Whimsical Food Fair at Marina Square


Marina Square - Whimsical Food Fair

As the typical Singaporean mentality goes, we don’t merely eat to live – we live to eat. And while we enjoy chowing down our hawker centre fare, we’re always the first ones down whenever there’s a new food fair in town. From 22 to 25 Nov 2018, Marina Square’s giving us a taste at the quirkiest foods in the whole of Singapore with their Whimsical Food Fair at the Central Atrium.

Last year, they had unicorn milkshakes and galaxy cakes. This year, they’ve got all that and more: it’s back better with goodies like Rainbow Crepe Cake, Chilli Soft-Shell Crab Ramen and plenty more. We went down ourselves and here’s everything we feasted on:


1. Rock Melon Ice Cream Bowl from The Wicked Cream


Roasted s’mores & soft serve ice cream


Whimsical Food Fair 2018 - The Wicked Cream

Over at The Wicked Cream, they’re serving up perfect marshmallows: plump, melty-soft, and with a cloud-like texture.They’ve got new items debuting at the Fair, such as their Rock Melon Ice Cream Bowl ($14) which comes with a halved melon topped with soft serve ice cream – we thoroughly enjoyed their creamy Lavender Ice Cream.

Whimsical Food Fair - The Wicked Cream

While you might’ve thought the best way to enjoy a marshmallow is at an outdoors campfire, the Whimsical Ice Cream S’mores ($10) is a fine alternative.

Besides being filled with unique ice cream flavours like Sea Salt Hokkaido Milk and Lavender, the marshmallow comes freshly toasted for a golden, crisp crust. They also offer up Roasted Wickedmallows ($4) with 3  marshmallows on a stick.

Whimsical Food Fair - WickedMallows

You can also start your Christmas shopping early with their WickedMallows Gift Sets, available in flavours like Sea Salt Gula Melaka and Chocolate Ferrero.


2. DIY Mermaid Cupcake from Twenty Grammes


Rainbow crepe cake & rainbow soft serve


Whimsical Food Fair 2018 - Twenty Grammes

You can decorate your own Mermaid Cupcakes with your own choice of decorative sprinkles and colourful mermaid tails.

Twenty Grammes delivers that extra touch of whimsy, with baked goods like their DIY Mermaid Cupcake ($7) and Rainbow Mille Crepe Cake ($8.90) will also make an appearance – the latter is understated on the outside but a vibrant spectrum of colours on the inside, with 20 paper thin layers of vanilla crepe.

Whimsical Food Fair 2018 - Twenty Grammes

They also have Rainbow Soft Serve Ice Cream (from $8) that comes loaded with uniquely creamy flavours like Hojicha and Blue Milk.


3. Floral-themed Cake Pops from ShaunTeoCreations


Whimsical Food Fair 2018 - ShaunTeoCreations

The cake pops from ShaunTeoCreations are all picture-perfect with intricate designs and pastel shades.

Whimsical Food Fair 2018 - ShaunTeoCreations

They come in flavours like Chocolate, Vanilla, and Red Velvet.

Their designs normally feature animal themes, but for the Fair, they’ve come up with exclusive Floral Cake Pops ($6) for the first time. These are stunning in their embellished petals and gold sprinkles.

Whimsical Food Fair 2018 - ShaunTeoCreations

They also have other whimsical designs, like this mermaid-themed cake pop.


4. Seafood Mayo Savoury Cones from Collin’s®


Savoury cones & french soda


Whimsical Food Fair 2018 - Collin's

This Food Fair isn’t just about whimsical sweet treats, since Collin’s is also offering up an array of savoury cones that are filled with all-time favourites like Seafood Mayo and Potato Salad & Bacon. These cones are $3.50 each.

To quench your thirst, order up their French Soda ($4) which comes with a photogenic dry-ice effect. Choose from 4 flavours: Strawberry, Blueberry, Passion Fruit, and Kiwi.


5. Salted Egg Yolk Churros from Loco Loco


Fusion churros, chicken scotch eggs, & ondeh ondeh pancakes


Whimsical Food Fair 2018 - Loco Loco

Loco Loco is one of those vendors that’ve gotten the mishmash of fusion flavours down pat. Churros (starting from $6) here are unlike any other, with local flavours like Ondeh Ondeh, Salted Egg Yolk, and Chilli Crab. Of course, those more traditional can opt for Original or Oreo.

They’re also offering up Chicken Scotch Eggs ($6) with your choice of locally-inspired sauce – Hoisin, Salted Egg, or Chilli Crab. All come paired with fresh salad and crackers.

Even their Pancakes ($6) have a local twist: it comes mixed with the subtle flavour of ondeh ondeh. 


