Ultimate guide to Đà Lạt

People living in Saigon are always complaining about the hot and humid weather. That’s why Đà Lạt is one of Saigon residents’ perennial favorite destinations for a quick getaway. 

Just 300km and 8 hours’ drive away from the city, sitting 1,500 meters above sea level, Đà Lạt is known for its breathtaking scenic drives, hiking trails, national forests, historical gems, and a year-round cool climate. 

Read on for our guide to Đà Lạt, where visitors can embark on thrilling activities in incredible natural settings, late-night local market shopping, and outstanding dining and lodging options.

– Getting to Đà Lạt from Saigon or Hanoi –

lien khuong airport
Image credit: @chiko.pl

It takes about 50 minutes to fly from Ho Chi Minh City to Đà Lạt’s Lien Khuong airport, with average airfares at VND1,000,000 (~USD43.24)  for a round trip if you fly with Vietjet Air.

Meanwhile, a flight from Hanoi to Đà Lạt takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes, costing around VND1,800,000 (~USD77.84) for a round-trip ticket.

da lat city center
Đà Lạt city center
Image credit: Pham Anh Dung/Đà Lạt

Passengers traveling from Ho Chi Minh City to Đà Lạt can also opt to go by bus, which takes about 6.5 to 8 hours, costing about VND600,000 (~USD25.95) per ticket. 

Find out more on how to book bus tickets from Saigon to Đà Lạt on the Vexere transport booking site here. 

Travelling from Lien Khuong Airport to Đà Lạt city center and vice versa

lien khuong airport bus
Image credit: @chaturon_kongchit 

The distance from the airport to the city centre is about 20km, meaning a 40-minute bus ride. If you travel by yourself, take the airport bus. It sends all passengers to Ngoc Phat Palace Hotel, located right across Xuan Huong Lake and Big C Supermarket – the heart of Đà Lạt city center. 

xuan huong lake
Image credit: @_yo.nguyen

Xuan Huong Lake is considered Đà Lạt’s most beautiful lake, stretching 2km in length across Lam Vien Square, the central flower garden, and Đà Lạt Market.

big c da lat
Big C Đà Lạt
Image credit: @gg_chintana

Across the lake is Big C Supermarket, Đà Lạt’s largest mall where you can find a wide variety of fashion shops and restaurants. If you happen to land in Đà Lạt without any basic necessities or winter clothes, remember to check out Big C Supermarket to get all you need. 

Ngoc Phat Palace Hotel is also the pick-up point for passengers traveling to Lien Khuong Airport from Đà Lạt city center. Bus tickets per way cost VND40,000 (~USD1.73) per traveller. Meanwhile, a one-way cab ride from Lien Khuong airport to Đà Lạt city centre and vice versa can cost around VND350,000 – VND400,000, (~USD15.13-USD17.29)

From the hotel, you can get a cab or order a GrabBike, GrabCar, or Mai Linh taxi to take you to your final destination. GrabBikers in Đà Lạt are very friendly and willing to take you even if you have bigger luggage, but the ride will be a bit inconvenient and bumpy so it’s recommended that you tip them for their efforts. 

As Đà Lạt is not a big city, it won’t take more than 20 minutes to ride to most streets inside the city.

– Getting around Đà Lạt –


Image credit: @edvventurer

GrabBikes are available in Đà Lạt, so they’re quite convenient if you travel short distances within the city.

Download the Grab app here.


Image credit: @blilk

One of the most popular reasons that draws people to Đà Lạt is how it’s a place to slow down and smell the roses, and riding a bicycle around Xuan Huong Lake might be the most relaxing and peaceful experience you get in Đà Lạt. 

You can rent a bike at VND80,000 – VND150,000 (~USD3.46-USD6.49) per day with toanphuc.vn.


dalat slopes
Sloped roads are common in downtown Đà Lạt
Image credit: @nghialee_

You can rent a motorbike in Đà Lạt at about VND100,000-VND400,000 (~USD4.32-USD17.30) per day, depending on the type of motorbike you want to rent. For bikes to rent, check out Happy Day Travel, 78 Ly Tu Trong in Ward 2, or at 72 Nguyen Van Troi in Ward 1.

However, please remember that accidents are common here because of the steep slopes and twists in the road, so this is only an option for seasoned riders only. 

– Exhilarating nature adventures in Đà Lạt –

1. High ropes course in Datanla – suitable for all fitness levels

Image credit: @thaodolly

Thrill-seekers can try their hand at the high ropes course at Datanla, just a short drive away from downtown Đà Lạt.

Image adapted from: @iamnickieeee

Here, users are equipped with safety gear, including belay equipment, safety harnesses, and friction devices, then walk or climb on high elements which are usually constructed on trees or poles, and low elements on a trail, and soar through the pine forests on a challenging zipline ride.

