1900 nightclub converted into sports playground for staff 

Vietnam’s top music artists gracing the stage and a sea of people grooving to the bass-heavy music are most visitors’ impressions of 1900 Le Théâtre, widely known as 1900, Hanoi’s biggest nightclub. 

However, instead of hard-hitting tunes, what passers-by hear these days from the club are mainly the sounds of shuttlecocks hitting the nets and badminton players grunting. 

Not to worry – 1900 has not closed down and gotten replaced by a fitness club. The nightclub is still around and has just been temporarily converted into a sports playground for staff members.  

1900 nightclub has temporarily ceased operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic

1900 club_raving
Image adapted from: 1900

In alignment with the government’s compulsory social distancing measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus, 1900 has canceled all of its shows and stopped taking in visitors.

1900 club_badminton
Image adapted from: 1900

Instead of closing its doors and dismissing staff members like other clubs, 1900 has turned its inactive venue into a sports practice area. 

During the COVID-19 social distancing period, its staff members can still come over to play badminton so that they don’t feel socially isolated. 

1900 club_badminton ground
Image adapted from: 1900

1900 said in the caption for its photo of its club-turned-badminton-court venue, “During its temporary closure due to the pandemic, 1900 has been converted into a sports hub for staff members every afternoon.” 

“We also hope that you will follow the safety protocols and exercise regularly, so that we can suppress the coronavirus and see each other again soon.” 1900 added. 

Netizens rave over the nightclub’s creativity

1900’s photos have drawn rave comments about its unusual transformation and garnered over 11,000 likes at the time of writing. 

1900 club_before & after COVID-19
Image adapted from: 1900

Surprised by the club’s sudden transformation, Facebook user Ngoc Mai joked in the comment section, “Since when did it become such a healthy place?”

1900 club_before & after COVID-19
Image adapted from: 1900

Facebook user Hạnh Doris commented on the post while tagging her friends, “Playing badminton with 1900’s club hits is such a great combination.”

While most netizens praise 1900 for its unique idea, many called for the club to welcome outsiders to use its new sports facilities.

1900 club_before & after COVID-19
Image adapted from: 1900

“Do you have any more slots for me to join?” Facebook user Lan Linh commented.

Even though we think it’s a rewarding experience to exercise with catchy tunes, it’s very unlikely for the club to take in strangers during this unpredictable time.

Hanoi’s biggest nightclub turned into a sports playground

The COVID-19 pandemic followed by social distancing measures has affected millions of Vietnam’s businesses, especially those in the entertainment and hospitality sectors. Therefore, it’s important to find a balance between maintaining safety while boosting employee morale at the same time. 

We hope that more businesses can follow 1900’s example of keeping its staff members engaged through healthy activities while abiding by the government’s safe distancing rules. 

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Cover image adapted from: 1900

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