6. Rainbow Cheese Toast from Fooditude


Crispy Chicken Bao & Taiwanese Cheese Potato


Whimsical Food Fair 2018 - Fooditude

The Rainbow Cheese Toast offered an Instagrammable cheese pull.

There’s a range of quirky food over at Fooditude, from the Rainbow Cheese Toast’s ($5) colourful cheese pull to the savoury Crispy Chicken Bao ($8 for 2).

Whimsical Food Fair 2018 - Fooditude

There’s also a Taiwanese Cheese Potato ($6.90) for those who crave the tasty appeal of carbs and gooey cheese.


7. Chicken Karaage and Soft Shell Chilli Crab Ramen from Street Food Circus


Whimsical Food Fair 2018 - Street Food Circus

While we often have instant noodle cravings, Street Food Circus takes ramen to the next level. Try their 3 Cheese Chicken Karaage Ramen ($8) – it comes loaded with chicken karaage and 3 different cheeses: mozzarella, cheddar, and parmesan.

For a more local take, their Chilli Soft-Shell Crab Ramen ($10) has crispy soft-shell crab and chunks of crab meat, all mixed in a hearty chilli crab sauce. You even have the choice to load up on Cheddar Cheese or Torched Mentaiko Mayo, for an additional $2 each.


8. Unicorn Egglet from Rainbow Works


Voice-changing edible balloons, unicorn milkshakes, & cotton candy in 3 flavours


Whimsical Food Fair 2018 - Rainbow Works

Desserts are as glitzy as it gets with Rainbow Works, which offers up a luxurious Golden Unicorn Ice Cream ($12) that’s made with real 24k gold. They know how to have fun too, with their Voice-changing Edible Balloon ($8.90) – it’s similar to inhaling a helium balloon but with a lingering sweet flavour!

If you’re after the sugar rush but without helium, they also offer Cotton Candy (starting from $5) with flavours like Bubblegum, Grape, and Blueberry.

Whimsical Food Fair 2018 - Rainbow Works

Other desserts are equally as unforgettable since they come splashed out in vibrant colours, like their Unicorn Egglet with Ice Cream ($10) and Beary Unicorn Milk Tea ($6). The latter comes with Singapore’s very first rainbow bubble tea pearls.

Whimsical Food Fair 2018 - Rainbow Works

You can get Rainbow Pearls with their Beary drinks!

As for other drinks, they’ve got fairy-like concoctions such as Starlite ($9.90) and Magical Potions ($8).


9. Animal-themed macarons from Angel Baker


Marshmallow cake pops & unicorn macarons


Whimsical Food Fair 2018 - Angel Baker

Adults and children alike will adore Angel Baker’s Macarons (from $2), especially when they come in pastel shades with cartoon animal themes. Take this reindeer macaron: it’s fully decked out with a bright red nose and antlers.

Whimsical Food Fair 2018 - Angel Baker

Whimsical Food Fair 2018 - Angel Baker

They also have Marshmallow Cake Pops ($2) which come with a light dusting of glitter for extra sparkle.


10. Torched Mentaiko Takoyaki from Takoyaki X Local Twist


Takoyaki & Japanese milk tea


Whimsical Food Fair 2018 - Takoyaki X Local Twist

Japanese fare is almost always tasty, and it’s no different with Takoyaki X Local Twist by Loco Loco’s delightfully torched takoyakis. These round octopus-filled balls come in several flavours, including Sour Cream, Torched Cheese, and Torched Mentaiko (from $6).

If you want to play it safe, Original is the best bet for you since it still comes nicely grilled with a generous heap of dashi, mayo, and bonito flakes.

Take the chance to try their Japanese tea too: they’ve got Okinawa Milk Tea, Sakura Rose Tea, and Matcha Tea – each drink is priced at $4.


Instagrammable food at Whimsical Food Fair


Whimsical Food Fair 2018 - Marina Square

Now that Marina Square’s Whimsical Food Fair is back for round two, you’ll be making a beeline straight to their food stalls. Everything here has a touch of whimsy, from unicorn float soft serves to marshmallow cake pops.

Whimsical Food Fair 2018 At Marina Square

Marina Square’s Whimsical Food Fair 2018 Is back with Floral Cake Pops, DIY Mermaid Cupcakes & Rainbow Cheese Toast! From 22 to 25 Nov 2018, Marina Square’s giving us a taste of the quirkiest foods in Singapore including new additions such as Rainbow Crepe Cake and Chilli Soft-Shell Crab Ramen. Find out more in our guide here: /read/whimsical-food-fair-2018

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Remember to hashtag #MSQWhimsicalFood18 with everything you try – you might win $50 worth of Marina Square gift vouchers!

Whimsical Food Fair:
Where: Central Atrium, Level 2, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, Singapore 039594
When: 11AM-9PM, 22 to 25 Nov 2018

Find out more about Marina Square’s Whimsical Food Fair here!

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