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About Visual Mass


 b2ap3_thumbnail__T6A0741.jpgA good pair of glasses is vital to any individual, whether you’re a working professional or the casual student. They frame your eyes and face and can instantly give you a look of sophistication and class. But they come with their own problems, and in Singapore where 90% of people are wearing glasses by the time they leave school, I’m sure we’re all somewhat familiar with these problems. Of course, we’re not just going to tell you these problems, we actually have a solution – Visual Mass.

Visual Mass aims to provide everyone with affordable and appealing high quality eyewear – both prescription glasses and sunglasses – that will improve the way you live with glasses forever.


1. Glasses that make you look really weird


b2ap3_thumbnail_11078044_10153739648862782_1205565219_n.jpgProblem: Different face types require different frame sizes and shapes and your skin tone suits certain colours better, so it pays to be careful when picking your glasses.

After all, glasses are the first thing people notice when they meet you – they’re right there on your face.

Visual Mass: They’ve got a variety of designs, ranging from trendy to retro to classic, and all of them have names so you can recall the design easily. There’s also a diverse selection of colour. Whether you prefer a classy muted colour, or a fun vibrant colour, you’ll be able to find it with Visual Mass.

Also, they have this helpful mini-toolbar on their site that helps you search for glasses specific to your needs.b2ap3_thumbnail_VMOptions.png


2. You can’t wear the same pair of glasses to every situation


11121137_10153739648832782_2108379882_n_20150511-084525_1.jpgProblem: You get the perfect pair of glasses. They’re fun, stylish, they fit your face, but when you get home, you realise that, to your dismay, you can’t possibly wear this for next week’s formal dinner.

Visual Mass: Because the design of their glasses are so versatile, you can wear them to work and to play. And if you prefer a more specific look, Visual Mass also has designs that are only either sophisticated or fun. 


3. When glasses keep sliding down your (lack of a) nosebridge


_T6A0788.jpgProblem: Most spectacles and sunglasses are designed for the “standard” Caucasian person, and people like me have a bit of trouble keeping them on our face, especially when running or if we’re looking down.

Visual Mass: Their glasses are designed with the lower Asian nosebridge in mind, so these glasses won’t be sliding down your face and won’t fly off your face as you sprint for the bus. Pushing your glasses up will now solely be for photo-posing purposes.

Rest assured, they will fit higher nosebridges too!


4. They break too easily


_T6A0790.jpgProblem: Broken glasses. Need I say more?

It’s not even that we don’t take care of them, they just seem to enjoy breaking or bending out of shape.

Visual Mass: Good news for all of us members of the Klutz Clan, Visual Mass’ eyeglasses are made of thermoplastic – it’s extremely bendy and flexible. We tried bending a pair of Visual Mass glasses all sorts of directions, and they were still completely fine.

Goodbye bent, broken and out of shape glasses!


5. Good glasses = empty wallet


b2ap3_thumbnail_11100190_10153739648802782_71674252_n.jpgProblem: Glasses are overpriced. The reason behind this lies in the way the industry works, with large corporations dominating the eyewear industry. This gives them the ability to raise prices disproportionately with the quality of their eyewear. Furthermore, there are many middleman costs in this process and all of this is transferred onto the consumer. 

The result? At least $400 for a good pair of glasses. That’s really expensive for something that 90% of Singaporeans need.

Visual Mass: They tout themselves as the rebels of the industry by keeping everything simple. And in this case, simplicity translates to affordability – a high quality pair of good-looking glasses will cost only $95 at Visual Mass. That’s less than a quarter of the price at regular stores.


6. When glasses are cheap and pretty but of really bad quality


b2ap3_thumbnail_11117749_10153739649792782_718300352_n.jpgProblem: A lot of places that offer affordable eyewear end up being stingy on the quality of their products. This results in frequently buying new glasses, and could prove to be even more expensive than just buying a durable $400 pair of glasses in the long run.

Visual Mass: This problem is nonexistent when you buy from Visual Mass – they may provide affordable eyewear, but they certainly don’t subtract any quality from it.

All of their glasses are made in Korea and quality is guaranteed. In fact, they’re so confident in their quality that they give everyone a 90 day warranty with every purchase.


7. Feeling like there are weights on your face


b2ap3_thumbnail__T6A0780.jpgProblem: A factor in choosing eyewear is its weight. A heavy pair of glasses will weigh on your nosebridge and your ears and will make them sore after a while. Sometimes, you don’t even realise that the glasses are too heavy until you’ve been wearing them for some time.

Visual Mass: At least one company around here has common sense. They were so light that at one point I forgot they were on my head and panicked thinking I’d lost them. All their glasses are lightweight and you won’t have to worry about an aching nosebridge or ears anymore. Your comfort is their pride.


8. Not having time to go shopping for glasses


b2ap3_thumbnail_11124559_10153739649812782_1457817387_n.jpgProblem: I often see my bespectacled friends wearing the daily contact lens they typically save for special occasions because they don’t have the time to replace their broken glasses.

But in our busy metropolitan city, who has the time?

Visual Mass: While they do have physical stores in Singapore, Visual Mass also has an online shop. Spare 15 minutes before bed to go online and scroll through a few designs, decide which one you like, and you’re good to go.

If you’re more fussy about what your eyewear, they have a really good guide to buying glasses online that will help. Also, they have a really useful feature where you can upload a selfie and see what their glasses will look like when worn on you, so you can save yourself the trouble of having to return glasses that don’t look good.



Bonus: giving back to the community


b2ap3_thumbnail_11127901_10153739648842782_198396356_n.jpgSingaporeans are often accused of being cold-hearted and emotionless, but hey, we all know that’s not true. There are a million and one reasons we don’t actively do community service, but now we can.

Serving the community is important to Visual Mass, and through their One for You, One for Them initiative, every pair of glasses that you purchase from them counts as a donation through an SP initiative, courtesy of the Optical Society of Singapore. Every month, they tally the total number of glasses sold and donates to the needy (both locally and in developing countries) in terms of glasses. Eye assessments are done before dispensing the glasses.

Besides this, they also work with various organisations and are actively looking for more organisations to widen their outreach scope.


Never have problems with your glasses again!


b2ap3_thumbnail_11130350_10153739649767782_2013274331_n.jpgTheir goals are simple: to provide sight for everyone, and to build a business that gives back to the community. And in following these goals, they’ve revolutionised eyewear by reintroducing style, quality and affordability.

After all, even contact lens wearers need a trusty pair of glasses to fall back on on lazy and tired days, and Visual Mass is just the whole package. They’re aesthetic, durable, and inexpensive – what’s not to like?


Get your pair now



Orchard Gateway: 277 Orchard Road #B2-30 Singapore 238858
*Scape Underground: 2 Orchard Link #01-A1
Opening hours: 11am – 10pm

Alternatively, click here to visit their website and shop online!


Visual Mass Giveaway!


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This post was brought to you by Visual Mass.

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