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Hanoi Banh Mi Stall Makes Banh Mi With Vietnamese Flag Pattern, Taking Patriotism To The Next Level

Vietnamese flag banh mi in Hanoi

We all know banh mi as the epitome of Vietnamese street food. Cheap, convenient, and coming in a ton of delicious flavors, it can make for a filling main meal or a tasty afternoon snack.

But recently, a banh mi stall in Hanoi has taken the dish to a whole new level of iconic. As if fearing that the very image of banh mi doesn’t scream “This is Vietnam” enough, the stall has created its banh mi in the likeness of the Vietnamese flag, with a yellow star on a red background.

The bánh mì are priced at VND15,000 each

Image credit: Cyburger by Homekekery

This latest food sensation is a creative idea from Cyburger by Homekekery, a banh mi stall in Hanoi. Dubbed bánh mì yêu nước ­– meaning “patriotic banh mi” – it comes in 5 different variations featuring the usual banh mi fillings such as pate, chicken, beef, and fried eggs.

Image credit: Cyburger by Homekekery

The meat is stuffed inside a red baguette with a yellow star at its center – a pattern similar to that of the Vietnamese flag – making for an eye-catching bite. Each serving is priced at a modest VND15,000 (~USD0.65).

The colors come from natural ingredients

Image credit: Cyburger by Homekekery

Cyburger’s quirky idea has understandably fascinated many customers, but some have also raised questions of food safety, wondering if the color of the bread comes from artificial food coloring. Addressing this, the banh mi stall has explained that their homemade bread’s red color is created with beetroot and red dragonfruit. This not only means the banh mi is perfectly safe to eat, but also that it comes with a fruity taste.

Image credit: Cyburger by Homekekery

Meanwhile, the yellow of the star comes from turmeric powder.

While the stall mostly sells takeaway, they are also working on a dine-in space which also uses red and yellow as its main color scheme. From an early teaser photo, we can tell that the décor is inspired by 1970s Vietnam, with vintage wooden chairs, colorful cushions, and pictures reminiscent of old propaganda posters.

Image credit: Cyburger by Homekekery

Drop by to enjoy this banh mi with Vietnamese flag pattern

Now, people often say banh mi is a signature icon of Vietnam, but we bet they don’t mean it as literally as Cyburger by Homekekery does.

If you are in Hanoi, be sure to drop by and try out this trendy “patriotic banh mi”.

Address: Number 9 Alley 345 Nguyễn Khoái Str., Hai Bà Trưng District, Hanoi
Opening hours: 9.30AM-7PM, Daily
Telephone: 0582 803 561


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Cover image adapted from Cyburger by Homekekery

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