Hanoi café gives free coffee to frontline doctors

While normal citizens can contribute to the fight against COVID-19 simply by staying at home, doctors and soldiers have to stand at the frontlines of the disease, staring the pandemic straight in the eyes.

Over the past couple of weeks, pictures showing the hardships that quarantine staff deal with have been widely shared on the Internet, attracting sentiments from the community.

A café in Hanoi has decided to take a step further in supporting these heroes by delivering free coffee to doctors and nurses working in a quarantine facility outside the city.

300 cups of free coffee a day

300 cups of coffee are being delivered to the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases, Hanoi, on a daily basis
Image credit: Twitter Beans Coffee

Since 19th March, Twitter Beans Coffee, a café brand with multiple outlets around Hanoi, has been delivering 300 cups of coffee a day to the staff at the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases where COVID-19 patients are being quarantined.

Twitter Beans Coffee’s staff writing messages to attach to the cups
Image credit: Twitter Beans Coffee

The café’s staff have also taken the time to write cute little messages attached to the coffee cups as a morale boost for the doctors.

Recipients love it, as do netizens

Image credit: Twitter Beans Coffee

Understandably, the doctors and nurses working at the hospital are delighted by these gifts.

Image credit: Đồng Phú Khiêm

Đồng Phú Khiêm, a doctor, wrote on his Facebook wall, “This coffee tastes so sweet as it is full of love.”


Image credit: Twitter Beans Coffee

Vân Anh Đào, a nurse, commented “Thank you very much <3” on Twitter Beans’ Facebook page with a picture of the cup of coffee she received.

Image credit: Twitter Beans Coffee

Netizens are no less moved by this meaningful act. Many have asked the café to deliver their own wishes to the doctors. Facebook user Hạnh Quỳnh Nguyễn commented, “Amazing campaign. Send my wishes to the doctors. Hope they always stay healthy, steadfast, and determined to fend off the pandemic. Thank you Twitter Beans Coffee.”

Netizens showing their love to Twitter Bean Coffee
Image credit: Twitter Beans Coffee

Others also complimented Twitter Beans for its effort. “Love you guys”, “Much love to Twitter Beans Coffee”, and “I will continue to support Twitter Beans” are some of the comments that can be spotted in the thread.

Gratitude to the heroes out there

We all have the utmost respect for medical workers and soldiers, the real heroes who are fighting hard to keep us safe. The least we can do to make things easier for them is to adhere to official guidelines and stay at home.

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Cover image adapted from Twitter Beans Coffee

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