Woman Walks With Newborn Baby Under Heat, Names Her Child After Policeman Who Drives Her Home

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Woman walks with newborn baby under heat, policeman drives her home

The severe outbreak of Covid-19, and the strict social distancing policies that followed, have caused drastic changes in the lives of Saigon residents. But it is during these moments of hardship that our social unity shines through.

Almost every day, heartwarming reports of charitable strangers joining hands to assist more vulnerable folks are reported on the Internet, brightening up our social feed between all the gloomy reports of new disease clusters.

And in the light of staying positive, we bring you another wholesome story of a woman who has to walk under intense heat with her newborn baby, before a kind policeman drives her home.

Read on to know how it plays out.

The woman can’t go home after giving birth due to travel restrictions

policeman drives woman home
Image credit: Người Lao Động

As Người Lao Động reported last Saturday, a woman from Long An Province came to a hospital in Saigon to give birth and was discharged on 10th July. A day earlier, Saigon had entered the highest phase of Covid-19 restrictions, where transport was severely limited.

The hospital issued her a negative Covid-19 test result that allowed her to go out of Saigon to go home. However, her family from Long An couldn’t enter the city to pick her up. As such, she had to take a cab.

policeman drives woman home 2
Image credit: Người Lao Động

The cab driver told her he also had a negative test result and thus could provide cross-province transport. However, as they reached a Covid-19 security post, it turned out he lied and didn’t have the paper. As a result, the cab was not allowed to leave Saigon.

This left the woman without a means of transport. She would have had to walk 20km under the intense heat with her newborn baby to reach her hometown.

That is, if a kind policeman hadn’t come to her rescue.

A policeman drives her home, and the woman considers naming her child after him

policeman drives woman home 3
Image credit: Người Lao Động

Realizing the predicament of the woman and her child, a local policeman couldn’t stand by. Using his police car, the man took it upon himself to drive her home.

Thanks to his action, the woman was spared the long walk.

Speaking to Người Lao Động, the woman expressed her gratitude toward the kind policeman. She said she’d discuss with her husband to name her newborn child after him.

We hope she did go through with the naming. It’d be a lovely way for her family to remember this wholesome story for years to come.

Look out for one another in times of need

We are glad that the woman and her child made it home safe and sound, and we’d also like to thank the policeman for his deed.

His story is a reminder for us that in challenging times such as these, considerateness is needed more than ever to make sure nobody is left behind. If you see someone in need, don’t hesitate to extend a helping hand. Sometimes, a simple gesture can go a long way in changing someone’s life for the better.

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Cover image adapted from Người Lao Động

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