We recently attended a media trial session at The Spa Artisan and in this blog post I would be writing about my experience of the trial. I did an INBODY analysis report followed by a session of PowerSlim Impact.

About the Spa Artisan

The Spa Artisan is a relatively new spa under the prestigious Asmara Lifestyle group that has opened last year at The Fullerton Hotel. As such, it is located in the heart of the city and is easily accessible. Albeit being located in the city, The Spa Artisan aims to transport guests to the serenity of a lush green meadow. The Spa Artisan is deeply influenced by traditional Asian spa practices and this is delivered with a contemporary touch.


The décor is simply impeccable. There is a stark contrast between the main Fullerton Hotel’s décor and that of Spa Artisan. Stepping into the Fullerton Hotel you feel overwhelmed because everything is so grand and larger than life.


However, the minute you step into The Spa Artisan, you feel welcomed and relaxed, so close to nature although everything still has a posh accent to it. The lighting is warm, there is the distinctive smell of lemon grass wafting through the air, the colours are earthy and the service staff speak to you warmly in a soothing manner. A perfect spa set up as you feel more comfortable than you do at home.



The service at the front desk to your own therapist is amazing. The staff address you by your first name and look after your every need which puts you very much at ease. However, I realised that some of the therapists not attending to you tended not to give you a smile.

InBody Analysis Report


I was first led to a room for a consultation regarding my daily lifestyle habits and general health, following that I was led to measure my height and body composition with a machine.

The machine is the InBody 3.0 which is basically a body composition analyser. Standing on it you feel so helpless and bare as the results would show everything about you, inside and out, even the things that you would rather remain oblivious about (e.g. body fat mass) would be made known. For the geeks, InBody 3.0 uses Direct Segmental Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedence Analysis Method (DSM-BIA method) and this method has a 0.98 correlation to Dual Energy X-ray absorpitometry (DEXA method), the DEXA method is currently the benchmark method to analyse body composition.

Within minutes a report would be out which includes details like Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Body Fat Mass, Total Body Water, Fat Free Mass, BMI, Percent Body Fat, Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR), Fat Control, Muscle Control, Segmental Analysis of Fat and Lean (Right arm, Left arm, Trunk, Right leg and Left leg), Impedance of Each Segment.

In my opinion, I think it is not just good but also important to know your own body composition as the readings from the many components can serve to help us better understand our own bodies and as many of the components have a direct correlation with our health, help us in making decisions with regards to our lifestyle (e.g. exercising more if there is poor muscle control).

Moreover, this gives a more accurate picture as opposed to only using weight. Following the generation of the report, the therapist would explain the report to you. The explanation provided to me was simply sufficient, content knowledge of the therapist and that provided to the client is good enough to understand the report although clinically it might only be scratching the surface, I would definitely suggest that you also do your own research to really thoroughly understand the report.

The Spa Artisan also works with companies such as Xndo to provide meal replacement plans that can be used concurrently with their slimming treatment plans. Meal replacement plans definitely takes things one step further in helping a client lose weight, after all input is also an important consideration in weight lose.

In my opinion, The Spa Artisan may consider having a certified in-house nutritionist to prescribe a diet plan suited for each individual. Having a nutritionist on the team would definitely be an amazing marketing point.

PowerSlim Impact Studio

In a nutshell,. the PowerSlim machine synergises infrared radiation and ionisation to help with weight lose, it is claimed that 55 minutes is equivalent to 5 hours in the gym. Infrared radiation is able to intensify the metabolism and the process of burning calories, thus reducing the effect of cellulite and improving the skin’s appearance, in addition to stimulating collagen production.

Ionisation on the other hand has an effect on metabolic balance and ionised air also reduces the feeling of tiredness, boosts your mood, improves respiratory functions and provides other health benefits.


In addition, adhesive electrode pads are placed over specific areas of the body to deliver electrical impulse which stimulate the nerves and cause the muscles to contract which helps to further burn fats for energy. A velvet cream is specially formulated for the PowerSlim treatment, it is formulated to work in tandem with infrared and ionization. The cream contains concentrated active ingredients which are proven effective in reducing cellulite and fat tissues. Lastly, the PowerSlim treatment also claims to stimulate the production of endorphins, the neurotransmitter which increases levels of contentment and happiness.

I had to first change out, I was informed to bring my own bikini to change into. A disposable set would be provided if you did not bring your own bikini. Before the PowerSlim Impact treatment, a relaxing foot soak would be given which further boosts metabolism as I was told by my therapist Claire.

The PowerSlim Impact machine does look like one of those MRI machines, on first glance it looks rather huge and intimidating and the thought of lying in a confined area might seem scary to those who are claustrophobic. Personally, I am slightly claustrophobic but I found the whole situation to be manageable, more so than an MRI scan as when you lie down the surrounding area is still rather spacious and you can easily stick your head out to look outside.

b2ap3_thumbnail_photo-1-1_20130808-010458_1.JPGThis is me in the middle of the treatment looking like a burrito in an oven (hot due to the infrared rays).

Firstly, there will be preheating to warm up the body, following that the velvet cream would be applied and electrodes would be placed on the stomach area. The main treatment process has 4 phases, each having its own functions. You can request to watch a video during treatment (F.R.I.E.N.D.S) or to listen to soothing music.

As mentioned earlier, the electrodes would cause contractions and I could definitely feel myself contracting, it feels as though I was doing crunches while still lying down and I do think that that is the point which is to work those same abdominal muscles.

The plus point would definitely be that although it feels uncomfortable as doing crunches are, you have no choice but to continue and not give up halfway like I usually do with crunches. The height of the bed is adjustable with buttons at the side of the machine, you can use this to adjust the amount of infrared radiation you would like to feel, i.e. amount of heat.

The treatment lasted for about 55 minutes and I was told to rest in the lounge area to cool off before showering.


I was given some sesame fibre biscuits and a cup of tea which further which ended my treatment on a really nice note. Definitely feels amazing to be lounging in an air-conditioned room after the treatment. The showering facilities were good, the toilet was definitely clean and so well-equipped that even cotton wool and hair dryer was provided.

For the subsequent hours following the treatment, I could still feel the heat on my body and this according to the therapists was normal. In addition, I could feel my stomach muscles aching the next few days as though they had a really good workout.


I truly enjoyed my spa experience at The Spa Artisan and would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the staff there for this amazing experience. I highly recommend anyone to do the body composition analysis to better understand their state of health. The PowerSlim Impact treatment would be effective if done consistently and can be used as a component for a weight loss plan.

What I liked most about the Spa Artisan would be how they market and brand themselves as a spa company providing programmes to help in weight loss for those that are interested in losing weight and not as a slimming company, that I found was refreshing and puts them in a class of their own.


The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, 1 Fullerton Square, Mezzanine Floor #01-13/14 Singapore 049178

More information of The Spa Artisan is available on their website: 

The Spa Artisan

Current Promotion

PowerSlim $98nett Trial – “55mins is equivalent to 5 hours in the Gym”

Treatment Includes

• Relaxing Foot Soak • Velvet Skin Prep on targeted area • Stimulating IMPACT Therapy to obtain visible results • Be surrounded by patented infrared and ionization technology to maximise comfort and effectiveness • En suite Bath Facilities provided

75mins I $98nett (U.P. $298+)

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