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Combo Sale at Yamaha Plaza Singapura  


Whether you’re the go-to-musician for gatherings or weddings, or just toying with the idea of picking up a musical instrument, you’re probably familiar with the Yamaha brand.

And there’s no better time than now to drop by Yamaha – the Plaza Singapura branch is having a combo sale from 5 Oct till 31 Oct, with prices shaved off by up to 30%! 

Yes, snazzy drum sets, Hendrix-worthy guitars and cutting-edge keyboards could well be yours without breaking the bank. Here are a few of the items on sale – there’s bound to be something that’ll strike a chord: 


1. 25% off CP40 Stage Piano


If you’ve always harboured dreams of playing the keys to an adoring audience, this CP40 Stage Piano will be your BFF. It’s portable and surprisingly lightweight, so you can lug it around to performances easily, and even if you’re a complete beginner, its 88 keys feel good to the touch. 

yamaha cp40 stage piano

No wonder, since instead of plastic keys, you get wooden ones covered in synthetic ivory for a satisfying weighted feel. But if you want to zhng up your “Clair De Lune”, look to the selection of built-in sounds – you can pick from a whopping 321 that include classics like bass, clavinet, and organ. 

CP40 Stage Piano
Usual price: $2399
Promo price: $1799


2. Up to 30% off BB Series Electric Bass Guitar


yamaha bb series electric guitar

Unleash your inner rock star with the BB Series Electric Bass Guitar– it’ll definitely make a statement with bold shades like teal, white, black and hot red. Plus, these babies have a smaller body so you can easily headbang or swing them around in style.

yamaha bb series electric guitar

But the smaller build does not compromise sound at all. Instead, thoughtful features like miter bolting – which holds the neck closer and tighter to the body – and strings angled at 45 degrees ensures that every note is brought to life vividly.

BB Series
Usual price: $579
Promo price: $399

Usual price: $899
Promo price: $699

Usual price: $659  
Promo price: $459

Usual price: $999
Promo price: $749


3. 20% off Transacoustic Series Acoustic Guitar + free guitar bag


yamaha transacoustic guitar

The mellow, unplugged sister to the electric guitar, the acoustic guitar has many charms – such as unbeatable versatility and a rich, full sound that will get anyone breaking into song. 

And whether you’d be busker or band, draw the right kind of attention with the FG-TA and FS-TA TransAcoustic guitars that recreate the experience of playing a room without any external amplification or effects. 

yamaha transacoustic guitar

Just adjust a knob on the side, and you’ll get instant chorus or reverb effects. We tried it out and our jaws dropped when the resulting sound was so resonant that it sounded like 12 strings instead of 6. 

FG/FS-TA (Free Bag included)
Usual price: $989
Promo price: $799


4. 20% off Line 6 HX Effects


Guitarists, if you’re looking for a rig that will help you customise a unique tone, the Line 6 HX Effects is the distortion pedal that might rule them all – and without an amp model, even.

yamaha hx line effects

The sleek multi-effect panel is intuitive to use and can turn your sound from basic to chillingly good, thanks to a massive arsenal of effects that include distortions, delays, synth fillers, wahs and vintage effects. Bonus for pedalboard geeks: they’re quirkily named, too – enter “Particle Verb” or “Kinky Boost”.

Line 6 HX Effects
Usual price: $999
Promo price: $799


5. Up to 28% off DTX542 Electronic Drum Kit


There’s nothing like a solid drum set to really amp up your street cred. Especially when you hit that final “thud-thud-thud-thud chang”. Swoon.

yamaha electronic drum kit

And if you’re looking to start, the DTX542 Electronic Drum Kit will be just the thing to get you on track. This electronic drum set has a training function that plays tunes from genres such as rock, pop and EDM, and by drumming along, it’ll train your sense of rhythm and speed. Hey, there’s even a scoring system and app where the final stage scores you a cert from Yamaha.

Another thing we love about the kit is that it’s compact, so it’ll fit right in the cosiest of bedrooms. 

yamaha drum solo

Is this at the level of Whiplash’s amazing drum solo or what?

DTX542K Electronic Drum Kit
Usual price: $2499
Promo price: $1799
Includes Drum Stool and Foot Pedal

For the full range of drums and drum modules on sale, click here.


Bonus: Get the new MODX Series Synthesizer


Sure, it might look like an ordinary keyboard upon first glance, but the MODX Series Synthesizer will make you feel half-pianist, half-DJ with its mind-boggling array of sounds. 

yamaha modx series synthesizer

This synthesizer has not just one, but 2 sound engines – the AWM2 sound generator promises crystal clear acoustic sounds, while the FM-X engine adds infinite possibilities for EDM sounds worthy of Avicii, no sweat.

yamaha super knob

A game-changing addition: the “Super Knob”, a neon, colour-changing knob that you can use to adjust multiple parameters with just a single twist. We tried it out and conjured “alien” noises that would fit right in Stranger Things.

MODX Series
MODX6 – $1809
MODX7 – $2179
MODX8 – $2639


Get more savings on Yamaha musical instruments and gear


yamaha musical instruments sale

Yamaha Plaza Singapura is sprawling and occupies a good part of the shopping mall’s floor, so it’s no surprise that the space holds tons of musical instruments and gear of all stripes. 

So, whether you are an aspiring drummer or looking to amp up your keys, the Combo Sale till end October provides the perfect excuse for you to try out and nab these instruments for yourselves – at a discount. 

And audiophiles, you can pop by the Yamaha Experience Studio right beside, too. This lifestyle showroom just opened mid-year, and you can test drive everything from speakers, sound bars and even home theatre systems.

Find out more about the Yamaha Combo Sale here!

This post was brought to you by Yamaha. Photography by Angeline Ngiam.

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