It is Verve Arts Fest 2013 this weekend!

I only recently found out about this event through social media – how powerful is it nowadays eh – and it is quite an impressive line-up to behold. That’s 12 hours they are promising of non-stop programs and activities.

I am absolutely hyped and choosing between Zoukout or this and honestly, I’ll probably find myself at the Arts House at some point.

Here’s my take on the most promising segment of each program:

For Visual Arts: Tangram

Tangram brings together works done by artists Bradley James Foisset, Ruben Pang and Tristan Lim. Hailing from different artistic experiences; the artists will showcase their explorations of the theme ‘The Art of Play”. Together, the artists will be piecing together their views on the pleasure principle, and the extremes and contradictions within the notion of play through their visually arresting artworks, presenting an exhibition that hopes to create intimate experiences between the audience, the artwork and the artists.

It feels like three seemingly unrelated people coming together to make art. And if culinary history has taught us anything, it is that when you put people/ ingredients of varying personalitie/ tastes together, you get a product so strange yet wonderful that it will be a hit.

Case in point: rojak.

For Theater: Yellow Chair Productions

Yellow Chair Productions (YCP) is a not-for-profit community theatre group with a vision to present stories that impact communities and about people in these communities and their lives. YCP believes that there is a place for theatre in everyone’s lives and hopes that this can be a playground for those with a passion in theatre to play, learn, explore and express themselves.

I am quite sure they will be bringing in The Tempest: Storm in a teacup. It is one of Shakespeare’s play, reinterpreted by Singaporean performers. Would be quite the sight to see a Singaporean action – will thou let me chope my seat with thou’s tissue pack – in the midst of this play.

I highly doubt that’ll happen but heh a girl can dream.

For Dance: Mosaic Dance

Established by Derrick Lye and Wee Tze Yi, Mosaic Dance aims to build a community of people, dancers and learners, to experience the joy of dance and pursue this new skill to a higher level. The company strives to provide only the finest instructors who are passionate about their craft and highly proficient in their field. The company desires to create the ideal environment to nurture budding dancers through their classes as well as allow their students to enjoy the social element of dancing.

I have never heard of most of the dance studios listed except for this because it is near my place. But anyway all of them have ready workshops where you can join for one day only. Who doesn’t want to feel like a dancer for the day?

Definitely instagram worthy.

Music: The Glad Stones

The Glad Stones was formed in 2011 by two singer-songwriters, Marcel Lee Pereira and Jaye Foo. Marcel was a journalist turned songwriter and Jaye a hip-hop performer and DJ. The meeting of two completely different styles: funky hip-hop versus soulful folk-rock, resulted in a musical fabric that is edgy yet dyed with shades of the old-school. The Glad Stones has gained a strong following on YouTube, with their homemade videos garnering several thousands of views from an international audience. The band went on to tour Singapore as a Starbucks featured artist in March 2013. They also toured Japan in April 2013, playing at several live music venues there.

Looking at their photo, I like them already. It looks like a funky duo, secret barbers/ hairdressers who sidelines as music makers when they run out of customers. OR MAYBE THAT’S HOW THEY ATTRACT ‘EM CUSTOMERS. Like the Pied Piper of Hamlin!

I’m onto you, The Glad (and not rolling anymore) Stones.

So here you have it – a list of some of their program highlights and my quirky take on them. If you don’t intend to Zouk this weekend, head over to Verve Arts Fest 2013 and I ensure you a happy time.

I will (maybe) see you there!