There are 7 levels catering to various ages, from the easiest which lets users walk on low elements and zipline across a short distance, to the most difficult which makes users zipline from 15 meters above the ground over a length of 18.6 meters, and perform some Tarzan swings. Make sure you assess your fitness level before choosing the appropriate level of difficulty. 

Before starting, you will be taught the necessary skills, such as rope handling, belaying, walking, swinging, and ziplining.

The best time to start your high rope adventure is from 7AM-9AM, because there are very few participants at that time and there is less waiting and fewer distractions. Besides, tickets are cheaper within these 2 hours, from only VND270,000 (~USD11.68) per person. Starting from 9AM-5PM, tickets cost VND350,000 (~USD15.14) each.

Level of difficulty: All fitness levels

Admission ticket to Datanla Tourism Zone: VND30,000 (~USD1.30) per pax
Address: Datanla Tourism Zone, QL20 Deo Prenn, Ward 3, Đà Lạt
Opening time: 7AM-5PM, Daily
Telephone: 0981 166 088

How to get there

Datanla waterfall
Image credit: @wowdmkia

The Datanla Tourism Zone is only 5km away from the city center of Đà Lạt. You can easily order a cab or GrabBike to access the place. 

If you have a motorbike, you can ride from Đà Lạt Market towards Tran Quoc Toan Street via the Ong Dao bridge, then turn to Ho Tung Mau Street. After riding three-fourths of the way down the street, you’ll see a guide sign towards Prenn Pass. Continue riding for about 3km until you see the Datanla Tourism Zone on your right. 

2. Alpine Coaster – zoom through the forest

datanla alpine (4)
Image credit: @ngocnm.jess

Imagine sliding up and down at high speed being surrounded by a canopy of leafy trees, with the sound of Datanla waterfall burbling and the wind whistling through the pines as your backdrop.

datanla alpine (4)
Image credit: @dmitriy.gomjin 

Also located in the Datanla Tourism Zone, Alpine Coaster is an adventure spot that no visitor with a strong heart should miss when they are in Đà Lạt.

datanla alpine (4)
Image credit: @iandyvu

This is a type of roller coaster which uses a bobsled-like sled which can fit 2 people to roll down a 2,400 meter long track built alongside the hills. It’s also the longest coaster trail in Southeast Asia. 

Each sled has seatbelts and a brake system, which can slow down or stop in an emergency. The alpine coaster also has its own uphill lifting system that uses a cable and a clamp to haul the sleds up the hill. 

datanla alpine (4)
Image credit: @vnchibisachi

If you’re the type of person brave enough to raise their hands when riding those 360-degree roller coasters or slingshots, you might want to opt for the 40km/h speed so you get more thrills. 

One ticket per pax costs VND60,000 – VND170,000 (~USD2.59-USD7.35) depending on sled type – pick from the new sled or the traditional sled.

Level of difficulty: Easy

Admission ticket to Datanla Tourism Zone: VND30,000 (~USD1.30) per pax
Address: Datanla Tourism Zone, QL20 Deo Prenn, Ward 3, Đà Lạt
Opening time: 7AM-5PM, Daily
Telephone: 098 116 60 88

3. Datanla Waterfall canyoneering – a combo of multiple challenging sports

datanla - canoeying
Image credit: @the_melante 

Waterfall canyoning is considered an extreme activity, requiring tremendous physical stamina and concentration, so you might want to enjoy it at Datanla Waterfall with the support of a group of tour experts.

The activity entails abseiling dry cliffs and wet cliffs, ziplining, cliff jumping, water sliding, swimming (optional), and 7km of trekking. 

datanla - canoeying
Image adapted from: Viet Challenge 

You can engage the services of Viet Challenge or Dalat Adventure Tour at about VND 1,700,000 per person to learn basic canyoneering skills such as knot tying, harness wearing, rope handling, and other useful techniques from their guides.

You’ll be able to discover hidden caves and natural rock formations that other visitors can’t, and immerse yourself in thrills amid nature and wildlife.

Level of difficulty: Hard

Admission ticket to Datanla Tourism Zone: VND30,000 (~USD1.30) per pax
Address: Datanla tourism zone, QL20 Deo Prenn, Ward 3, Đà Lạt
Opening time: 7AM-5PM, Daily
Telephone: 098 116 60 88

4. Pongour Waterfalls – a seven-layered waterfall

Image adapted from: @alex.kozlov.1963

Nicknamed the greatest waterfall in the southern highlands and said to be Emperor Bao Dai’s favorite place to unwind during his hunting trips, the 7-tiered Pongour Waterfall starts at an altitude of 50 meters and is located about 30km away from Đà Lạt.

Image credit: @binh.rau2808 

Campers and hikers can spend a day here surrounded by pristine forest landscapes of over 2 hectares, housing diverse wildlife habitats.

How to get there 

Head to National Route 20 towards Đà Lạt – Saigon, take a right turn from the Xom Trung area, then just continue to ride until you see the sign guiding you to Pongour waterfall.

The traveling time is estimated to be 1 hour 30 minutes, departing from Đà Lạt Market. 

