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Hanoi Mom’s Son Gets Quarantined, She Sends Food Supplies To Facility Staff Instead

Mother of quarantined son sends supplies to hardworking facility staff

With an increase in the number of people being quarantined in Vietnam, official quarantine facilities are seeing a drastic increase in the number of supplies sent into their compounds. They largely come from family members who fear that their loved ones housed there would not have enough necessities to tide over their 14-day quarantine period.

However, a Vietnamese mother of a quarantined son was spotted sending in groceries into a quarantine facility, not for her son, but rather for the facility staff.

She brought supplies for staff, not for her quarantined son

mother sends supplies 3
Image credit: BEAT HÀ NỘI

A Vietnamese mother of a quarantined son was photographed bringing a large amount of food and supplies into his Son Tay province quarantine facility.

At first sight, the large number of boxes and bags gave the impression that she was sending supplies for her son. But to the surprise of many, they were not for him.

mother sends supplies 2
The mother and her family brought supplies for the quarantine facility staff
Image credit: BEAT HÀ NỘI

When asked why she didn’t save the supplies for her son, the lady said that her son was already provided enough supplies in the facility. Rather, she wished to pay it forward by giving supplies to quarantine staff and other patients. Although the staff offered to bring her supplies to her son, she declined and insisted that they keep them for themselves.

She donated packs of vegetables, instant noodles, biscuits, and juice to the staff at her son’s facility. And according to the lady’s daughter who first shared this story, her mother had also been donating masks and gloves to other quarantine facilities to support quarantine staff.

Netizens were touched by the lady donor’s generous gesture. One commenter, Nguyen Hong Van, posted, “I hope everyone can have this kind of thinking.”
mother send supply comment
Image credit: BEAT HÀ NỘI

“With mothers like this, Vietnam doesn’t need an army,” Facebook user Ngo Thanh Luan added.

Quarantine facilities in Vietnam are well-stocked

soldiers preparing mealSoldiers in quarantine facilities preparing meals for the quarantined
Image credit: Bobiilkent‎

It’s understandable to be concerned for your family living in quarantine facilities. But rest assured that quarantined people are provided with all the supplies they need.

meal of quarantine patient
A meal for a patient in a quarantine facility
Image credit: Bobiilkent‎

Sending in unnecessary extra supplies for quarantined people will only overload the staff. Besides, having too many people gathering at the gate to send in supplies goes against physical distancing measures and speeds up the transmission of the coronavirus.

Now, Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has also made a new rule that quarantine facilities must not accept supplies from families.

Let’s continue to support health workers

meal of soldiers
A humble beef noodle breakfast being cooked for quarantine facility staff
Image credit:
Quận 9 Của Tôi

Compared to the patients, these staff are living in more humble conditions with meagre meals and makeshift beds.

So if you wish to support the fight against COVID-19, the best way to ease their workload is to stay at home and flatten the transmission curve.

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