The LOOP, a marvelous 3-in-1 hotel in Da Lat

Whether you’re looking for a well-furnished hotel with amazing views, a scenic place to camp, or a delightful cafe flush with ‘grammable corners, you’ll find them all at The LOOP, a boutique hotel that offers coffee service.

An enchanting rotunda on elevated ground with 360° views of Da Lat’s inner city, The LOOP is a one-of-a-kind place that deserves a spot on your bucket list.

The LOOP is a 10-minute drive from the center of Da Lat

Image credit: The LOOP Boutique Hotel & Café

If you come across the wide shots of The LOOP on the Internet, you may assume that this spacious and nature-surrounded place is nestled on a hill far away from the city center. 

However, it’s located right inside Da Lat and just a 7-minute drive from the central St. Nicholas Cathedral.  

St. Nicholas Cathedral
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From the St. Nicholas Cathedral on Trần Phú Street, ride for about 50 meters until you see a roundabout. Make a left turn onto Lê Hồng Phong Street, ride for about 1KM, and turn left onto the smoothly rolled Triệu Việt Vương Street. Ride for about 990 meters until you see a right turn onto An Sơn Street.

Image credit: Cao Quang

Make the turn, then ride for about 5 minutes until you spot a white rotunda decked out with glass windows with a sign that reads “The LOOP” on your right. 

Image credit: The LOOP Boutique Hotel & Café

It boasts a striking appearance and a campground

Image credit: The LOOP Boutique Hotel & Café

Spanning 2,000 square meters and surrounded by lush scenery, The LOOP boasts striking contemporary architecture with a cylindrical shape and floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Image credit: The LOOP Boutique Hotel & Café

Light-flooded and high-ceilinged, this rotunda is decked out with a bright shade of white and minimalist designs.

Image credit: The LOOP Boutique Hotel & Café

The LOOP offers panoramic views over the city, misty valleys dotted with vegetable greenhouses, and vast woods and rising pine trees.

Image credit: The LOOP Boutique Hotel & Café

Equipped with ample seating indoors and outdoors, and an enormous space that runs two levels, The LOOP is perfect for large gatherings as well as solo trips.

Image credit: The LOOP Boutique Hotel & Café

From any corner of The LOOP, you can enjoy spectacular views of the outdoors, take stunning snapshots with nature in your background, and save yourself the hassle of waiting for a seat with great views.

Image credit: The LOOP Boutique Hotel & Café

A verdant garden in the courtyard, lined with hydrangea and Mexican sunflowers, makes you feel open to nature even when indoors.

If you want to be closer to nature, there’s no better way than camping, which is also available here.

Image credit: The LOOP Boutique Hotel & Café

Descend from the ground floor to a campground on the hillside, where you’ll find three well-equipped tents.

Image credit: The LOOP Boutique Hotel & Café

To jazz up your chilly evening, fire up a grill for a campfire supper as you enjoy the million-dollar view of sparkling valleys lit up by greenhouses, a breathtaking sight highly sought after by travelers in Da Lat.

A variety of dim sum and beverages

Image credit: The LOOP Boutique Hotel & Café

Food-wise, The LOOP offers a good selection of dim sum at reasonable prices. 

From only VND50,000, (~USD1.76), you can enjoy a custard bun with creamy egg yolk, or a sweet taro bun with a strong aroma of vanilla.

Image credit: The LOOP Boutique Hotel & Café

For a more savory main, check out the tender and aromatic braised chicken feet for VND50,000, (~USD1.76) per serving, or the soft and glutinous steamed noodle rolls at VND50,000, (~USD1.76).

You can cleanse your palates and pair your dishes with a variety of refreshing drinks here, from tea to fruit juice to coffee.

The LOOP has 8 types of rooms to choose from

The Mocha
Image credit: The LOOP Boutique Hotel & Café

Providing 12 rooms for accommodation, The LOOP boasts six types of tastefully designed units, including The Mocha, The Canary, The Fairy Floss, The Lagoon, The Flamingo, The Ivory, and The Bungalow. All offer stylish furnishings and sublime views over scenic surroundings.

The Fairy Floss is designed like a loft
Image credit: The LOOP Boutique Hotel & Café

If you’re here with a group, you should check out The Fairy Floss. Spanning two levels, this unit offers one living room, one king-sized bed, one queen-sized bed, and two bathrooms for optimal privacy and convenience.

The Flamingo has two beds and views over the valley and the courtyard garden
Image credit: The LOOP Boutique Hotel & Café

For those who want to bond with nature, check out The Bungalow for an unforgettable glamping experience.

Image credit: The LOOP Boutique Hotel & Café

These bungalows are actually tents furnished with wood flooring, plush beds, and camp-style chairs where you can sit back and relax over stunning views of surrounding scenery.

As comfortable as these tents look, keep in mind that all bungalow dwellers share a communal bathroom.

Because of the escalating Covid-19 situation in Vietnam, the availability of rooms and hotel rates may fluctuate on certain dates, so call the hotel management ahead to check the prices and options available.

Why you should stay at The LOOP

Situated inside Da Lat and easy to find, this lush venue is where you can find a lovely abode during your stay in Da Lat, enjoy hearty dim sum with a panoramic view over the city, and camp inside readily pitched tents that look straight out of a forest retreat. 

The open designs that make the most of the surrounding greenery blur the boundaries between nature and urban living.

If you want to bond with nature while being close enough to the city center for a convenient day trip, look no further than The LOOP.

Address: An Sơn, Ward 4, Da Lat
Telephone: 0825 176 929
Room rates: Available upon request


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