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15 Hot & Delicious Circle K Vietnam Meals You Can Buy Whenever You’re Hungry, From Breakfast To Supper

Meals from Circle K Vietnam

Now that we are back to our busy working lives after COVID-19 social distancing, we all need a place for convenient, tasty, and affordable meals to munch on.

From banh mi to rice to spaghetti, Circle K caters to all tastes. And over the years, Circle K Vietnam has evolved from being just a late night snack stop to being the go-to place for those who need a decent carb fix any time of the day, but don’t have time to cook or can’t afford to eat in a restaurant. Here are 15 hot and delicious meals you can find there.


1. Dim sum

dim sum
Image credit: The Smart Local Vietnam

Dim sum is a quick pick-me-up in the morning, and each portion at Circle K has 2 pork buns (shumai) and 2 dumplings to hit the spot.

The filling of each pork bun is succulent, with a mild sweet flavor. The rice skin of the dumplings, on the other hand, is a bit thicker than usual, which gives its tender filling a firmer bite. Drizzle chilli sauce on top of the dim sum for a thrilling spicy kick.

One portion is good for breakfast. Or to fill your stomach with a fuller meal, you can go for 2 portions.

Price: VND12,000 (~USD0.51) per portion

2. Cadé sticky rice (Xôi Cadé)

Xoi cade
Image credit: The Smart Local Vietnam

Xôi refers to glutinous rice dishes, and cadé is a thick and sticky sauce made from coconut milk, egg yolk, durian, sugar, and flour.

Unlike the popular way the dish is served at street stalls where cadé is poured onto the sticky rice, Circle K’s Xôi Cadé places the cadé inside the sticky rice.

Though firmer in texture compared to the original home-cooked version, the cadé still gives the soft sticky rice a buttery, milky, and sweet flavor that makes for an aromatic and light breakfast to eat on the run.

Price: VND12,000 (~USD0.51)

3. Sticky rice in banana leaf (Xôi lá chuối)

xoi la chuoi
Image credit: The Smart Local Vietnam

As the name suggests, the sticky rice (Xôi) is neatly wrapped with banana leaf (lá chuối) and steamed.

Despite its nondescript appearance, the dish has a complex assortment of ingredients hidden inside the sticky rice which can only be revealed after several bites. The fillings include quail eggs, shredded pork, shredded mushroom, and tiny fried shrimps.

These ingredients are salty and savory, but nicely balanced by the mild taste and delicate texture of the sticky rice.

Price: VND12,000 (~USD0.51)

4. Steamed bun (Bánh bao)

steamed bun
Steamed bun with quail eggs
Image credit: The Smart Local Vietnam

Steamy and fluffy, these buns are served straight out of a steam box. There is a variety of flavors and sizes to choose from. You can choose from small buns with taro paste (VND6,000, ~USD0.26) if you’re not a big eater but need something sweet to start the day, or a bigger steamed bun with salted egg (VND17,000, ~USD0.73) for a more sumptuous breakfast.

Regardless of flavor, every bun packs a powerful punch as it is filled with moist sweetness in every bite.

Price: VND6,000-VND24,000 (~USD0.26-USD1.03)

5. Banh mi with fried eggs (bánh mì chiên trứng)

banh mi
Image credit: Circle K Vietnam

It would be amiss to not include banh mi in the list of must-have breakfasts in Vietnam, especially Circle K’s in particular.

For banh mi with fried eggs (VND11,000,~USD0.47), you can tell the cook how many eggs you’d like in your banh mi and how you want your eggs cooked. The eggs are then fried on the spot before being stuffed into your banh mi to make sure the combination tastes fresh and hot.

Aside from egg, you can choose sardine or grilled meat rolls (VND15,000,~USD0.64) to stuff inside your banh mi.

A heap of tomatoes, herbs, and spices will then be added for a crunchy and flavorful bite. The banh mi is crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. Cheap, tasty, and portable, this dish is a perfect breakfast on the go.

Price: VND11,000-VND15,000 (~USD0.51-USD0.64)


1. Rice with fried egg and sausage (Cơm chiên trứng xúc xích)

fried egg and sausage and rice
Image credit: The Smart Local Vietnam

As close as you can get to a typical home-cooked meal without having to cook, this is a no-fuss cooked-to-order dish with simple but hearty ingredients, including a fried egg, a sausage cut into small pieces, cucumber, and tomato.

Cheap, delicious, and quick to refuel your energy levels,
this is probably the most-ordered meal in Circle K over the years

Price: VND27,000 (~USD1.15)

2. Steamed rice cake (Bánh giò)

rice cake
Image credit: The Smart Local Vietnam

Bánh giò
, or steamed rice cake, is made from rice dough and stuffed with a generous serving of minced pork, shallots, quail eggs, and ground wood ear mushrooms.

banh gio 3
Image credit: @kem.ngon.ngon.ngon 

The cake is formed into a pyramid shape, then wrapped and steamed inside a banana leaf until the aroma and green color of the leaf are blended into the cake.

Fluffy and hearty in every bite, bánh giò makes for an ideal lunch for a light eater.

