Đợi Một Người has a floating house in a lake

Most resorts in Da Lat, a quaint town filled with pine woods in the Central Highlands, are designed for mountainous adventures. An ideal vacation in Da Lat means waking up to an awe-inspiring view of mist-covered mountain ridges or golden valleys of Mexican sunflowers, followed by a breezy trek into the woods.

However, for those seeking nature-inspired accommodation slightly different from the rest, Đợi Một Người should be your next move. Nestled on a quiet hill strewn with persimmon trees, this homestay boasts a floating house where visitors can enjoy an intimate moment with Mother Nature with their toes in the refreshing water.

Đợi Một Người – a hilly, sequestered homestay and café

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Situated 6.9KM from Da Lat’s city center and off the scenic Prenn Pass, Đợi Một Người is totally off the beaten path. To get here, ride along the 11KM-long Prenn Pass in the direction of Trúc Lâm Monastery until you see a T-junction marked by a Buddha statue. Turn right and ride for another 94 meters until you spot the Sun View Valley. 

Make a second turn to the right and ride for about 74 meters until you see a lake with a glass house on it, or a sign that says you’re in Tổ Dân Phố 65.

Image credit: Đợi Một Người

Nearby, Đợi Một Người sits on a hill surrounded by a coffee bean plantation and persimmon bushes, overlooking a winding road lined with mimosa trees.

Furnished with a roof with red tiles and plenty of windows for natural light, this cottage looks straight out of a fairy tale.

Image credit: Đợi Một Người

It also has an outdoor deck where guests can relax and enjoy unobstructed views of the surroundings, which include rising woods of pines and a valley covered with the golden yellow mimosa and lavender-blue hydrangea. 

Image credit: Đợi Một Người

From the homestay, you can take a stroll along flower-strewn roads down the hill, create stunning snapshots, or enjoy a serene time in nature.

Image credit: Đợi Một Người

Whenever you feel bored, feel free to cuddle the house’s canine friends.

Spacious, tranquil, and equipped with ample seating that allows optimal privacy, this place is suitable for large gatherings as well as romantic dates.

Image credit: Lê Hồng Quốc Bảo

While almost every corner in this quaint retreat is stunning, the floating house set in the middle of the homestay’s lake will take your photos to the next level.

A floating house where you can create gorgeous snapshots

Image credit: Đợi Một Người

The highlight of this homestay must be its lake, which features a floating house accessible through a boardwalk slightly submerged in the water. 

Image credit: Đợi Một Người

Almost invisible to the eyes, this boardwalk can help you create unique photos that look as if you’re walking on the water. 

Image credit: @doimotnguoi.dalat/@35mmstudio.vn 

Decked out with glasses, this venue allows you to enjoy spectacular views of the sun rising above the mountains from all corners. You can grab a seat at the table or become one with nature by sitting on the floor and dipping your toes in the cooling lake water.

The coffee counter
Image credit: Đợi Một Người

Foodwise, the homestay serves a wide variety of tea, smoothies, and coffee from only
VND30,000 (~USD1.32).

Image credit: Đợi Một Người

Sweet iced coffee with full-fat milk, a classic Da Lat morning treat, is priced at VND35,000 (~USD1.54). For a warm and vitamin-packed drink to beat Da Lat’s chilly weather when the sun goes down, a cup of ginger tea at VND35,000 (~USD1.54) makes a fantastic option.

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This place has its own persimmon farm, so you can check with the manager if you crave the fresh and sweet farm-to-table persimmons to pair with your drinks.

Garden-themed rooms for a highly ‘grammable stay

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If you want to spend the night here, the homestay also provides accommodation that ranges from VND500,000-VND1,200,000 (~USD22.06-USD52.93) per night. 

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Đợi Một Người has only three rooms, all tastefully decked out with greenery and furnished with ideal ventilation from large windows and skylights. 

Image credit: Đợi Một Người

You can enjoy gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains from any room here. 

What’s more, these rooms come with free breakfasts.

Image credit: Đợi Một Người

It’s not easy to book a room in this little gem, so make sure you contact the homestay at least two weeks in advance of your visit to check the availability of the rooms.

Why you should stay at Đợi Một Người

Set on a lush hill just 15-minute ride from Da Lat’s city center, this tranquil homestay and coffee joint where you can chill with nature over tasty drinks, take Insta-worthy photos, and spend the night. With a floating house in the foreground and great woods of pines in the backdrop, this place is a real stunner.

If tranquility and showstopping views of nature are what you look for when in Da Lat, Đợi Một Người is the perfect place for you.

Address: Tổ Dân Phố 65, Ward 3, Da Lat
Telephone: 0868 708 025


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