What to expect

Visitors should not swim here because of the strong currents, but you can hike around the rocks and cliffs, which can offer panoramic views over this majestic body of water100 m wide and 40 m high.

You can bring your own food, which you can buy in takeout stalls in Đà Lạt or along the way, or get a lunch break at eateries nearby, which serve authentic ethnic highland foods, such as rice cooked in bamboo shoots, or leaf salads that use up to 40 different types of leaves. Straw liquor contained in a large earthenware jug, the signature drink of highland ethnic groups and sold by vendors here, is also a must-try when you’re here. 

The waterfall is believed to be guarded by Lady Kanai, a goddess worshipped by the K’hor ethnic community. Every spring festival, couples will offer flowers at the feet of Pongour waterfall to Lady Kanai to pray for a long-lasting and happy relationship. 

Level of difficulty: Easy

Admission ticket: VND20,000 (~USD0.86) per person
Address: Tan Nghia, Ninh Gia, Duc Trong Ward, Lam Dong Province
Opening hours: 7AM-5PM, Daily

5. Elephant Waterfalls – scenic rock formations

thac voi elephant waterfall
Image credit: @pmaydea

Elephant Waterfalls is located about 25km from Đà Lạt and is also one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the Central Highlands.

thac voi elephant waterfall
Image credit: @jin.dm

There are big rocks at the foot of the waterfalls that resemble the shapes of elephants, explaining why the place is called Elephant Waterfalls.

How to get there 

Ride towards Hoang Van Thu road in the direction of Van Thanh Village Flowers, then head to Ta Nung Pass, ride another 25km on Route 725 to reach Nam Ban province (the 23.7km mark). Elephant Waterfalls will be on your right. The total commuting time is about 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

What to expect

The 145-step path leading to the waterfalls is naturally carved out of slippery rocks. Make sure you are ready for a steep climb by ditching your sandals at home for a really good pair of shoes, which should be lightweight, breathable, and with high traction rubber for optimal grip in wet conditions.

There’s a rail on the way climbing down but it’s still a precarious trail and climbers need to be extra careful. Never climb around waterfalls alone, follow marked paths, watch out for hidden sharp edges in the waters, and bring a few water bottles to stay hydrated.

Level of difficulty: Hard

Admission ticket: VND20,000 (~USD0.86) per person
Address: Nam Ban, Lam Ha, Lam Dong Province
Opening hours: 8AM-5PM, Daily
Telephone: 0934 860 882

6. Cycling on mountain trails – for fitness lovers to prove their mettle

cycling in dalat
Image credit: Hello Dalat

Mountain trails in Đà Lạt are nothing like a leisure ride around Xuan Huong Lake, but off-road rides through rough terrain and winding roads to the northeast of Đà Lạt.

4 hours of riding will transport you through plenty of vegetable farms, flower valleys, and expansive mountain ranges. The Love Valley and Van Hanh Monastery are some of the attractions you’ll pass by along the way. 

cycling in dalat
Image adapted from: Green Horizon Tour

The trail will require some uphill or downhill riding, which makes it more adventurous. You might have to carry your bike on your shoulders at some points along the way.

You can book a cycling tour, which comes with an experienced tour guide, with Hello Dalat or Green Horizon Tour, at VND880,000 (~USD38.05) per pax. These tours need a minimum of 2 participants, who should be comfortable with riding mountain bikes and have good stamina. If you can’t stand one hour running on the treadmill, this activity is not for you. 

Free lunch and a first-aid kit set will be provided. 

Level of difficulty: Moderate

7. Trekking in Bidoup Nui Ba National Park

bidoup trekking
Image credit: @thaottrraanngg

Known as the rooftop of Lam Dong, Bidoup Nui Ba National Park is a rarely visited national park located in the districts of Đam Rông and Lạc Dương, 50km away from Đà Lạt city center.

bidoup trekking
Image credit: @phattireventures 

It is home to at least 1,468 animal species, 62 species of which are categorized as rare animals. 91% of the forest are coniferous woodlands and grasslands at altitudes between 650 m and 2,288 m. 

It might take up to 2 days and 1 night to trek here. 

How to get there

Bidoup Nui Ba National Park can be accessed via Route 723 in Lac Duong Town. From Route 723, there are two points from which you can access the forest: the hydroelectric dam and the ranger station.

bidoup trekking
Image credit: @tranhoanggiang

The overall trail is like this: from the 723 route, find the entrance to Bidoup and walk to the Bidoup ranger station.

After walking for about 3km, turn left. You should spot a campsite here, since this spot is near a stream, and there’s a public bathroom here too. After walking another 800 meters, you’ll see a sign that says The Peak Of Bidoup.

bidoup trekking
Image credit: @thinhkhun.khung

Finally, you’ll head past a 1,300 year old Po Mu tree before reaching K’long K’lanh ranger station.

