17 Illegally Kept Tigers Found In Nghe An, Have Been Delivered To Animal Shelter

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Authorities rescued 17 tigers illegally kept at a facility in Nghe An

Tigers are endangered animals protected by most countries. But at the same time, they remain highly trafficked despite authorities’ efforts, perhaps because products from their meat and bones are thought to have great medicinal properties.

Just this morning, for instance, authorities in Vietnam found 17 tigers kept at an illegal facility. Thankfully, they were rescued in a timely fashion.

The tigers were rescued in a raid

Image credit: Người Lao Động

As VNExpress reported, just this morning, 17 living tigers were found being illegally kept at a shady facility in Yen Thanh District, Nghe An Province.

After some time investigating the facility, local police and authorities conducted a raid on it early this morning and seized the animals.

The tigers were reportedly all fully grown, weighing around 200kg each. They have since been transported to an animal shelter to be taken care of.

Further investigation on the case is still ongoing.

Another case of tiger trafficking was found last week

tigers-rescued 2
7 trafficked tiger cups were also rescued last week
Image credit: VNExpress

This isn’t the only recent case of tiger trafficking either. Just last week, 7 tiger cubs were also found on a 7-seat car driving from Ha Tinh to Nghe An.

Reportedly, police officers noted people behaving suspiciously in the car and tried to pull it over to check. The two men in the car disobeyed the order and ran their car into the police in an attempt to escape, but were unsuccessful. They were immediately detained.

tigers-rescued 3
They are being cared for by staff at a local national park

Image credit: Báo Nghệ An

A search of the car turned up 7 tiger cubs locked up in plastic baskets. They were in good health conditions and were later given to the Pu Mat National Park for preservation.

Help curb tiger trafficking by saying no to tiger products

A common belief in Vietnam and several Southeast Asian countries is that products from tiger parts – especially “tiger bone glue” cooked from tiger bones – can treat joint aches, boost one’s vitality, and enhance sexual performance. These products are highly sought-after and often sell for high prices, which leads to illegal trafficking activities of tigers to harvest their parts.

However, whether or not this belief is true remains largely unverified. Not only that, but due to the high demand, many shady dealers have also flooded the market with fake tiger products made from unknown ingredients.

So, to protect your own health and help stop tiger trafficking, say no to products made from tiger parts.

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Cover image adapted from Người Lao Động and VNExpress

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