Price: VND11,000-VND15,000 (~USD0.47-0.64)

3. Onigiri (Cơm nắm)

Image credit: @___linhmoon 

Onigiri, or rice balls in triangular shapes, are simple and tasty light meal items originating from Japan. There are different flavors to choose from at Circle K, such as tuna and chicken mayo, and Japanese minced beef. The main ingredients are contained inside the rice ball, which is then wrapped with a sheet of seaweed.

The rice is steam-cooked japonica rice, so it’s soft and sticky in texture and mildly sweet in flavor. The seaweed wrapping, on the other hand, gives the ball a light saltiness.

Price: VND12,000 (~USD0.51)


1. Rice with braised pork slices (Cơm thịt ba rọi kho tiêu)

pork rice
Image credit: The Smart Local Vietnam

For convenience store food, Circle K’s rice with braised pork slices (Cơm thịt ba rọi kho tiêu) is beyond expectations. In fact, it was specially recommended to me by a Circle K staff member.

Braised pork slices are the main fillings of the dish, and come with shredded tomatoes and onions as sides. The pork is tender with a decent amount of fat attached to it, sprinkled with pepper, and drenched in delicious meat sauce. Simply microwave the entire dish that comes in a bowl.

Price: VND28,000 (~USD1.20)

2. Spaghetti (Mì Ý)

Image credit: The Smart Local Vietnam

The savory spaghetti here is worth a try, with its pasta nicely cooked to a good consistency, drenched in tomato sauce that’s lightly sweet. Even though there’s only a bit of minced meat and tomato slices that goes along with the pasta, this is still a pasta fix that won’t break the bank.

Price: VND33,000 (~USD1.41)

3. Instant noodles with fried egg and sausages (Mì trứng xúc xích)

instant noodle
Image adapted from: @quynhanh_yun

A dinner dish with instant noodles blanched in boiling water, this comes with a fried egg, a sausage cut into pieces, and scallions to make for a full and easy evening meal.

Tasty and cheap, this dish is cooked right on the spot. Instead of just a bowl of plain instant noodles, the fried egg and a sausage thrown into the bowl level up the meal and make you fuller.

Price: VND20,000 (~USD0.85)


1. Ice cream (Kem)

hojicha icecream
Image credit: @ha.phuong.1811

End your meal on a sweet note by checking out the popular black hōjicha-flavored Cornetto ice cream from Walls.

Featuring grey ice cream sitting on top of a black cone, this chic ice cream is worthy of a spot on your Insta feed.

The earthy note in the hōjicha tea is subtle, while the chocolate flavor takes centrestage, followed by the milkiness of the ice cream.

Price: VND22,000 (~USD0.94)

2. Mango slices (Xoài keo)

mango slices
Image credit: The Smart Local Vietnam

If you don’t have a sweet tooth, try sour mango slices, a favorite midday snack among Vietnamese office workers. Unripe mango is packed in convenient tubs, with each slice washed, peeled, and ready to eat. The slices are served with tangy spicy salt, boasting an intense flavor when you dip each slice in it.

Some swear by the addictive punch of acidity that numbs the tongue.

CircleK fruit
Image credit: The Smart Local Vietnam

Apart from mango, there are also other fresh fruits to choose from, such as cherry, apple, and pomelo.

Price: VND18,000 (~USD0.77)

3. Yogurt mixed with sweet and sour black sticky rice (Sữa chua nếp cẩm)

sua chua nep cam 2Image credit: The Smart Local Vietnam

This harmonious combination of sweet and sour black sticky rice and yogurt makes for a flavorful dessert.

sua chua nep cam
Image credit: The Smart Local Vietnam

The soft and chewy black sticky rice, or nếp cẩm, by itself is popular among Vietnamese. Mixed with the milky, smooth yogurt, this dessert can refresh you immediately.

Price: VND13,000 (~USD0.56)

4. The Froster drink

Image credit: The Smart Local Vietnam

Colorful in appearance and fruity in flavor, the icy cold Froster is another great option for beating the summer heat. Made of shaved ice and fruit juice, Froster has a powdery and snow-like texture, giving you a refreshing mouthfeel.

The drink comes in various flavors such as strawberry, apple, and blackberry. You can choose one that suits your taste or mix them up for a unique flavor.

Price: VND12,000-VND15,000 (~USD0.51-USD0.64)

Bonus: Combo meals for VND 20,000

For a filling yet affordable meal, especially on a hot day when you need something icy to chase down your food, you can opt for one of 3 combo meals at only VND20,000 (~USD0.85) each. You can choose from:

COMBO A: Banh mi with a fried egg and iced coffee

combo a CircleK
Image adapted from Circle K Vietnam (left, right)

COMBO B: Instant noodles with a fried egg and iced lemon tea

combo b CircleK
Image adapted from Circle K Vietnam (left, right)

COMBO C: Steamed rice cake and iced coffee

combo c CircleK
Image adapted from Circle K Vietnam (left, right)

What to eat at Circle K Vietnam

Many of us often find ourselves stuck at the office or school from dusk till dawn, and don’t have enough time to pack a meal from home. When this happens, we don’t have many options for a hot fresh meal any time of day besides convenience stores, which can be found in every corner in a city.

Instead of just eating junk food the next time you’re hungry, get a fulfilling and affordable carb fix in any Circle K Vietnam store, with full meal options ranging from breakfast to lunch to desserts.

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