Must-knows at Bidoup

If you’re a seasoned trekker, know that a Bidoup trek entails double the strength you need for Tà Năng – Phan Dũng, also one of the most popular and dangerous trekking trails in Vietnam. 

It’s compulsory that trekkers must register in advance and access Bidoup with a tour guide. You can engage the service of bidouptour.com (VND1,950,000, ~USD84.32 per person), divui.com (at about VND2,500,000, ~USD108.10 per person), or Dalat Discovery – Du lịch Khám Phá trải nghiệm Dalat (at about VND1,800,000, ~USD77.83 per person). Once you’ve successfully got yourself a tour guide, the rest of the registration process will be handled by the tour operator. 

Remember that you’ll be fined if caught accessing Bidoup forest without prior registration. And as with all forests, do not take off alone without telling anyone. You should always notify someone where you are going, your schedule, and when you plan to be back. 

What to expect at Bidoup

bidoup trekking
Image credit: @toong_adventure

The trekking trails are quite narrow and can be slippery due to the humidity in the forest, so prepare a climbing stick or put on a pair of specialized trekking shoes. You’ll see fascinating biodiversity, especially snakes and squirrels, in this labyrinthine area.

After completing half the trail, you’ll reach a Bidoup landmark: a 1,300-year-old Pơ Mu tree. If you plan to camp there, bring your own camping tools and food that you can buy in one of the many convenience stores or food stalls along the way. 

Locate your preferred camping location by 3PM, since it gets pretty dark by 5PM. Temperatures can drop to 8°C by 8PM, so make sure you bring some warm garments to keep yourself warm. You can buy plenty of winter garments at knock-down prices in the Đà Lạt night market. The cold night will be worth the camp, as watching the sunrise in Bidoup forest is an experience you’ll never forget. 

Level of difficulty: Hard

Address: Da Nhim Commune, Lac Duong District, Lam Dong Province
Opening hours: 7AM-5PM, Daily
Telephone: 0947 047 449


– Places to shop in Đà Lạt –

1. Đà Lạt Market – established since 1929

Image credit: Trần Vũ Phương Thảo

For a glimpse into the daily shopping culture of Đà Lạt locals, there’s no better place to explore than Đà Lạt Market, which has been around since 1929.

Image credit: @ando251_ 

Spanning 3 levels with hundreds of stalls selling all manner of clothes, shoes, cooking ingredients, fresh meat and vegetables, as well as stacked pyramids of dried fruits to bring home as souvenirs, Đà LạtMarket will leave you spoiled for choice.

dalat market

One thing to note is that Đà Lạt Market vendors are very friendly and laid-back. Don’t be shy to ask them any questions regarding prices, as you won’t be pushed to make any purchases. 

dalat market - food court

The market also has a food court on the 2nd floor where you can lunch on a variety of local dishes from only VND30,000 (~USD1.30). 

dalat market

Not only is this the place to shop and lunch, but it’s also famed for its plentiful photo opps. 

The buildings inside Đà Lạt Market are connected with one another via open passageways, which offer sweeping views over the market’s dynamic hive of activities. 

dalat market
Image adapted from: @a.n.n.a_vu

That’s why Đà Lạt Market passageways are among the most checked-in places among tourists.

Address: Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ward 1, Đà Lạt

2. Đà Lạt Night Market

Image credit: @jk_seo617

Đà Lạt Market usually closes after 5.30PM. If you miss your cultural shopping visit there, check out Đà Lạt Night Market, just outside Đà Lạt Market.

Đà Lạt Night Market is no strange experience to local tourists. It’s the place where visitors shop, munch on local-grown specialties, and revel in a myriad of unusual finds. Nonetheless, what many might not know is that Đà Lạt Night Market has a unique nickname: the Hell Market

Image credit: @turkts 

Long before the advent of supermarkets, traders and buyers met in a flea market at about 2AM-5AM. There were hardly any lamps at that time, so everyone navigated their ways in steep darkness, said to be as dark as hell.

Residents also had a popular belief that 2AM-3AM is the most sacred hour of the day, when paranormal activities reign supreme and ghosts can mingle with human beings in the flea market.

Due to its central location, the place is home to nearly all the most famous and delicious snacks and specialties in Dalat. You can conveniently buy all manner of takeout food, from grilled chickens to kebabs to hot beverages to go. Aside from food, you can also find a lot of fascinating handicrafts. 

When to go to Đà Lạt Night Market

Situated alongside Xuan Huong Lake at the heart of Dalat, the sparkling sight of the night market is hard to miss. When the sun goes down, streets surrounding Dalat Market become the parade ground for street food stalls and winter fashions.

The night market starts at about 6PM and lasts till 9.30PM.

What to do at Đà Lạt Night Market


Image credit: @diningwithtina96

Hot soya milk is the specialty of Đà Lạt – nothing beats sitting on the streets of Đà Lạt on a chilly night, watching the world go by over a cup of hot soya milk. You can easily get one at about VND10,000-VND15,000 (~USD0.43-USD0.65).

