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8 New Cafes in Da Nang to Refresh Your Insta Feed Post-Reopening

New cafes in Da Nang to check out

Due to several lockdowns introduced by heavy Covid-19 outbreaks, 2021 was a rough year for businesses all over Vietnam, those in Da Nang being no exception. Many shops, cafes, and restaurants have had to shut down permanently, unable to sustain themselves without customers.

But as is the natural way of life, when something goes, another will come to take its place. So if you’re sad that your regular café didn’t make it, here are 8 new cafes in Da Nang that might just become your new favorite hangout spots.

1. Gé Café – unique doorless designs

new cafes da nang - ge cafe
Image credit: Gé Cafe

A humble building on the side of a street, Gé Café turns heads with its unique design. It… doesn’t have doors at all. Instead, the façade is a plain wall, intentionally built to look as if some sections have collapsed, exposing rough edges of raw brick.

Image credit: Gé Cafe

These openings give passers-by a clear look into what lies within: rows of wooden stools and tables, neatly arranged on a pebble yard, surrounded by plenty of plants. A roofed section provides shelter against sun and rain.

new cafes da nang - gé cafe drinksImage credit: Gé Cafe

Drink-wise, the titular Gé Coffee (VND55,000, ~USD2.42) is a signature, featuring coffee served with soy milk, vanilla, and a cute edible teddy bear on top.

Address: 24 Le Hong Phong Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
Opening hours: 7AM-10PM, Daily

2. Dreamer Café – new café in Da Nang with live music nights

new cafes Da Nang - dreamer
Image credit: Dreamer

A cute little cabin that provides an indoor space, and a drink counter shaped like a caravan looking out to a grass-covered yard with picnic-style tables – that’s what you can find at Dreamer Café. Whether you want to bathe in some warm sunlight on a bright day, or to snuggle up in a cozy corner watching the rain outside, Dreamer’s got you covered.

new cafes Da Nang - dreamer 2
Image credit: Dreamer

The café also has live music performances every Wednesday and Saturday, from 7PM to 9PM. Note: there can be a lot of customers during those times, so you might want to call ahead.

dreamer music night
Image credit: Dreamer

In terms of food and drinks, aside from the usual coffee and tea, there are also several options of craft beer ranging from VND65,000 (~USD2.86) to VND135,000 (~USD5.93). Get them with some roasted sausages (VND45,000, ~USD1.98), and you’re pretty much set.

new cafes Da Nang - dreamer drinks
Image credit: Dreamer

Address: Number 2, Alley 220 Nguyen Cong Tru Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang
Opening hours: 7AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 0905288851

3. Ikigai – second outlet of an established brand

Image credit: Ikigai . garden . cafe

Ikigai isn’t exactly a new kid on the block. In fact, ever since the debut of its first outlet almost a year ago, this Japanese-style café brand has been sought after by many Instaholics for its lovely space resembling a Japanese house with a big garden.

Image credit: An Vĩnh

That, of course, means its newly opened second outlet has quite a reputation to live up to. But rest assured that it delivers. Still retaining its Japanese garden café identity, the new building boasts a two-story house made mainly of wood, with the balcony on the second floor looking down a yard adorned by lush vegetation.

Image credit: Ly Xiro

The menu boasts a wide selection of trendy drinks with prices ranging from VND30,000-VND50,000 (~USD1.32-USD2.20). The peach tea with orange and lemongrass is a common choice for its refreshing taste.

Address: 60 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
Opening hours: 7AM-10.30PM, Daily

4. Cửa Ngõ Café – vintage style café

new cafes in Da Nang - cua ngo
Image credit: Quang Viet

Opened just in early January, Cửa Ngõ Café has a vintage interior full of decorative furniture that wouldn’t look out of place in a typical 80s Vietnamese home. The vibe is further enhanced by walls made to look as if they were made of clay.

Image credit: Cửa Ngõ Café

Come here to relax amidst a mismatched assemblage of old-school wooden stools and comfy sofas bearing boho-chic patterns, while sipping on some delicious drinks.

cua ngo drinks
Image credit: Cửa Ngõ Café

Speaking of drinks, try the Salt Coffee (VND35,000, ~USD1.54), which adds a unique twist to Vietnam’s fabled coffee. Here, the coffee is served with salted cream, which gives it a caramel-like taste.

