Health hacks for perpetually sick tourists


If your staying in bed with the sniffles is something you hear your mates gripe about constantly when y’all are on holiday, it’s time to up your game and stop being the burden of the group. Not feeling well on a getaway sucks, and we’re not about to let that take away the fun. 

From those of you with “serious” problems like perpetual food poisoning to those with more “trivial” issues like having cold hands in even slightly cold countries, we haven’t forgotten any of you. Here are some things you gotta grab for your next trip ASAP.


1. For those who always get food poisoning


ginger tea

It really isn’t our fault when the glorious arrays of street food keep calling our names. The least we could do is eat it… and regret it after. 

But you don’t wanna waste the bulk of your holiday throwing up and suffering, so call up the hotel reception for some ginger and honey for a DIY ginger tea. 

Step 1: Boil the ginger in water 
Step 2: Add honey to the brew 
Step 3: Get miraculously cured and be a merlion no longer

You’re welcome.


2. For those with dry skin, lips and throat


donut humidifier

If you’re always waking up in the morning with dry skin/throat, chances are you already have a humidifier in your room. Unfortunately, most humidifiers are too big to bring on your trip. Solution? Get one of these super small donut humidifiers and pop it in a glass of water overnight – you won’t be waking up to skin as parched as Sahara. 

It also helps with your overall sinus health, easing symptoms of flu. Plus it’s tiny, and reeeaaally easy to pack in your bag. 


3. For those with stuffy noses every day


If your momma never did this for you when your nose was blocked I don’t know how else you cured it. Put a scoop of Vicks in hot water, close your eyes, and inhale all that vapour. Vicks + hot water has the miraculous power to help you breathe again, and you’ll never cure your nose clog any other way. 


4. For those with debilitating menstrual cramps 



Sure, ladies, there are many ways to beat the dreaded uterus punches from Aunt Flo, but using a heat back gives you an almost instant relief and allows you to be out and about exploring a new city.

Ahhhh that relief when you stop having to curl up tighter than a worm. #periodpains


5. Learn this miracle remedy that will stop your coughing immediately


cough remedy

This sounds unbearable, but it cures your cough faster than you can gag. Grab a slice of lemon and sprinkle a good amount of salt and pepper, then suck on it – or if you dare, swallow it all. You’ll soon wonder if your cough was a figment of your imagination. 

If that’s too hardcore for you, you could always buy cough powder and mix it in water instead. Since it’s not a syrup, worrying about it spilling everywhere isn’t gonna happen. 


6. For those who get neck pains no matter where they sleep



Shoutout to all my real-life Snorlaxes who have the talent to fall asleep anywhere. It doesn’t help that travelling equates to pretty long rides, and we know how much of a pain in the neck it is to wake up to… a pain in the neck.


But that’s a problem of the past because you can now get NodPod, a travel pillow that imitates your sleeping position: upright. The NodPod is a Kickstarter project that exceeded its funding objectives by more than 1,200%, showing that there are sleepyheads everywhere looking for a simple solution to get good sleep on the go.

You’ll finally be getting your beauty rest, minus awkwardly waking up on someone’s shoulder and suffering from a sore neck!


7. For those who get boat/car/plane/train-sick



Travellers who experience motion sickness, meet your new best friend. While it’s almost impossible to not ride a vehicle on vacay, you can stave off the nausea. Sip on some peppermint tea the next time you’re about to hop on a ride, and it’ll help to reduce the sickies. 

It also helps with headaches and bloating, making it a staple in our travel bags!


8. Get this 3-in-1 hand warmer, flashlight, and phone charger to keep your hands warm



Waking up to cool air surrounded by clouds sure sounds like a dream come true, until you get cold hands. So before you turn down the next trip to Genting or Cameron Highlands with your pals, grab this rechargeable hand warmer and you won’t be constantly sitting on them to stay warm anymore. 

Besides, it’s also a portable battery, so snapping endless photos or vlogging about the glorious holiday will be possible. We likey


9. For those who love “heaty” food too much


A sore throat is probably the most inevitable problems anyone who loves heaty food will encounter on holiday, and also one of the most uncomfortable ones. Mix a tablespoon of apple, cider, vinegar, and honey into a cup of hot water and drink the entire mix to kill the bacteria and soothe your throat. 

If you can’t find apple cider vinegar, make chamomile tea with honey instead. Not only will it help with the sore throat, it helps you relax and get to sleep faster, which is exactly the treatment a sore throat needs. 


10. For those who always have problems with constipation



Y’know your bowel movement isn’t a good shape when you squat for a good 30 years and push so hard your insides start feeling like they’re at risk of dropping out. Instead of trying so hard and making everyone wait for you – oh the horror – outside the toilet, bring a couple of laxative tablets along with you on your trip to aid with your bowel movements.

Bowel medication can have varying results for different people, so as with all medication, read the instructions on the box. Get properly hydrated, then take a pill – it’s best to take it at night for relief in the morning!


No more vacation sickies 


From having hand warmers that double up as portable chargers to laxatives that will save your friend from an eternity in a public restroom, turn the tables around from being the “perpetually sick friend” and be known as the Doraemon of the group instead with these 10 hacks! 

Constipation, in particular, is a taboo issue that people don’t talk about but that can have severe effects on your trip – understand your bowel movements well and prepare for any eventuality to not be a burden. 

Pick up some Dulcolax from any major pharmacies before your next trip!

This post was brought to you by Dulcolax.