Family Quarantined, Leaves Cute Note Asking Strangers To Take Care Of Their Dog

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Quarantined family leaves note for strangers to care for their dog

We all know quarantine is the most effective way to contain Covid-19, and for the most part, Vietnam has been very thorough with its policies. Not only infected patients, but also those who have direct contact with them, are taken to medical facilities for supervision. Often, that means entire families have to leave their homes for several weeks.

While we all respect and comply with the rules, they do lead to problems we must work out on our own. For instance, people with pets have to leave them in someone else’s care when they’re away.

But it seems one family in Saigon couldn’t find anyone to look after their dog when they leave for quarantine. So, they have no choice but to display a sign asking strangers to do so. Luckily, their plea was wholeheartedly answered.

Read on to know what happened.

They put up a note asking strangers to take care of their dog before going to quarantine

dog care note
The note left by the family in front of their house
Image credit: Thanh Niên

Earlier this month, Thanh Niên reported on a rather unconventional sign seen in front of a house in Saigon.

It reads, “Pity Moon-si. Please feed her or take her in while we’re away. You have our gratitude.”

dog care sign 2
Moon-si the dog

Image credit: Zing News

As it turns out, the house’s residents got infected with Covid-19 and had to be taken to a quarantine facility. Unable to find someone to take care of their dog Moon-si, they had to display the sign to count on their neighbors’ help.

And sure enough, their heartfelt appeal was not ignored.

A Covid-19 frontline volunteer accepted the task

Moon-si was taken care of by a kind volunteer (right), who also helped provide supplies to residents in the area

Image credit: Zing News

Soon after the sign was spotted, a Covid-19 frontline volunteer on duty in the area stepped up to shoulder the task of caring for Moon-si. Twice a day, he dropped by with food for the dog.

And the 21-year-old man had a special reason for doing so as well. As a coincidence would have it, the dog owner was a P.E. teacher at a secondary school, and the volunteer had been one of her students several years back.

The volunteer just so happened to be assigned duty near his former teacher’s house, and upon learning of her predicament, he offered to look after Moon-si so that she could focus on her own recovery.

“I just happened to be around, so I offered some small help. It’s really no big deal,” the volunteer told Zing News.

We hope the family and their dog is doing fine

Many people might have dismissed the kind volunteer’s act as small, but it surely made a world’s difference to Moon-si the dog and her owners.

The story was reported a couple of weeks ago, so we hope the family has recovered and returned home to their beloved dog.

In any case, we wish them all the best.

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Cover image adapted from Thanh Niên and Zing News

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