Saigon River dinner cruises fit for New Year’s Eve gatherings

If you’re visiting Saigon for the first time or looking to rediscover the city, consider booking a Saigon River dinner cruise to view the city’s iconic attractions from a unique angle and in a different light.

Offering scrumptious meals and live entertainment alongside spectacular views of the city’s skyline, these dinner cruises make great options for a romantic date or year-end gatherings.

Here’s our lowdown of some of the most popular Saigon River dinner cruises.

1. Saigon Princess – daily cruising with a menu for vegetarians

Image credit: Saigon Princess

Offering both day and evening cruises, the luxe Saigon Princess departs from the Saigon Port in District 4. Each cruise takes place daily and lasts for about two hours. 

Image credit: Saigon Princess

Saigon Princess is decked out with balconies, offering great views of the water from any corner.

The spacious sundeck, equipped with ample seats, allows you to watch Saigon light up as the sun goes down.

Image credit: Saigon Princess

Saigon Princess offers three, four, and five-course meals ranging from VND300,000 (~USD13.03) per adult for a day cruise and VND650,000 (~USD28.22) per adult for an evening cruise.

Deep-fried tofu with plum sauce
Image credit: Saigon Princess

Those who don’t eat meat can check out the 4-course vegetarian menu, which features deep-fried tofu braised with plum, seaweed soup with vegan beef and mushroom, veggie curry, and sticky rice served with coconut sauce.

The cruise also features a live music band from the Philippines to help you jazz up the evening. 

Address: 5 Nguyễn Tất Thành, Ward 13, District 4, HCMC (Saigon Port)
Telephone: 088 890 1068


2. Indochina Queen – spacious enough to feature 600 guests 

Image credit: BNI Vietnam

Boasting neo-classical designs with masts that sparkle in the evening, Indochina Queen has a sophisticated look and stylish interiors.

The ship features wooden furniture, plenty of windows for easy views of the river, and enough room to accommodate 600 guests at any given time, which makes it perfect for group dining. 

Image credit: Ăn Tối Trên Tàu Nữ Hoàng Đông Dương

The sailing includes 7-course dining featuring a diverse array of local cuisines such as spring rolls, deep-fried fish fillets, seafood hotpot, and honey-grilled chicken.

Image credit: Qui Tran

You can opt from a variety of packages, ranging from VND350,000 (~USD15.20) to VND950,000 (~USD41.25) per person.

The Indochina Queen starts receiving guests at 6.30PM, sets sail at 7.45PM, and pulls into port at around 9.15PM daily. 

Address: 5 Nguyễn Tất Thành, Ward 13, District 4, HCMC (Saigon Port)
Telephone: 098 5472 464


3. Bonsai Cruise – Indochinese-era-inspired cruise dining with live entertainment

Image credit: Bonsai Cruise

Drawing inspiration from the Indochinese era, Bonsai Cruise is decked out in a classic contemporary style.

Image credit: Bonsai Cruise

Inside the ship features an elegant dining space with plush leather chairs, ample windows overlooking the river, and a lineup of Indochinese-era-themed photos and artworks on the walls. 

Image credit: Bonsai Cruise

This cruise encompasses daily sunset cruises and dinner cruises, ranging from USD20 to USD38 per person.

Image credit: Bonsai Cruise

Aside from a decent selection of fresh-from-the-grill local cuisines and classy drinks, this two-hour cruise also features onboard entertainment such as fashion shows and traditional Vietnamese music performances.

A lithophone performance
Image credit: Bonsai Cruise

Address: 5 Nguyễn Tất Thành Street, Ward 3, District 4, HCMC (Saigon Port)
Telephone: 0128 600 0141


4. Elisa Restaurant – lavish private dining

Image credit: Elisa Floating Restaurant

Having been a fixture on the Saigon River for many years, Elisa is hands down the most famous dinner cruise in the city.

Image adapted from: Elisa Floating Restaurant

Huge and luxe, the restaurant boasts spectacular close-up views of the gorgeous lineup of colonial heritage houses and skyscrapers along the Saigon River.

Image credit: Elisa Floating Restaurant

Featuring ample indoor and open-air seating, Elisa can accommodate 1,000 guests at any given time.

Image credit: Elisa Floating Restaurant

The ship is also decked out with a lift and private dining rooms for guests’ convenience.

Food-wise, Elisa boasts a diverse menu of premium Western, Vietnamese, and Cantonese cuisine, such as foie gras salad, Mongolian-style roasted chicken, and sauteed king prawns.

Tiger prawns
Image credit: Elisa Floating Restaurant

For dinner cruises, Elisa requires guests to book in advance and accepts at least two guests per booking.

Cruise prices are available upon request.

Address: 5 Nguyễn Tất Thành, Ward 13, District 4, HCMC (Saigon Port)
Telephone: 093 856 81 82

Elisa Floating Restaurant’s website | Facebook page

5. The Boat – traversing less-frequented routes

Image credit: The Boat

Accommodating only 27 guests at any given time, The Boat is fit for a small-scale ride or private parties. 

Due to its smaller size compared to ships, The Boat’s seating is arranged in such a way that guests can sit close to one another during the entire journey. 

Image credit: The Boat

For a safe and pleasant ride, the vessel is equipped with a foldable roof, which can be set up within minutes, so you won’t need to worry about overwhelming sunlight or a sudden downpour.

Image credit: The Boat

Priced from USD35 per person, The Boat offers breakfast and sunset cruises, allowing you to view the city from the water during the day and when the sun goes down. 

The breakfast cruise menu features Vietnamese classics, such as banh mi, rice roll cakes served with fish sauce, pancakes, boiled eggs, salad, and soft drinks. For sunset cruises, expect snacks and a good selection of white and red wine.

An Phú
Image credit: The Boat

Unlike other cruises which normally take you around District 1 and Binh Thạnh areas for the best views of the city’s dazzling skyscrapers, The Boat takes you to less-travelled routes on the Saigon River. Expect an eye-opening ride to An Phú area and Thanh Đa Island, home to vast swamps and lush greenery that look straight out of the
Mekong Delta.

Departing from Tân Cảng Port and docking at Mống Bridge Port, a voyage lasts for about two hours. 

Address: Tân Cảng Port, Tan Cang Recreational Area, A100 Ung Văn Khiêm, Phuong 25, Bình Thạnh District, HCMC
Telephone: 098 5472 464


Experience the beauty of Saigon from the water

Unique and comfortable, these dinner cruises allow you to view Saigon’s highlighted attractions as you cruise through the scenic waters of Saigon River. On New Year’s Eve or national day, you can get a splendid view of fireworks going up from the Landmark 81 tower.   

Plus, million-dollar views of the city’s skyline coupled with luxe food make for some postcard-worthy photographs. 

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Cover image adapted from: Saigon Princess

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