Image credit: @tgsunhere

There are also plenty of hot dishes to warm yourself up with, including roasted corn, grilled paper sheets, boiled potatoes, sake cake, roasted pork, dumplings, and porridge.

Image credit: @ngominhtri

Đà Lạt is very famous for its locally grown strawberries, known to be natural and fresh without containing plant growth stimulants. You can buy a box of strawberries at a vendor here for about VND50,000-VND70,000 (~USD2.16-USD3.03).

You’ll all see a countless lineup of stalls selling all manner of jam flavors, from strawberry jams, kiwi jams, to apple jams that you can buy home as souvenirs. 

Make sure the prices for what you buy are stated upfront, so there is no room for dispute when the bill comes. 

Shopping for cheap clothes at Đà Lạt Night Market

Image credit: @minblue97

Đà Lạt Night Market is studded with mom & pop shops selling winter pre-loved clothes at a knock-down price. You can easily get 5 pairs of socks here for below VND40,000 (~USD1.73). 

This is also a sacred ground for wool fabrics or any type of clothing made from wool, from wool scarf, cardigan to tassel bag charm. Because of its year-round cool climate, wool has long become the city’s iconic fabric, making clothing made of wool flood Đà Lạt Night Market. The city also has its own wool spinning plant, exporting tonnes of sheep wool yarn abroad every year. 

Take this chance to pick up any cold-weather clothes you forgot to pack for your mountain hike. 

– Restaurants in Đà Lạt-

1. An Sơn Hồ – a Phoenix Ancient Town-inspired hangout spot, boardwalk, and restaurant

An aerial view of An Sơn Hồ
Image adapted from: An Sơn Hồ

In recent years, Phoenix Ancient Town, a quaint old town in Hunan, China has been among the most checked-in tourist attractions among Vietnamese tourists.

an son ho
Image credit: An Sơn Hồ

For those who have yet the chance to visit this iconic place because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you can do so at An Sơn Hồ, a replica of Phoenix Ancient Town in Đà Lạt, just 4km from the city center.

an son ho
Image credit: Thùy Linh

While An Sơn Hồ is relatively small compared to the original tourist spot in China, its charming lineup of bungalows surrounded by lush hills, and a wooden pier reminiscent of the iconic river crossing in Phoenix Ancient Town suffice to make stunning photographic backdrops.

Taking photos from the right angle with the bungalows in the background, you can easily fool your friends into believing that you’re in China. 

an son ho
Image adapted from: An Sơn Hồ

Aside from the many photo ops, visitors can enjoy a plethora of countryside dishes here, from sour soup with snakehead fish (VND55,000, ~USD2.38) to vinegar-soaked octopus (VND120,000,~USD5.19).

Price range: VND50,000-VND300,000 (~USD2.16-USD12.97)
Address: 85 An Son, Ward 4, Đà Lạt
Opening hours: 9AM-11PM, Daily
Telephone: 038 656 3839


2. Mây Lang Thang – Cafe & Wine – live music

may lang thang cafe
Image credit: Mây Lang Thang

While Mây Lang Thang cafe is a gorgeous place for alfresco dining thanks to its panoramic view over the city and surrounding mountains, it’s also known as the gathering place of Vietnam’s most famous singers.

The cafe often features curated live music featuring big names such as singers Hà Anh Tuấn, Quang Trung, and Bằng Kiều.

may lang thang cafe
Image adapted from: Dec Cat

Decked out with chic decorations, the place has ample seating. You can sit outdoors for fresh air and spectacular views, or inside when it rains. 

may lang thang cafe
Image adapted from: Mây Lang Thang

Paired with a cup of coffee, cocktail, as well as tasty snacks – Mây Lang Thang is an ideal place for those looking for a romantic and music-filled night out with lovers.

Price range: VND50,000-VND300,000 (~USD2.16-USD12.97). Additional fees ranging from VND250,000 to VND1,000,000 (~USD10.81-USD43.23) will be charged when the cafe hosts live music performances.
Address: 7B Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward 10, Đà Lạt
Opening hours: 9AM-11PM, Daily
Telephone: 077 779 6007


3. Buffet Chay Sương Mai – farm-to-table dining

Image credit: Nguyen Thi Suong Mai

Đà Lạt is Vietnam’s kingdom of quality vegetables and flowers, and the country’s biggest exporter of vegetables abroad, so you won’t want to leave without trying the city’s fresh and healthy vegetables.

chay suong mai
Image credit: Săn Vé Máy Bay Giá Rẻ

Buffet Chay Sương Mai serves a wide range of delectable vegetarian dishes, from fried pumpkin, tofu roasted with lemongrass, to carrot soup, all at an unbeatable cost of VND25,000 (~USD1.08) per person. The restaurant is quite spacious with ample seating arrangements, good for both solo diners as well as large groups.

Image credit: Nguyen Thi Suong Mai

The vegetables used for the buffet are homegrown, which means diners can enjoy healthy and fresh produce free of synthetic chemicals.

