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We Asked People In The CBD If They Think Singaporeans Are Overworked – Word On The Street: Episode 3

Are you working too hard?


Singaporeans are a bunch of workaholics. For one, we are always putting in the extra hours just to make sure our work gets done. And more often than not, we neglect our health when we do so. It is this observation that inspired this episode of Word On The Street.

For this episode, I ventured into the CBD, the heart of Singapore’s business activity, to find out if people think that we’re working too hard. I delved a little deeper and found out that it is very common for Singaporeans to forgo their MCs and go to work despite being sick for a variety of reasons.

Some people said they were afraid of being reprimanded by their bosses and others just didn’t want to lag behind on their work – reasons that I found quite surprising.

Watch the video below to hear what the Singaporeans we talked to had to say about MCs and what you should do when you find yourself feeling under the weather. 


If You’re Sick, Stay At Home!


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