USA Black Friday In Singapore


Most Singaporeans don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but there’s plenty to be thankful for – such as Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. For the uninitiated, Black Friday is a day of MAJOR price slashes in USA eclipsing even that of our GSS.

Stores here are quickly catching on to USA’s Black Friday shopping trend, but we don’t save nearly as much as Americans as everything we buy is still subjected to shipping fees that can cost more than the items themselves. Still, to take advantage of how low some prices can go, freight forwarders were born.


Ship from America from $1.99/500g


You might know ezbuy as the go-to agent for Taobao shopping hauls, but they also ship directly from popular American merchants, such as Nike, Colourpop, and Timberland

ezbuy USA brands
Just some of the many USA brands that ezbuy ships from.

At just $1.99 per 500g, ezbuy’s shipping fees from USA are the LOWEST among all the other forwarding services in Singapore. To put things into perspective, one t-shirt weighs around 150g – which means you can get about 3 pieces of clothing to max out your $1.99. Split that up, and the shipping averages out to a minimal cost of around 70 cents for each item!


Free repackaging service to keep your parcels small and cheaper


ezbuy nikeSource: @nike Up your running game with a pair of Nike Air VaporMax Flyknits.

Some items aren’t packaged the most economically, resulting in wasted weight. Shoe boxes are a prime example, with the boxes often taking up more space than needed – anyone who has bought shoes while on holiday to bring home can understand. To solve the issue, ezbuy provides a free service of repacking everything, keeping space used to a minimum, translating to direct savings on your shipping costs. 

Think of it as how you’d remove everything from your baggage the night before you fly back, throwing out the unnecessary items and optimising the space used!


No hidden charges like base charge or fuel surcharge


ezbuy bath & body worksSource: @bathandbodyworks The fragrant products from Bath and Body Works’ Christmas collection will be perfect presents for your friends. 

By using ezbuy as your forwarding agent, you get to bypass importers, exporters, distributors or retailers who jack prices up – which means further savings on top of the existing crazy sales! There are no fuel surcharges or base fees involved either – ezbuy absorbs them and passes the costs on to you.


Black Friday sale madness with ezbuy


If you wanna get in on the shopping fun but don’t have anything on your wishlist yet, head over to ezbuy and shop directly on their site. They’ve picked out items from various USA brands and compiled them on their Black Friday page to save you the trouble. To sweeten the deal, ezbuy is offering free agent fee and special USA flash deals for the occasion!

Who says you need to reside in the States or take a plane to enjoy Black Friday? Skip the exorbitant shipping fees, and spend freely on a well-deserved Black Friday shopping spree on 25th November. With ezbuy, you’ll be able to ship directly from your favourite American merchants while saving a lot of your precious moolah.

Check out ezbuy’s tips on how to grab the best shopping deals for Black Friday! Also, if you’re a new customer, sign up here and get $10 shopping credit. 

Start your Black Friday shopping on ezbuy now!

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