Price range: VND25,000 (~USD1.08)
Address: 8Bis Tran Hung Dao, Ward 3, Đà Lạt
Opening hours: 11AM-1PM, Daily
Telephone: 0263 2211 236


4. Dalat Train Villa & Cafe – dine in a real train carriage

dalat train cafe
Image adapted from: Dalat Train Villa & Cafe

For a unique dining experience in Đà Lạt, board a refurbished train carriage for a railway-themed dining experience at Dalat Train Villa & Cafe.

dalat train cafe
Image credit: Dalat Train Villa & Cafe

Structured like a cylinder made from solid wood and with a platform in the back, the restaurant is actually an old train cabin repurposed and remodelled to befit dining.

dalat train cafe
Image credit: @zotsnfatazh

The restaurant serves a wide array of foods, from Vietnamese vegan-friendly spring rolls
(VND69,000, ~USD2.98) to French beef bourguignon (VND155,000, ~USD6.70), which is flavored beef stew braised in red wine.

Price range: VND45,000-VND715,000 (~USD1.95-USD30.92)
Address: 1 Quang Trung, Ward 9, Đà Lạt
Opening hours: 8AM-9.30PM, Daily
Telephone: 0263 3816 365


5. H’Mông Quán – authentic H’mong food in Đà Lạt

h mong quan dalat
Image credit: H’Mông Quán – Dalat

For an unforgettable culinary experience combined with cultural appreciation, you’d want to visit H’Mông Quán, the first restaurant in Đà Lạt serving spicy chicken in a dry pot (from VND200,000 – VND300,000) cooked with 18 different home-grown ingredients, the rarest of which is locally grown peppercorn (hạt mắc khén).

The spiciness of the chicken comes from the use of hạt tê, a special type of H’mong-grown pepper seed and horse meat broth. 

h mong quan dalat
Image credit: H’Mông Quán – Dalat

It’s also the only restaurant in Đà Lạt dishing out horse meat hotpot, also known as thắng cố, (VND300,000-VND500,000, ~USD12.97-USD21.62) and roasted horse meat (VND200,000, ~USD8.65), also a specialty of H’mong people. 

The restaurant is founded by a member of the H’mong ethnic group, with a passion to make H’mong cuisine more popular with diners worldwide.

Price range: VND200,000 – VND500,000 (~USD8.65-USD21.62)
Address: 17-19 Ba Thang Tu Street, Ward 3, Đà Lạt
Opening hours: 10AM-11PM, Daily
Telephone: 034 467 8587


6. Cậu Bờm – belly-warming hotpot and BBQ

Image credit: Cậu Bờm Đà Lạt

Nothing beats the cold of Đà Lạt by sitting around a healthy communal dish like hot pot or BBQ to warm yourself up. For a satisfying supper at Cậu Bờm Đà Lạt, order chicken hotpot cooked with chilli pepper (VND157,000, ~USD6.79) that’s good for two. An equally comforting treat to beat the cold is the succulent roasted beef with mushroom cream sauce (VND117,000, ~USD5.06) – also good for two. 

Image credit: Cậu Bờm Đà Lạt

If you only have the stomach for something light to pair with a bottle of beer, a plate of soy-steamed chicken legs (VND47,000, ~USD2.03) can pack a powerful hearty flavor. 

Image credit: Cậu Bờm Đà Lạt

The restaurant is cosy and comfortable, with outdoor seating on a breezy terrace. The indoor seating area is decked out with vintage blue doors, lanterns, and retro-themed signage, making it feel like a 60’s style dining experience.

The restaurant opens till 10PM, so if you’ll be arriving in Đà Lạtlate in the evening, this is an address you should keep in the back of your pocket

Price range: VND90,000 – VND180,000 (~USD3.89-USD7.78)
Address: No.11, Lane 11, Ba Thang Tu Street, Ward 3, Đà Lạt
Opening hours: 3PM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 0902 390 795


7. Cơm Đà Lạt – plenty of room for big groups

com da lat restaurant
Image credit: Amazing Việt Nam

For those who crave home-style cooking in a restaurant setting in Đà Lạt, Cơm Đà Lạt is the place to be.

com da lat restaurant
Image adapted from: Cơm Đà Lạt

The restaurant is clean and spacious with ample seating, good for a large family or group of friends.

The restaurant serves traditional Vietnamese home-style meals, such as sweet sour pork ribs (VND95,000, ~USD4.11), crown daisy soup cooked with shrimps (VND55,000, ~USD2.38), and crab soup cooked with malabar spinach (VND90,000, ~USD3.89).

Price range: VND50,000 – VND150,000 (~USD2.16-USD6.49)
Address: 141 Bui Thi Xuan, Ward 2, Đà Lạt
Opening hours: 9AM-8PM, Daily
Telephone: 0938 047 595


8. Ming Dynasty Dalat – fine dining overlooking Xuan Huong Lake

Image adapted from: Ming Dynasty Đà Lạt

For those who are already familiar with Đà Lạt’s local delicacies and craving a fine dining experience, Ming Dynasty Dalat is a good place to go to, with over 100 Cantonese cuisines dished out by a Chinese chef.