Address: Number 115, Alley 65 To Hien Thanh Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang
Opening hours: 8AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 0987049444

5. Lạc Lối Café – a quick break amidst the busy city’s center

new cafes Da Nang - lac loi cafe
Image credit: Lạc Lối cafe

“Lạc Lối” in Vietnamese translates to “getting lost”, and true to its name, Lạc Lối Café is where you go for a quick getaway from city life.

The café is located on one of Da Nang’s busiest streets, but it’s hidden in a small alley away from the hubbub. Follow the address, and soon you’ll get to an old mansion behind iron fences and a bricked yard.

Image credit: Lạc Lối cafe

Everything here, from the simple stools to drinks served in makeshift cups, reflects the idea of the place: this is where you stop for a quick break and enjoy some carefree time over conversations with friends.

Image credit: Lạc Lối cafe

In line with the simple theme, beverages here aren’t anything too fancy either. But the multitude of fruit tea, coffee, and smoothie options (VND25,000-VND45,000, ~USD1.10-USD1.98) ensure no one walks away thirsty.

Address: Number 1, Alley 133 Nguyen Van Linh Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
Opening hours: 3PM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 0905846968

6. Vối Café – café with a rustic garden

new cafes da nang - voi cafe
Image credit: Vối Cà Phê

Vối Café is a treat to those willing to go out of their way to explore Da Nang’s every nook and cranny. South of the city’s center, where tourists seldom venture, lies a serene, rustic café.

vối cafe 2
Image credit: Vối Cà Phê

Indeed, at first glance, the one-story building might very well pass for a typical Vietnamese countryside house with its low tiled roof covered by plants and fences made of bamboo trees. Decorative pieces such as a log storage and plain vases add to the atmosphere.

Image credit:
Vối Cà Phê

Despite the theme, though, the café still offers no shortage of modern drinks such as smoothies, milkshakes, and fruit tea for reasonable prices. A cup of coffee is a mere VND15,000 (~USD0.66), while the milk with butterfly pea essence and egg cream (VND35,0000, ~USD1.54) isn’t something you see everywhere.

vối cafe drinks
Image credit: Vối Cà Phê

Address: Number 23, Alley 68 Nguyen Huu Tho Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
Opening hours: 6AM-10PM, Daily

7. Cha Café – looking out to Da Nang’s iconic Dragon Bridge

new cafes da nang - cha cafe
Image credit:
Duong Nguyen

When you’ve had your fill of garden-style or vintage café, perhaps Cha Café can provide the change of pace you need. This modern café is located right under Da Nang’s iconic Dragon Bridge, and it has the quality to back up that prime location.

Image credit: THÀNH TRẦN

The indoor space is bright and spacious, with plenty of comfy sofas for you to snuggle in while enjoying the street views through tall glass windows on the walls. Alternatively, go for an outdoor seat amidst a koi fish pond and penjing structures and see directly out to the Dragon Bridge.

cha cafe drinks
Image credit: Duong Nguyen

Given the café’s meticulously bright and clean appearance, one might expect its drinks to come at an above average price range. But that’s not the case at all. The signature Beauty Skin, a healthy mixture of ambarella, apple, celery, and lime, with no sugar added, is only VND45,000 (~USD1.98).

Address: 1 Nguyen Van Linh Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
Opening hours: 6.30AM-10PM, Daily

8. Tigon Café – sophisticated café with elevated street views

new cafe in da nang - tigon coffee
Image credit: Tigon Coffee

Just a few steps away from Cha Café, at another bustling intersection, is Tigon Café. Yet despite its location and bright, inviting façade, the interior is actually quiet and austere with a plain floor and ceiling. It could make for a nice quiet place to work or to hang out with friends.

Image credit: Tigon Coffee

Meanwhile, those looking for fresh air can take a seat on a balcony on the second floor, which looks directly down to the streets below.

tigon drinks
Image credit: Tigon Coffee

Again, drinks here go for reasonable prices of VND18,000 to VND39,000 (~USD0.79-USD1.71). For something different from the usual coffee and tea, consider trying out Tigon’s take on bubble tea (VND35,000, ~USD1.54).

Address: 32 Le Dinh Duong Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
Opening hours: 6AM-10.30PM, Daily
Telephone: 0916565758

Add these new cafes in Da Nang to your checklist

It’s true that 2021 wasn’t a year many of us look back on with fondness, but perhaps these 8 new cafes in Da Nang can serve as something novel and good to check out in 2022.

Do note that certain Covid-19 preventive measures are still in place in Da Nang, so as you check out these new cafes, remember to adhere to them to protect yourselves and the community.

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Cover image adapted from Gé Cafe, Dreamer, and Vối Cà Phê

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