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 Underwater scooter

Image adapted from: @vengbengveng

There is a spectrum of beach-goers – those seeking some calming R&R on one end, and those looking for YOLO experiences on the other. But apart from the tried-and-tested beach staples – like diving and banana-boating – beachside activities can only take us so far, right?

Wrong. If you think all there is to beach sports is snorkeling or screaming your lungs off on a jetski, this is for you. From riding an underwater scooter to exploring seascapes in a submarine, here are 8 quirky beach experiences for you to really live up the beach life. 


1. Zoom around the waters in a shark-like sea vehicle


 Shark Sea vehicle

Image credit: @seaquestsandiego

Looking very much like a spy vehicle out of a James Bond movie, this quirky watercraft called the Seabreacher will have you racing through the water like a shark. Able to reach speeds of up to 80km/h, it can even jump 6 metres out of water! 

Adrenaline junkies will definitely not be disappointed. You can even try out some mid-air turns if you dare!

Price: ~S$90 for 15-20 minutes
Where: Bali


2. Fly underwater on a Subwing


 underwater subwing

Image credit: @subwingsport

For thrillseekers who get no kick from parasailing, this activity is for you. Hold on tight on the Subwing as you get towed along at insane speeds by a boat. In other words, you’ll be flying. Underwater. 

Be sure to try some flips and tricks once you get the hang of it. There’s nothing quite like the weightless feeling of zooming around underwater to the sight of coral mountains below you.

Price: ~S$40 for a 3-4 hour tour with 25 minutes of being pulled on the Subwing
Where: Gili Islands


3. Swim with friendly whale sharks 


 swim with whale sharks

Image credit

You don’t need to be a full-time wildlife expert to swim with sharks. Swim within an arm’s reach of majestic whale sharks, and be wowed by the sheer size of these gentle giants which can grow up to 12 metres in length!

 swim with leopard sharks

Image credit: @southshoretours

Whale sharks feed on a diet of plankton and krill, so don’t worry about your dive sesh turning into a reenactment of Jaws. These gentle giants won’t come anywhere close to biting you, except maybe to give you a friendly fin bump.

Most tour packages also come with a spotter plane on the lookout for the sharks, so you can be directed to exactly where they are.

Price: ~S$270 for a full-day cruise 
Where: Australia (Exmouth), Philippines (Donsol, Malapuscua)


4. Take to the skies on a Flying Fish


 Parasailling flying fish

Image credit

So you’ve experienced flying underwater – next stop, flying for real. Welcome aboard the Flying Fish – the crazier cousin of parasailing.

 Flying fish

Image credit

You’ll be standing strapped to a flying fish-shaped rubber boat, flown up to a jaw-dropping height shortly after the engine revs up. Because of the standing position, you’ll also be experiencing some intense g-force. Look down for maximum thrill!

Price: ~S$60 per person for 2 flights, total 30 minutes
Where to go: Bali, Boracay


5. Delve underwater in a submarine


 jeju island submarine

Image credit: @scalarae

Ditch the regular boat rides on your next trip to Jeju Island and admire the marine life from a submarine instead. With no hassle of needing to change into a swimsuit, this is a great choice for those who’d love close-up views of corals and fish without having to wash up and dry off afterwards.

underwater submarine jeju island

Image credit: @seogwiposubmarine

Water activities tend to alienate children with their age/height limits, but this one won’t, making it a great choice if you’re traveling with the fam!

 jeju island coral reef diving

A stunning view from Seogwipo Submarine of Jeju Island’s corals! Image credit: @seogwiposubmarine

Many submarine tours also offer a short dive or fish-feeding session during the trip.

Price: ~S$60-S$130 for a 1.5 hour submarine tour
Where: Jeju Island, Bali


6. Go on a seabed-walking tour


 seabed walking tour bali

Image credit: @ppukjasukma

If you’ve ever had that childhood dream of being an astronaut, don a Seawalker helmet, and submerge yourself among stunning schools of fish and corals. Even though you’re not out in space, being in the water will give you a sort of  “anti-gravity” feeling all the same!

This lightweight and flexible contraption is ideal for those who wish to observe marine life but are not confident swimmers or divers. Qualifications or diving experience are not needed either. That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for a next-level beach vacay.

Price: ~S$50 for a 30 minute dive
Where: Bali 


7. Spot marine life on a glass-bottomed boat


 glass bottomed boat bali marine

Image credit

If you’re afraid of getting into the water but still wish to observe marine life, the glass panels on the floor of this boat will give you a great underwater view as you enjoy the seabreeze.

 inside glass bottomed boat

Image credit

You’ll have a great time peering under your feet and spotting the colourful fish darting about through crystal clear waters. 

Price: ~S$20 for a 30 minute tour
Where to go: Bali, Okinawa, Tioman


8. Ride a scooter underwater


 underwater scooters bali cebu

Image credit: @sabrinadunn_

Swimming can be tiring, and the folks behind this great activity obviously knew that. Scootering underwater comes with no stress or rigours of diving. All you have to do is sit back and breathe as the scooter whizzes around on the seabed at 2km/h.

 underwater scooters balli cebu sea turtle

Image credit: @lov3_mee

Don’t worry if you’re still saving up for your driver’s license. The controls here are pretty simple, operating like a typical motorbike. Simply turn the handlebars for direction and push the batons for speed and depth, and watch in awe as the world under the sea goes by. 

Price: ~S$138.52-S$200 for 2-3 hours
Where: Bali, Cebu


Sun, sea, and special beach activities near Singapore


Take your next holiday up a notch, and from the usual beach activities. With so many outrageous beach activities so close to Singapore, you’ll be spoilt for choice on where to go – and what to do – for your next beach vacay. 

So go on and make some amazing holiday memories!

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