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Saigon On Highest COVID-19 Restrictions From 9th July As Daily Caseload Hits Record High

Saigon raises COVID-19 alert to the highest level

As many parts of Saigon are registering record caseloads, curbing the spread of the virus is the main concern for local authorities.

Now that Saigon has reported over 8,000 cases since late April, the government has called for drastic steps to flatten the COVID-19 curve. Starting from 9th July until 24th July, Saigon will be put on the highest level of movement restrictions. 

Here’s what you can expect in the next 2 weeks.

Saigon tightens movement guidelines amid COVID-19

COVID-19 Saigon
Saigon’s COVID-19 situation is getting out of control
Image credit: Tuoi Tre

Starting from 9th July, gathering of over 2 people in public places will be prohibited. People must maintain at least 2M distance from each other, says Tuoi Tre.

All city residents must refrain from going out, unless when buying essential goods such as groceries and medical products. 

According to the new policy, all workers, except medical workers, firefighters, soldiers, and government workers, shall work from home.  

All non-essential businesses shall cease operations for at least 15 days since the new policy comes into effect. 

COVID-19 Saigon
Factories can continue operating
Image credit: Zing News

Businesses that can continue opening for services include factories, grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, financial institutions, building companies, courier carriers, logistics, and utility companies. 

Public transportation, including ride-hailing services, will suspend services during this period.

COVID-19 situation in Saigon

COVID-19 Saigon
Image credit: VnExpress

Since 27th April, Saigon has reported over 8,300 locally acquired infections. As of this morning, 234 new cases have been registered.

For the past few weeks, Saigon has seen a 3-digit spike in new COVID-19 cases on a daily basis. 

Mass testing has been conducted across the city to detect infections, and many new cases have been found in the community.

COVID-19 Saigon
Image credit: Thanh Nien

With new record tallies across the city, local authorities have announced a state of emergency by imposing the highest level of restrictions for the next 2 weeks.

Movement restrictions might help flatten the COVID-19 curve

Less than 3 months ago, many Saigon residents were still out and about, preparing for summer vacation plans and restarting their businesses. Nobody could have predicted the emergence of another outbreak that would be more tenacious than any health crisis we’d ever seen. 

Since this deadly virus has gained a fierce hold in our community, limiting movements might be the only solution to slow down its spread and keep us safe.

Let’s take basic precautions to stay safe such as sanitizing our hands often, keeping ourselves posted on new cases and regulations, and masking up when we’re out. 

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Cover image adapted from: VnExpress

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