One of my favourite writer has to be Madisen Kuhn. You can check out her works here and gosh, I never fail to be amazed by the way she writes. Just so you know, she’s only seventeen. Yes. You read that right.

So if she can write beautiful poetry for anyone, why can’t you write one for your other half? 


18. Make A Modern Mixtape



If only we still lived in the era of cassette tapes, it would be even better. But fret not! Even without cassette tapes, we can still churn our a modern mixtape for our other half by using a CD! Compile all the songs that remind you of your other half and the relationship that you guys have, and present it to them. 

They’re sure to love it. 


19. Surprise Them



You’re lying if you say you hate surprises. I mean, isn’t it nice for someone to show up at your workplace one day with a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a dozen cupcakes in the other? Or simply wash the dishes and clean the house for once, that’ll definitely please your wife.

It is guaranteed to make your other half swoon. Fo’sho.  


20. Say I Love You To Them Every Day



What else, really? If you don’t remind them that you love them before it’s too late, you’re going to regret it for the rest of your life. 

Whether you’re mad at them or you’re glad for their presence beside you, remind them that you love them. Everyone feels insecure at times and it’s your job to remind your other half that you still love them, imperfections and all.  


Romance Isn’t Dead!


So there you have it! Romance isn’t dead because you now know 20 super romantic gestures you can execute to make your other half swoon and fall for you even more. 

If you have any more romantic gestures to share, feel free to comment below!