DBS Is No Longer Just A Bank - Their New Marketplace Lets You Buy Cars And Homes

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Everyday banking with DBS Bank


DBS marketplaces - car, house, electricity

It’s happened a few times: you’re out for lunch and you suddenly realise that your wallet has zero cash. Nada, zilch - nothing there but crumpled receipts. “Eh,” you say, elbowing your friend. “You pay first can?” And that’s completely normal these days, since you can easily transfer your friend money with apps like DBS PayLah!.

With new initiatives like this, DBS isn’t just limiting itself to just digital banking. From buying a car to paying off electricity bills, DBS has seamlessly woven itself into our lives, making our journey to adulthood easier. Here’s how DBS has redefined banking so adulting isn’t that intimidating after all:


Buying a car with DBS Car Marketplace


DBS car marketplace - buy or sell a car

Google “buy a car in Singapore” and there’ll be plenty of results. Yet, you’ll still need to sift through sites out to scam you from the legit dealers. Save on the trouble with DBS Car Marketplace. It’s a platform that partners with sgCarMart and carro, so you can see all the car models that are up for sale.


Singapore might be well-connected with sprawling MRT lines and bus networks, but there are still some places you can only get to by car - for that idyllic weekend road trip.

You can easily filter by car types, prices, COE expiry date, and other features any car owner will be concerned about.

We’ve seen prices as low as $4,500 but keep a lookout for the COE expiry date - a year left before having to renew the COE doesn’t always make financial sense. Nonetheless, DBS Car Marketplace will help you compare between shortlisted cars so you can see which car best suits your lifestyle.


Renting a new home with DBS Property Marketplace


DBS Property Marketplace - rent homes

Once again, there are a ton of property sites out there but only a handful are trustworthy. With DBS Property Marketplace, you can easily refer to their listings for a concise overview for everything that’s up for rent in the property market.

DBS Property Marketplace - rent a new home

Whether you’re keen on renting a sleek city pad or a spacious home in the heartlands - this platform’s got it all. Filter depending on where you want to stay, price range, property type, and the number of bedrooms you need. If you need, you can even search by the proximity to MRT lines.


Paying electricity bills with DBS Electricity Marketplace


DBS Electricity Marketplace - OEM providers

There’s a whole lot of news surrounding the new Open Electricity Market (OEM), but most of us don’t even know that we can now choose which electricity providers to use*. Better yet with DBS Electricity Marketplace, we can finally understand the numbers behind the money we fork up. The platform has a concise list of electricity retailers, so compare different plans then applying for your selected plan on digibank - it’s that easy.

If you’re doing most of your ironing and vacuuming at early hours of the night, then opt for a Variable Rate that charges lower for usage during off-peak hours. Other options include Fixed Price - a confirmed price for the entire period and Discounted Rate - discounted but will vary quarterly.

Besides saving a fair bit of money, it’ll also takes no effort whatsoever to pay off your electricity bills since you can just GIRO it monthly.

*Currently available to Jurong residents with postal codes starting with 60, 61, 62, 63, and 64.


Invisible banking with DBS - Live more, bank less


There you have it - adulting isn’t that difficult when you’ve got DBS helping you out. After all, you can simply rely on DBS’ online marketplaces to search for cars, homes, and electricity providers. By revamping what we regular folk think of banking, DBS has now seamlessly woven effortless banking into our everyday lives to help us with major life decisions.

As their new slogan goes, “live more, bank less” so there’s no need to waste countless hours tallying your expenses or fussing over the best second hand car options. Look forward to invisible banking, where banking is so well integrated with our everyday lives.

Find out more about DBS Bank’s “live more” initiative!

This post was brought to you by DBS.

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