Its signature dish Peking roasted duck, at VND499,000 (~USD21.58) per dish, is good to share for a group of 4-6 people. The restaurant also offers excellent dim sum, from only VND69,000 (~USD2.98) per set. 

Image credit: Ming Dynasty Đà Lạt

Situated in a prime yet quiet location of Đà Lạt and overlooking Xuan Huong Lake, the restaurant is decked out in a lavish setting with Chinese-inspired decor such as ink and wash paintings and vintage wood lockers.

Image credit: Ming Dynasty Đà Lạt

The restaurant also has a spacious outdoor dining area surrounded by pleasant greenery. 

Price range: VND69,000 – VND500,000 (~USD2.98-USD21.62)
Address: 7 Tran Hung Dao, Ward 10, Đà Lạt
Opening hours: Daily, 10AM-2PM I 5PM-9PM
Telephone: 0263 3813 816


– Hotels in Đà Lạt –

Hotels near Đà Lạt city center – for those who want convenience

1. Khoai Village – cabin living with a view

Image credit: Khoai Village

For those who want the best of both worlds when it comes to a hotel – proximity to the city center and a peaceful view of pine forests, Khoai Village is the place.

This accommodation offers 19 rooms and 5 bungalows looking like vacation cabins in a forest setting. There’s a seating deck outdoors for guests to relax over a cup of hot tea or have their morning caffeine fix. 

Image credit: Khoai Village

The rooms are equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows, filling the room with a lot of natural light. It also offers breathtaking views over pine forests and beautiful valleys. Wooden interiors give the rooms a rustic feel.

Price range: VND500,000-VND800,000 (~USD21.62-USD34.59) per night
Address: 6B Khoi Nghia Bac Son, Ward 10, Đà Lạt
Telephone: 083 568 7779

2. Richy Hotel – well-equipped and affordable rooms for a location near the city center

Image credit: Richyhotel

Richy Hotel is close to the city center and every room is equipped with basic amenities. Brightly colored walls, clean wooden floors, and charming decorations will ensure your comfort.

richy hotel
Image credit: Richyhotel

There’s a kitchen and a lounge upstairs with large windows overlooking the picturesque sloped streets of Đà Lạt. It’s a cosy space to enjoy your morning coffee or dinner.

Image credit: Richyhotel

The hotel also sells beverages such as coffee and smoothies, so you won’t have to place Grab orders or go out to buy drinks when you’re thirsty. 

richy hotel dalat
Image credit: Richy Hotel

Price range: VND380,000-VND1,000,000 (~USD16.43-USD43.24) per night
Address: 1 An Binh, Ward 3, Đà Lạt
Telephone: 0933 354 566


3. Cadasa Resort Dalat – live like an aristocrat

Image credit: Dalat Cadasa Resort

To experience how artists, aristocrats, and politicians of the last century lived in Đà Lạt, Cadasa Resort is the right place to go to, where you can stay in one of only 12 redesigned French-style villas.

There’s a cafeteria inside, serving a wide array of Vietnamese as well as Western food. 

Surrounded with pine trees galore and flower gardens, the resort offers a beautiful walking trail.

Image adapted from: Dalat Cadasa Resort

The resort is within 500 meters from Vin Mart, Big C Super Market and 1km from popular attractions.

Price range: VND970,000-VND1,200,000 (~USD41.95-USD51.89) per night
Address: 16 Tran Hung Dao, Ward 10, Đà Lạt
Telephone: 0263 3586 699


4. Banyan House Villa – relaxing wood-furnished huts

Image credit: Banyan House Villa

Banyan House Villa boasts a tranquil, scenic, and relaxing ambience. There’s a large garden filled with plants and Zen decor. 

Image credit: Banyan House Villa

Guests can choose between villa boutique and cottages. Every room is equipped with basic amenities, lovely knick-knacks, and a king-size bed. Wood decor, sloped brick roofs, and green windows give the rooms a nomadic flair.

Despite its suburban vibe, the villa is only 3 minute drive away from Xuan Huong Lake in the city centre. 

Price range: VND1,500,000,000 – VND1,800,000 (~USD64.860-USD77.83) per night
Address: 94 Ly Tu Trong, Ward 2, Đà Lạt
Telephone: 0901 066 263


Quieter hotels in Đà Lạt – for those who need to relax 

1. Swiss-Belresort Tuyen Lam Dalat – plenty of entertainment and golf

Swiss-Belresort Tuyen Lam Dalat
Image credit: Swiss-Belresort Tuyen Lam Dalat

Surrounded by hills and within a minute’s walk away from the magnificent Tuyen Lam lake, Swiss-Belresort Tuyen Lam Dalat offers a breathtaking transport to nature.

