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Saigon Sees Decline In Covid-19 Cases After 7 Days On Highest Restrictions

Covid-19 infections in Saigon show sign of decline

3 months into the deadliest Covid-19 outbreak, Saigon has recorded over 21,000 locally acquired infections. On 15th July, Saigon set a bleak daily record with 2,691 Covid-19 cases within a day. As of this morning, the city has reported 1,071 cases, according to Suc Khoe Doi Song.  

Despite this bleak milestone, Ho Chi Minh City authorities have made an announcement that has brightened many residents’ days. 

7 days after going all out against Covid-19, the city has reported a drop in the number of community cases, according to Bao Chinh Phu.

Saigon records decline in the number of Covid-19 cases

Image credit: Bao Chinh Phu

On 15th July, Ho Chi Minh City’s leaders had a briefing to update local residents on the city’s progress combating Covid-19.

Saigon’s city center during the social distancing period
Image credit: Bao Tin Tuc

After placing the city on the highest level of restrictions starting from 9th July, several achievements have been recorded. 

1,521 neighborhoods have been quarantined, where numerous Covid-19 clusters were detected and promptly dealt with. 216 industrial parks have let their staff work and quarantine on-site. Because of this timely response, a great number of cases have been detected during quarantine and community spread curbed. 

A field hospital for Covid-19 patients
Image credit: HCDC

To prepare for a steady surge in new cases, the city has assigned 23 hospitals to specialize in Covid-19 treatment with 39,240 beds.

Workers in Ho Chi Minh City can return to their hometowns

Workers waiting for buses home
Image credit: Dan Tri

There are about 12 million people living in Saigon at the moment, many of whom are from other provinces and temporarily stranded here. A large population adds tremendous pressure to the city’s medical system, as most hospitals are overstrained.

To help ease the burden on the local healthcare system, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has requested leaders of all provinces to create favorable conditions for people returning home from Ho Chi Minh City.

Image credit: Tien Phong

People who wish to return to their hometowns at this moment will receive help from local authorities, from transportation to quarantine facilities.  

We have only 7 days left to control the outbreak

As the citywide social distancing period has been extended, the damage that COVID-19 has done to Saigon residents is enormous. Our lives have been upended beyond measure, from lengthy essential trips to job disruption. 

There are only 7 days left for us to control the outbreak and flatten the curve, otherwise we might face a lockdown this time. An extended restrictive period will paint a very gloomy future for our economy.

Meanwhile, stay indoors whenever possible and only go out when it’s really necessary. 

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Cover image adapted from: Bao Tin Tuc 

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