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Hanoi F&B Outlets Carry Out Safe Distancing Measures As COVID-19 Community Cases Rise

Restaurants and coffee shops in Hanoi implement safe distancing measures

As new COVID-19 clusters continue to emerge in both Hanoi and Hai Duong, the government has ordered all F&B operators in the city to implement safe distancing measures from 19th August.

According to the government’s regulations, food and beverage (F&B) outlets have to limit the number of diners within all venues and enforce mask-wearing at all times.

Hanoi F&B operators put up transparent dividers between tables to curb coronavirus spread

Hanoi F&B_safe distancing
Image adapted from: Dantri

On 19th August, many F&B venues in Hanoi were seen arranging tables to be spaced at least 1M apart, measuring visitors’ body temperatures, and having staff members wear masks continuously.

Since many shophouses in Hanoi’s city centre are too small to space seats 1M apart, many F&B operators put up plastic transparent dividers between seats to utilize space. Facing each other through a plastic transparent divider lets diners eat and talk at the same time while reducing the likelihood of spreading harmful germs.

Hanoi F&B_safe distancing
Image adapted from: Dantri

To ensure that all F&B operators abide by the safety rules, local authorities have dispatched patrol officers to do random inspections.

Hanoi F&B_safe distancing
A food stall in Hanoi with a sign that says, “We sincerely hope that you will buy takeout food or order delivery”
Image credit: Hương Phan

To promote safety for customers, many F&B have encouraged buyers to opt for takeout or food delivery instead of dining in.

Hai Duong goes into lockdown as new COVID-19 community cases emerge

Hai Duong_social distancing
A traveller being stopped at a border entry point of Hai Duong
Image credit:
Ministry of Health

With 17 COVID-19 community cases confirmed, Hai Duong has become Vietnam’s new priority area for pandemic control. Starting from 16th August, the city has implemented citywide social distancing measures and shut down most of its borders with other provinces.

Hai Phong, its neighboring city, has placed a temporary ban on all travellers from Hai Duong.

Hai Duong_social distancing
Image credit: Ministry of Health

Meanwhile, Hai Duong residents are prohibited from leaving the city, except those who transport essential commercial goods. Local authorities also strongly advised their residents against leaving their houses between 10PM and 5AM, except in cases of emergencies.

Non-essential service operators such as F&B, barbershops, and food delivery have also been banned from doing business for the time being.

Hanoi F&B operators carry out safe distancing measures during COVID-19

As food outlets and Vietnamese residents both brace for the inevitable economic impact of COVID-19, let’s continue carrying out social distancing to flatten the COVID-19 transmission curve to protect everyone’s health.

Until our country has successfully contained the coronavirus, let’s keep social distancing, wear masks, and follow hygiene measures to stay safe.

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Cover image adapted from: Dantri

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