Swiss-Belresort Tuyen Lam Dalat
Image credit: Swiss-Belresort Tuyen Lam Dalat

Since the resort is about a 20-minute drive away from the city center, it includes facilities such as a dining area, spa, karaoke room, and a 18-hole golf course so that guests can entertain themselves during their stay here.

Swiss-Belresort Tuyen Lam Dalat
Image adapted from: Swiss-Belresort Tuyen Lam Dalat

Modeling Anglo-Normand country style design, every room here faces either the lake or the garden, giving off a luxurious and tranquil vibe.

Image credit: Swiss-Belresort Tuyen Lam Dalat

Price range: VND1,600,000-VND3,200,000 (~USD69.19-USD138.38) per night
Address: Zone 7&8, Tuyen Lam Lake, Ward 3, Đà Lạt
Telephone: 0263 3799 799


2. L’Amant Homestay & Coffee – a natural garden setting 

lamant hotel dalat
Image credit: L’Amant Homestay Dalat

L’Amant Homestay Dalat offers a group of cottages nestled in a lush and peaceful garden.

lamant hotel dalat
Image credit: L’Amant Homestay Dalat

The rooms are decked out in a rustic yet elegant design with wood floors, vaulted ceilings, and floor to ceiling windows, boasting views of surrounding hills or Tuyen Lam lake.

lamant hotel dalat
Image credit: L’Amant Homestay Dalat

The homestay is 500m from Tuyen Lam lake, a 190m walk away from Truc Lam Pagoda, and about a 15-minute drive away from the city center.

Price range: VND300,000-VND941,000 (~USD12.97-USD40.69) per night
Address: 2 Truc Lam Yen Tu, Ward 3, Đà Lạt
Telephone: 0972 850 506


3. ZEN Cafe Lakeside Dalat – shuttle service and bike rentals

Image credit: Zen Cafe Lakeside

ZEN Cafe Lakeside is a quaint and peaceful retreat hidden inside a large flower garden.

The place is so quiet that you can listen to the sounds of the birds chipping and the monks at Truc Lam pagoda chanting at 6PM. 

Image adapted from: Zen Cafe Lakeside

The hotel has a restaurant and a children’s playground, perfect for a young family.

Whenever you’re heading downtown, hop on the hotel’s shuttle service to the city center or its motorbike and bicycle rentals.

Image credit: Zen Cafe Lakeside

Every room is endowed with breathtaking views over the surrounding hills and Tuyen Lam Lake.

It’s a stone’s throw away from Tuyen Lam Lake, Truc Lam Pagoda, lavender fields, and 8km away from the city center.

Price range: VND1,630,000-VND2,000,000 (~USD70.48-USD86.48) per night
Address: Dao Nguyen, Tuyen Lam Lake, Đà Lạt
Telephone: 083 616 8857


4. Dalat Wonder Resort – sauna and infinity pool

wonder resort dalat
Image credit: Dalat Wonder Resort

Dalat Wonder Resort is set on a verdant hillside by Hồ Tuyền Lâm lake and is only a 10-minute walk from lavender fields nearby. The resort provides a wide range of accommodations, from hotel rooms to private villas and bungalows.

Image adapted from: Dalat Wonder Resort

It also includes a restaurant, sauna, and lagoon-style infinity pool overlooking Tuyen Lam Lake.

wonder resort dalat
Image credit: Dalat Wonder Resort

Every room is equipped with basic amenities and overlooking breathtaking nature views, such as Tuyen Lam lake and pine forests. The hotel rooms are covered with wall murals, which are eye-catching and add vibrant life to the rooms.

It’s quiet and serene here, but you can easily access the city with the hotel’s free shuttle service. 

Price range: VND1,300,000-VND7,000,000 (~USD56.22-USD302.70) per night
Address: No. 19, Hoa Hong Road, Tuyen Lam Tourism Zone, Đà Lạt
Telephone: 0263 3800 099


Bonus – Crazy House Dalat

crazy house dalat
Image credit: @gaston.rings

Crazy House Dalat, also known as Hằng Nga Guesthouse (Biệt thự Hằng Nga), defies categories and might not fit everyone’s idea of a staycation spot – but definitely makes a unique architectural work to marvel at.

Designed by the imaginative architect Đặng Việt Nga and inspired by modernist Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, this treehouse-shaped landmark doubles as a guesthouse with differently themed rooms where you can stay the night.

Check out our video of this genre-bending guesthouse here.

Explore Vietnam’s French-style city, Đà Lạt

Đà Lạt is an old city with a rich history that stretches back to the 19th century, and has always been a favorite retreat for southerners who crave a cool retreat every once in a while.

Don’t forget to bookmark the above-mentioned locations and activities to make the most of your visit to Đà Lạt.

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Cover image adapted from: Viet Challenge,@odi8204, An Sơn Hồ, and Swiss-Belresort Tuyen Lam Dalat

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