Hoa Yên – rustic teahouse with a cabin in a lush green garden

Compared to coffee shops, teahouses seem less common in Cần Thơ City. Though small in numbers, they are mostly original and intriguing.

Among them, Hoa Yên is a great choice for a memorable tea experience with delicious drinks, snacks, and a lush green garden.

A green space in the city centre

The entrance is recognisable, even on a bustling street, thanks to its eye-catching appearance.
Image credit: Quán nước Hoa Yên

The cafe is located on Lý Tự Trọng, just about 800 metres from Lưu Hữu Phước Park, one of the most significant landmarks in Cần Thơ City. The façade of this teahouse is easily recognisable because of its simple signboard and lots of plants climbing all over the little bamboos.

Though small as it appears, the cafe has a three-storey cabin on its second floor, where you can enjoy tea and look out to the garden.
Image credit: Quán nước Hoa Yên

Inside, the space is filled with green plants, wooden furniture, and meditation music. Climbing up to the second floor, you’ll enter a lush garden with flowers, green plants, and rock fountains.

A great place for meditation

With lots of plants and natural light, the rustic atmosphere makes you feel as if you were in the peaceful countryside.
Image credit: Quán nước Hoa Yên

Unlike other teahouses and coffeehouses in Cần Thơ City, this is inspired by Japanese roji gardens –  you can easily find peace in this tranquil and harmonious atmosphere.

The garden space is suitable for those who love being in nature. Or for something more cosy and private, you can pick any low table sets in the cabin. From there, you can still admire the garden view through the windows.

Healthy drinks and snacks

Though it doesn’t have formal tea ceremonies like that in a Japanese teahouse, the cafe offers a wide range of tea-based drinks. Trà Hoa Yên (herbal tea) and fruit teas are the most common choices. Plus, they also offer a kind of tea that can’t be found anywhere else in Cần Thơ – Trà Bình Minh (Dawn tea), a mix of Japanese ingredients such as kudzu, umeboshi, tamari sauce, and bancha which helps intoxicate your digestive system and enhance your immunity.

Here, there’re also many side dishes to enjoy with tea. Together with tarts and croissants, Hoa Yên is known for its homemade cookies such as granola, almond tuiles, brown rice cookies, and so on. All are made with organic nuts, whole wheat flour and trehalose sugar.

Apart from tea, the cafe also offers many types of cookies made from organic ingredients.
Image credit: Quán nước Hoa Yên

A peaceful teahouse with a rustic charm

Though situated in the city centre, Hoa Yên is distinctive for its tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. The plants and water in its garden bring you closer to nature. Thankfully, you can get away from all of the urban hustles. 

Whenever you feel tired of a fast-paced life, give yourself a treat here.

Hoa Yên
Address: 131 Lý Tự Trọng, An Phú Ward,  Ninh Kiều District, Cần Thơ City
Opening hours: 07.30 AM-9.30 PM, Daily
Telephone: 096 318 14 16

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Cover image adapted from: Quán nước Hoa Yên and Bếp thực dưỡng  

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