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Vietnam Reports 82 New COVID-19 Cases, Prompting A Quick Response From Authorities

COVID-19 update from Vietnam, 28th Jan 2021

In a concerning report, Vietnam has discovered two new COVID-19 clusters in the northern provinces of Hải Dương and Quảng Ninh, with a total of 82 new cases confirmed positive for the virus so far. This is the biggest jump in the number of new COVID-19 cases the country has seen since the beginning of the pandemic.

The development has prompted a quick response from the government. Currently, the Vân Đồn Airport in Quảng Ninh has been shut down, and Hải Dương’s Chí Linh City will enter social distancing until further notice.

82 new COVID-19 cases

Photo for illustrative purposes only
Image credit: F&B Tu Te – Danang Kitchen

All of the 82 new patients, reported Thursday noon, are related to Patient 1552 and Patient 1553, the two new community transmission cases confirmed earlier today.

Specifically, Patient 1552 is a 34-year-old woman working at Poyun Electronics Company in Hải Dương Province. Last week, another worker of this company was diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus in Osaka, Japan after flying there from Vietnam.

Testing of Patient 1552’s contacts has so far confirmed 72 more infections, all of whom are her colleagues at Poyun Company.

Meanwhile, Patient 1553 is a 31-year-old man who works at Vân Đồn International Airport in Quảng Ninh, which has been receiving repatriation flights carrying imported COVID-19 patients. This patient reportedly has a complicated travel schedule, having visited cafes, karaoke parlors, and attended various social gatherings in the past few weeks. As of now, 10 other COVID-19 cases have been discovered among his contacts.

Vân Đồn International Airport and Chí Linh City locked down

The Vân Đồn International Airport has been temporarily closed. Photo for illustrative purposes only.
Image credit: Vân Đồn International Airport

Authorities have been quick to respond to the new development. Starting from 12PM today, the Vân Đồn International Airport has been temporarily shut down. All flights to and from the airport have been instructed to land in other airports in the area.

Meanwhile in Hải Dương, the province’s Chí Linh City has entered a social distancing period according to the government’s Directive 16 from 12PM today. According to this directive, people are urged to stay at home at all times save for emergency cases and essential trips to get food and medical supplies. Public gatherings of more than 2 people are banned, and all non-essential businesses are closed.

Moreover, Poyun Electronics Company has been completely locked down, as has the Kim Điền Hamlet in Hưng Đạo Commune, Chí Linh City, where Patient 1552 lives. All residents of the hamlet and employees at the company will be subjected to COVID-19 testing.

82 new COVID-19 cases raise alert level in Vietnam

It is indeed alarming to see a massive spike of 82 new COVID-19 cases reported in one day. However, as we’ve seen many times before, Vietnamese authorities have once again proven that they’re always quick to respond to emergencies. Hopefully, we’ll be able to contain the disease before it spreads too far.

This goes on to show that while Vietnam has remained relatively safe and COVID-free, we must always keep the threat of the virus at the back of our minds and practice the necessary precautions, especially with Tết just around the corner.

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