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Da Nang Plans To Reopen Tomorrow, Residents Eager To Hit Up Restaurants, Cafes, And Cinemas

Da Nang plans to reopen restaurants, cafes, and cinemas from tomorrow

Just yesterday, we reported that Hanoi started allowing dine-in at restaurants and cafes, as well as reopening several activities.

Not falling behind the northern city, Da Nang is also making plans to follow suit. Unless we see some major developments in Vietnam’s Covid-19 situation, expect to see several businesses such as gyms and cinemas in the city reopen their doors again. Restaurants and cafes, which have been selling takeaways, will also be serving dine-in customers.

Below are the details.

Cinemas, gyms, and museums in Da Nang will reopen

Dining in at food stalls will be allowed from tomorrow
(Photo for illustrative purposes only)
Image credit: Da Nang Government Portal

Yesterday, following 14 days without a Covid-19 infection in the community, Da Nang City’s Covid-19 Prevention Committee issued a notice, announcing that it planned to further ease certain restrictions in the city.

One of the changes that got many citizens excited was that restaurants, food stalls, and cafes would be allowed to serve dine-in customers for the first time since June.

Several other businesses also stand poised to be given the green light. These include yoga and fitness centers, cinemas, museums, exhibitions, and facilities that hold art, culture, and entertainment performances.

Karaoke parlors, bars, casinos remain closed

Bars, karaoke parlors, and other similar entertainment facilities remain closed
(Photo for illustrative purposes only)
Image credit: Lao Động

But while we rejoice at our newfound freedom, certain activities remain out of reach for now, namely going to karaoke parlors, bars, casinos, and other similar entertainment facilities. Beauty salons are also to remain closed, with the exception of barbershops.

Furthermore, the Committee’s notice also mentioned that certain preventive measures must still be observed. Details of such measures will be listed in an official directive that’s set to be issued later today.

Still, we can expect that businesses will operate at a reduced capacity in addition to the usual measures such as masks and sanitizers.

Remember to still exert caution

The new change is no doubt a welcome one. After a months-long fight to contain the Covid-19 outbreak, it’s safe to say everyone in Da Nang is excited that life in the city is returning to a semblance of normalcy.

But let’s not forget that we also reopened for a brief period back in June, only for a resurgence of Covid-19 community cases to shut down everything again after only a week.

So, for things to stay this way, remember to still wear masks and carry out other preventive measures as requested by authorities as we make plans to hang out with friends

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Cover image adapted from Da Nang Government Portal, for illustrative purposes only

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