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Getting hired with a cash bonus Job Portal

Images adapted from: Carousell, WeWorkD’Perception Singapore, Cabin Crew 101

It’s halfway through the year and that EOY job bonus is still a distant goal. Yet, you can get a bonus right now if you have a solid network and an eye for helping your friends find their perfect job match.

Yes, jobs portal knows the importance of a good lobang, which is why they’re giving you up to $1000 just for referring a friend for a new job. So start thinking about your ex-colleagues or your past tuition student who has always been a stellar performer – it might be time for a “win-win” deal. Here’s how it works:


Easily apply to the coolest companies


PSA for those on the job hunt – works with over 2,500 companies globally and some of these are big company names that’ll look great on your resume. Think UOB, Expedia, Carousell, Ninja Van and Scoot. But even if you’re currently employed, these cool offices and up-and-coming names might tempt you into a career switch: - D'Perception - CarousellWork in the stylish offices of Expedia or Carousell. Images from D’Perception Singapore, Carousell

Imagine being a Senior Partnership Manager at Expedia where you’ll spearhead the company’s growth in South-East Asia, or designing an intuitive app interface with your well-honed IT skills at Ninja Van as a Frontend Developer.

And in case you’re overwhelmed by the vast encyclopedia of job offers, you can easily use the personalised search engine, which sorts jobs based on various criteria like industry, location, staff size or prior work experience. Sales or game production, entry-level or CEO boss – wherever you’re in your career path, there’s something for you. - Search EngineThe search engine also suggests related roles for you!


Refer your friends and get $1000


Even if you’re already happily employed and cushy in your own job, you can still help out your friends and get rewarded at the same time. By writing a referral for someone you know, you’ll get up to a whopping $1000 if the person lands the job with said referral. Kaching.

And it might be easier than you think –  an applicant with referrals is more likely to get hired than one without.


Get hired successfully and get $700


On the other hand, if you’re the job seeker, you get a pretty sweet deal too. There’s a cash bonus of up to $700 when you successfully land a job on the platform. How’s that for a great start!

Pro tip: Maximise your chances of getting the job by crafting a clean and effective resume. Aka one that highlights your achievements in a succinct way so HR doesn’t get bored halfway. Try it here.


Score your dream job with


Finding the right job isn’t easy, but it does get easier with the help of those you know. After all, in this digital age, there’s a whole wide network of people that we can reach out to at the touch of a button, and Wanted.job’s incentive will definitely make it worth their while.

And with the portal’s hugeeee database of jobs offers, let’s do the math – it’s only a matter of time before you find the right job for yourself or for someone you know.

So friends, think a little out of the box when you’re planning your career, and get in touch with all the people out there like your professors, colleagues, mentors or even acquaintances. Who knows, your connection might lead to a nice cash bonus waiting for you both!

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