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Warehouse Club Has A Hari Raya Open House With Savings Up To 50% & No Membership Needed

Warehouse Club’s Hari Raya Sale

The fasting month is coming to an end which means one thing: Hari Raya is drawing closer – baju kurungs and ketupats galore! So if you’re done procrastinating your preparation plans and wanna one-up this year’s open house game, now’s the time to stock up on all the household essentials while enjoying big savings.

Warehouse Club is back with its Hari Raya Open House with no membership required from now to 5th June 2019 to give you savings of up to 50% on all your gathering needs and bulk purchases.

And to make things easier for you, we’ve put together this Party Starter Kit of things to get while you’re there for a fuss-free Raya celebration:

1. Style Food Sunflower Pineapple Tart – 400g at $7.95/pack

warehouse club ntuc hari raya open house sale style food gift set

Kuihs are an integral part of Raya, so you can’t go wrong with this Style Food Gift Set ($7.95/pack). It’s pretty packaging makes it a brilliant gift idea for your family members and relatives to usher in Hari Raya, and an easy way to get those compliments!

You can choose from 2 different boxes – nut lovers will want to go for the blue coloured box that’s filled with Sunflower Pineapple Tart and Cashew Nut Cookies. Alternatively, opt for the brown coloured box for Sunflower Pineapple Tart and Dahlia Cookies.

2. Bibik’s Choice Crispy Chicken with Seaweed –  1KG at $9.90/pack

A party staple that’s always a hit? Good ol’ fried chicken. The Crispy Chicken with Seaweed ($9.90/pack) is a great appetiser for your guests while readying main dishes like rendang to be served. It’s soft and flavourful on the inside and crispy on the outside, while the seaweed gives it that extra crunch.

Plus, they cook easily and quickly – perfect to the tide the younger house guests over while the adults catch up.

3. Fresh Choice Prawn Twisters Garlic Butter Flavour – 400g at $10.35 (1-for-1)

warehouse club ntuc hari raya open house sale prawn twisters

A great option to go along with your meal is the Prawn Twisters Garlic Butter Flavour ($10.35/pack). It’s going at a 1-for-1 promotion, so you’re gonna want to stock up while only paying for half the original price. Fry it and pair it with a chilli dip and you’ve got yourself a quick and fuss-free savoury side dish that’ll keep guests filled.

4. Carton drinks – from $12.80/carton

warehouse club ntuc hari raya open house sale

One can of your favourite drink won’t be enough to wash down the sambal goreng and lontong and quench your thirst. With the amount of spicy food during Raya season, it’s better to be safe than sorry by having more drinks on standby. Plus, with the sheer amount of guests you’re gonna have over, it’s worthwhile to make a bulk purchase.

Save yourself some money and a last-minute supermarket run by getting cartons of 24 cans of drinks from $12.80 – about $0.50 per can!

5. Buttercup Luxury Spread With MAK Nonya Sauce – 3x 250g at $5.95

warehouse club ntuc hari raya open house sale

If you plan on baking some handmade Raya kuihs, stocking up on butter is a no brainer. But to get the most bang for your buck, grab the 3-pack Buttercup Luxury Spread ($5.95/pack) that comes with a free MAK Nonya Sauce which is an instant sauce that’ll aid you in whipping up dishes fast before the crowd arrives.

6. Gurun Emas Habbatus Qurma / Date-licious Pitted Dates – 100g at $3.95 for 2

warehouse club ntuc hari raya open house sale

The Gurun Emas Habbatus Qurma and Date-licious Pitted Dates (seedless) are priced at just $3.95 for 2. The former is a popular choice as its star ingredient is the black cumin seed oil. They’re also small enough to pop into your bag and make for the perfect snack when breaking fast.

Save more this Hari Raya at Warehouse Club

warehouse club ntuc hari raya open house sale

With Hari Raya just around the corner, Warehouse Club’s Hari Raya Open House offers a timely reminder to stock up on groceries. Not only will you be enjoying major savings, but you’ll also save time when you purchase anything from kuih ingredients to drinks at one go. Buying in bulk also means you can tick all the boxes on your checklist in just 1 supermarket run for a fuss-free raya celebration.

From now till 5th June 2019, you can make purchases without a membership at Warehouse Club. But with such affordable items, you might as well sign up as a member from just $10/year to enjoy similar offers all-year round.

warehouse club ntuc hari raya open house sale membershipPhoto credit: Warehouse Club

To sweeten the deal, every $30 spend from now till 12th June 2019 scores you a chance to be one of the 2 lucky winners to walk away with a Mazda 6 Sedan Standard* worth $68,000. All you have to do is fill up the lucky draw stub and drop it into the lucky draw box.

*T&Cs apply. Car value without COE. Specifications may vary.

warehouse club ntuc hari raya open house sale

warehouse club ntuc hari raya open house sale

Find out more about the Warehouse Club’s Hari Raya Promotions

Warehouse Club
Address: 1 Joo Koon Circle, Level 3, Singapore 629117 (Next to Joo Koon MRT Station)
Opening hours: 9AM-10PM, Daily

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Photo credit: Sharlene Lau