This article will be your bible to the top 3 nightclubs in Singapore. Add them to your bucket list!

There is a nightlife in Singapore.
There is a nightlife in Singapore.
There is a nightlife in Singapore.

I heard naysayers going on about how Singapore has no nightlife and we’re not as fun and we ban gum (that we really do hahaha oops) and we probably study at night till dawn because w r the azian kidz man.

And I’ve had enough!

Singapore’s nightlife is one to be reckoned with and how do I back myself up? Zouk was recently just voted Top #5 Club in the World. SINGAPORE NIGHTLIFE COMPLAINERS WHO ARE TOO LAZY TO STEP INTO ZOUK SAY WHAAAAT?

(cue “what” from the misinformed)

This is your bible to the top 3 clubs in Singapore:

1. ZOUK Singapore

I have never loved a place more.

Zoul comprises of 3 clubs – Phuture, Velvet and Zouk itself. They are 3 clubs connected by hallways and staircases, where you can quickly collect the last of your sanity, before you’re propelled back to the full-blown music madness of the next club.

I used to adore Phuture. The crowd is strong and the DJ has sick sick beats. There are a lot of fights here but you are young, you are fiery, and you are reckless. It’s expected. Just be sure to stay out of the way when the bouncers come.

Nowadays though, Zouk has fully fledged into my kind of homeland. The music is insane, the people are friendly, the occasional mist bursts adds to the howl of the crowd and the drinks random strangers offer you – ah the love shared.

Velvet is a lounge for members only and I’ve never liked drinking places much (and also I’m sore and sad that I’m no a member) so I’ve never been there.

Believe the world when they rank Zouk #5. It is not here to disappoint. It is here to feed you handsome charming men and drunk classy girls. And if you do get hit on by the creepy and the clingy (my life in a sentence sigh), you can always run along to the adjorning clubs. Me and my girlfriends have our own escape route even. HURRAY FOR UNWILLING ADVENTURE TRAILS!

Oh but most nights it’s a delicious mix of angmohs and tall, forbidden men. And annoyingly perfect leggy girls. So folks,

Come here for a guaranteed good time. 

2. Zirca (now Club DREAM)


Give me a minute while I collect my tears from moping over Zirca’s departure.

(sobs violently and enter spasms)
(breaks down)
(collects self by stroking blog header image)

Alright guys, the calm queen is back!

So anyway, Club DREAM is beyond words.

Being on the grounds of a megaclub that used to be Singapore’s #1 meant high expectations to meet. And Club DREAM does not know how to fail.

It has transformed beautifully into a place that resembles a dimly lit set of a scene from Black Swan’s club set. Classy lights sprawl across the club, littered with tables resembling UFOs with their signature light blue hues and the dancefloor with elevated platforms.

While I can never get over Zirca, I have to say that DREAM has fully upgraded their schtick.

They have a lot of events/ props (unsure which is which) where they encourage strangers to make out and be photographed under their “trysted!” or “oops baby” sessions. So if you’re looking for sugar lips, why not DREAM?

Worth a visit always.

3. Mink

Dear god this place.

Mink is a place of absolute maturity and wildness. Those terms don’t fit each other? Come drop by and you’ll realize why easily.

The crowd at Mink is a more tasteful one. Because it’s somewhat a close-circuited ground, all the vip tables and the normal bottle opener tables are strategically encircling the stage, which leaves them to feel like kings admiring their (drunk?) jesters and their (exotic?) dancers.

The stage itself has 2 poles where a fair share of girls have tried their best to make love to. And how can it be a failure when everybody is slightly tipsy and absolutely smiley?

Mink feels like it’s oozing with class and grandeur. Their bottles have signature lights and mini fireworks, and they’re still upping their game event by event. They have party girls who dress deliriously and go around charming other men.

Mink for me is a place to be extremely wild and completely shift back to conformity after. It’s a private crowd so I can’t say, but you have to come to realize what exactly I mean by a good time’s due Mink anytime.

Class is king.

(sidenote: never enter a club sober. why be sober when you can be half-tipsy?)

If it’s 11pm and you’re reading this guide, put down your ice cream and put on your best suit. Head over to any of these clubs and have the time of your (night)life.

Because those moments will be memories someday.