Hungarian-style chimney cakes at VICHI Cafe

Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, chimney cakes, or Kürtőskalács, are traditional Hungarian cakes made famous in the 18th century. A chimney cake is made of dough coated with sugar and butter, wrapped around a conical skewer, and baked until it takes on a conical shape.

If you’re craving a bite of freshly baked chimney cake but unable to fly off to Hungary, you’re in luck. VICHI Cafe, a newly opened café in District 8, dishes out an authentic selection of this sweet, moist, and buttery Hungarian delicacy. 

Modern look and warm ambience

VICHI CAFE chimney cakes
Image credit: VICHI Cafe

Starting as an online bakery in Saigon, Chimney Cake Saigon was so popular among local foodies that it went on to build a brick-and-mortar venue called VICHI Cafe to cater to more customers. 

Image credit: VICHI Cafe

Boasting beige walls as a backdrop with a brown-hued coffee counter, VICHI Cafe has a subtle yet warm touch. Paired with exposed pipes, red ceiling fans, and ample lighting, this cafe looks contemporary and sophisticated. 

VICHI CAFE chimney cakes
Image credit: VICHI Cafe

The cafe boasts an ample dining space where you can sit right in front of the baristas, so you can watch your drinks and cakes prepared right in front of you. 

Authentic chimney cakes and tasty drinks

Image credit: VICHI Cafe

At VICHI Cafe, chimney cakes are prepared by Roland Toth, a talented chef from Budapest, Hungary. 

The hardest part of baking these cakes is making the dough, which requires at least 2 hours of preparation and a meticulous selection of ingredients for an authentic texture and flavor. 

VICHI CAFE chimney cakes
Image credit: VICHI Cafe

Featuring 6 topping flavors such as cinnamon, coconut, pistachio, oreo, walnut, and sesame, VICHI Cafe has plenty of options to please both adults and kids. 

If you’re not sure which to choose, stick to the classics such as the sugar-coated chimney cake (VND60,000,~USD2.61). Made of freshly made dough, topped with caramelized sugar, and baked to perfection, this appetizing option will make you come back for more. 

VICHI CAFE chimney cakes
Chimney cakes in six flavors
Image credit: VICHI Cafe

Sweet and mildly citrusy, a cinnamon chimney cake (VND60,000,~USD2.61) paired with a cappuccino or herbal tea makes a great combination for a healthy breakfast or a scrumptious afternoon tea treat. Drink prices are upon request.

VICHI CAFE chimney cakes
Image adapted from: Chimney Cake Saigon

Satisfy your sweet tooth by adding on a creamy homemade nutella filling to your cake for an extra VND10,000 (~USD0.43).

VICHI CAFE chimney cakes
Image credit: Chimney Cake Saigon

For both keeping and gifting, you can preorder your favorite chimney cakes to be delivered to your doorstep. Priced from VND230,000 to VND290,000 (~USD9.99-USD12.60), a 500G cake set is equivalent to 15 slices of cake and good for 3 people.

Why you should visit VICHI Cafe

VICHI CAFE chimney cakesImage credit: VICHI Cafe

Chimney cakes are among Hungary’s most iconic pastries, and a food experience less common than the usual Italian pizza and New York cheesecakes.

chimney cake saigon review 1
Image credit: Steven I Moni/Chimney Cake Saigon

“Great, authentic flavors, just like the ones you can buy if you go to Hungary. Highly recommended!” said Steven I Moni, a satisfied customer. 

chimney cake saigon review 2
Image credit: Chau Truong/Chimney Cake Saigon

Chau Truong, a local customer lavished her compliments on the cakes in the review section, “The cakes are both eye-catching and delicious. The bakery manager was super helpful and the delivery was super fast.”

VICHI Cafe serves Hungarian pastries

Tender, fresh, and flavorful with various toppings, chimney cakes are popular street eats and festive goodies that Hungarians can’t get enough of. 

If you have tried and enjoyed the creations of Chimney Cake Saigon since its early days, you should check out its recently opened brick-and-mortar venue at VICHI Cafe. Not only can you enjoy these freshly baked goodies piping hot, but you can also have them with a variety of drinks in a relaxing and tasteful setting.

Address: Ground Floor, Block B, Diamond Lotus Riverside, 49C Le Quang Kim, Ward 8, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City
Opening hours: 7AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 0906 769 786


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Cover image adapted from: VICHI Cafe and VICHI Cafe

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