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Things to do in Timezone in June

5 Things To Do In Timezone This June, For Your Next Outing With The Gang

Things to do in Timezone this June

We may be well into the June holidays, but there’s still plenty to be done. While some of us have chosen to jet off to another country for a change of scene, there are places here in Singapore that you and the fam can check out without the hefty plane fares – including Timezone for a time of fun and entertainment. 

Home to a bevy of old-school arcade booths and cool VR games, the arcade will have the kiddos occupied for hours. Teens and adults are welcome to let their inner child run free too, no judgement here. The place is also levelling up from now till 30th June 2022, with carnival activities and Doraemon goodies. Here are some things you shouldn’t miss:

1. Whiz around in “glowing” bumper cars

Things to do in Timezone in June - Bumper car

No need to wait for pasar malam carnivals or travel to Genting Highlands to have a go at commandeering a bumper car. Here at the VivoCity Flagship outlet, you’ll find the bumper car arena where players can zoom around safely without the worry of damaging the cars. 

The place has 8 bumper cars to choose from, and each is armed with a thicc cushion to soften the bumps. Topped off with colourful LED lights, this ride is reminiscent of the whirlwind of 70s discotheques.  

2. Go mini bowling with the kids

Things to do in Timezone in June - Mini Bowling, Social Bowling
The basics of the game remain the same – you have 10 bowling pins to knock over.

If you’re anything like me and struggle to score a spare, much less a strike, this mini bowling alley is a sure confidence booster. Here’s the twist: the bowling balls are significantly smaller and lighter, so it’s easy to hold and release without the need to stick your fingers in the holes. Because the bowling balls are kid-sized, it’s great for young children to try their hand at bowling.

Those looking for a challenge can try out social bowling too, where you can choose from the usual bowling ball sizes and finger holes. And hey, no changing of shoes is needed so you can bowl with your own footwear. 

3. Immerse yourself in a VR battle

Things to do in Timezone in June - VR Games
The place provides disposable eye covers to wear under the VR goggles. 

Thrill-seekers can check out the various VR games around the arcade. You can find games with different themes and challenges – including a battle to the death with zombies, a journey involving King Kong himself and a Fruit Ninjainspired lightsaber challenge. 

Fly solo or grab a pal to join you as some of these games have a multiplayer option. Regardless if they’re playing the game or not, spectators can witness the action on the display screen so no one’s left out from the fun. 

4.  Catch Doraemon plushies & score free Doraemon tote bags

Things to do in Timezone in June - Doraemon Claw Machine

Think of that classic lovey-dovey scene where the guy fervently proves his love for the female lead by attempting to score a stuffed toy from the claw machine. Here, you can recreate this romantic gesture with the numerous claw machines available. Choices are aplenty as you’ll find options including baby Bert and Ernie or the Little Twin Stars. 

Things to do in Timezone in June - Doraemon Tote Bag
The 10 chances you get from the Claw Pack have to be used within the same day.

Doraemon fans can stock up on merch as there will be Doraemon plushies to kiap. If you need a lil’ practice, there’s the Claw Pack available on weekdays, which will grant you 10 claw games at only $18. For every successful attempt at getting a toy from selected claw machines – marked with a wobbler sticker –  you’ll be rewarded with a Doraemon-themed tote bags too. 

5. Bring back Y2K with photobooths & music games

Things to do in Timezone in June - Snapshot Photobooth

90s kids, you’ll agree with me when I say the majority of our post-class hangs included visiting neoprint booths where far too much time was spent posing and decorating the photos. Relieve that old-school joy at the Snapshot booth and snap pics with your bestie or your boo. There are tons of filters to choose from, and you can decorate your shots with quirky stickers too.

Things to do in Timezone in June - Dance Dance Revolution

Then, head over to classic music games like MaiMai and Chunithm, or show off some fancy footwork at Pump It Up or the nostalgic Dance Dance Revolution. There are different levels to select at each game, so pick the one that gets your rhythm grooving and heart rate pumping. 

Spend your June holidays at Timezone

Things to do in Timezone in June - Carnival Games
Carnival games are available in Timezone Vivocity Flagship, Westgate & Parkway Parade

Besides the games and prizes to be won, you can also participate in the Family Weekend Carnival happening on 18th and 19th June 2022. Carnival passes go at $30 each, and you’ll get popcorn, beverages, balloon sculpting and a Timezone passport to use for the games.

You can try your hand at selected booths, where you will be rated “noob”, “pro” or “hacker”. Depending on your ratings and the number of stamps collected, you’ll then be rewarded with credit rebates of up to $100. Now’s a good time to get your game face on as hitting those scores for the respective games will earn you a free plushie

Things to do in Timezone in June - Double Deals

To make your time at the arcade even more satisfying, Timezone is bringing back their Double Deals on 17th to 19th June 2022. Here are the deets

Available for purchase on Fun App (Google Play | Apple Store)

  • Get 100 e-credits for $50 

Available for purchase on Fun App and at Timezone outlets

  • Get 200 e-credits and 500 e-tickets for $100
  • Get 400 e-credits and 1,200 e-tickets for $200

Things to do in Timezone in June

Plan a day out with the gang and visit Timezone for a jolly good time. With 14 Timezone venues across Singapore, you need not travel far and wide to access the arcades. And for parents with young kids, you’ll find tons of child-friendly games that will keep them engaged and entertained.  

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This post was brought to you by Timezone Singapore.
Photography by Alvin Wong.