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Hội An Ancient Town Reopens Tourism Activities & Offers 50% Discounts On Attractions As COVID-19 Comes Under Control

Hội An reopens tourism activities post-COVID-19

When Đà Nẵng became the epicenter of Vietnam’s second COVID-19 outbreak in late July, its neighboring town Hội An was also heavily hit. As a result, tourism in the area, which was just starting to recover from the first COVID-19 wave in April, was again put to a halt.

Now, after nearly a month with no new recorded community infections, Hội An is getting ready to reopen its doors to tourists tomorrow, 24th September. It’ll also offer a 50% discount on entrance fees to various attractions.

Tourist activities in Hội An restart tomorrow

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Attractions, exhibits, and other tourist-related services in Hội An have remained in hibernation since 28th July, but starting from tomorrow, 24th September, we’ll see the charming ancient town regain a semblance of its lively self as its pedestrian streets – where most tourism activities take place – have been given the green light to reopen.

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Just as things were before the lockdown, the streets at the heart of the old town will bar all vehicles from entering between 9AM-11AM and 3PM-10PM every day. This makes room for visitors to enjoy a relaxing stroll through the ancient streets and gush at the centuries-old buildings free from engine noises from motorcycles and cars.

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In an attempt to attract more visitors and reboot the tourism industry, local authorities are also offering us 50% discounts on entrance tickets to various attractions including the Chinese assembly halls, museums, selected old houses, and the Japanese covered bridge. Normally, a ticket that grants access to visiting heritage sites is priced at VND80,000 (~USD3.43) for Vietnamese residents and VND150,000 (~USD6.43) for foreign visitors, but those who visit between 24th September and 31st October will be able to get one for half the price.

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Do note that you only need a ticket if you want to enter ancient houses and pagodas that have been preserved as exhibits. Entry to the pedestrian streets themselves doesn’t cost a penny, so feel free to come here to enjoy local street food and participate in traditional games and music performances held in the area every night.

Additionally, traditional craft villages around Hội An will also be welcoming visitors again from tomorrow.

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in Hội An

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The timing of Hội An’s reopening is just perfect for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival on 1st October.

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The ancient town is regarded as one of the best places to celebrate this major Vietnamese festival. On the night of the festival, the streets are lit up with brilliant lights emitting from hundreds of lanterns, making for a magical sight.

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Come here to watch troupes performing lion dances to the beat of drums, or hire a boatman to take you down the charming Thu Bồn River where you can watch water lanterns shining on the water.

Tourism activities in Hội An resume

The reopening of tourism activities in Hội An no doubt came as a major sigh of relief for many local residents who’ve been struggling financially, as a large part of their income comes from visitors. Hopefully, with the promotion and the upcoming festival, we’ll get to see the town bustling with life once again in the coming weeks.

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