About Teadot


When I first saw Teadot tucked into a corner at the Courtyard of Westgate, I thought they were a speciality tea shop that sold Chinese teas. I’m not sure how I got this impression but I now know I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Teadot is more of a casual cafe, that aims to bring customers high quality teas at an affordable price. They serve western brunch classics, teas with a twist and if you really need your cup of joe, they do that too.


The Food at Teadot


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_4791-Copy.JPGCafe staples like All-Day Breakfast ($17.90) and Salmon Benedict ($16.95) are part of their menu. I was impressed with how generous they were with their portions.

The All-Day Breakfast comes with a huge pile of scrambled eggs on soft brioche toast, a portobello mushroom, German bratwurst and turkey bacon. In case you were wondering, Teadot is not Halal and the German bratwurst is actually made with pork.

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_4789-Copy.JPGAs for the Salmon Benedict, the same soft brioche is topped with tons of smoked salmon, two poached eggs and drenched in thick and creamy hollandaise. This was so filling we almost couldn’t finish it! The poached eggs were the perfect consistency but I felt that the hollandaise was too overwhelming after awhile. Perhaps a little more of the cayenne that they used to garnish the Benedict could have been mixed into the hollandaise for added kick.


The Drinks at Teadot


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_4787-Copy.JPGTeadot prides themselves on serving the best quality tea. They never use teabags as they believe that fresh tea leaves in a French press deliver the best teas. We tried their Organic Matcha Latte ($6.80), Royal Earl Grey Latte ($6.80), White Orchid Oolong ($6.65) and Yuzu Oolong ($6.95).

When you come to Teadot but you’re not sure what to order, you don’t have to worry – their friendly baristas will be able to recommend drinks to suit your taste. I was craving something light, refreshing and fruity, and the Yuzu Oolong was a perfect match! It reminded me of homemade ice lemon tea with a twist, where instead of the sharp acidity of the lemon you get the mellow sweetness of yuzu peels.

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_4806-Copy.JPGI’m a huge fan of Matcha Latte and it’s my standard order at any cafe I go to. Teadot’s version allows the organic matcha to shine through by making sure it is not too sweet. The tea is also not too bitter due to the addition of the milk.

My dining partner, who is a huge fan of tea, had the Royal Earl Grey Latte and the White Orchid Oolong. She enjoyed the Royal Grey Oolong even though she prefers her tea without milk. The milk did not overpower the warm, earthy flavour of the Earl Grey and the dollop of mellow caramel gave the tea just the right amount of sweetness. However, if you prefer your teas less sweet, you can customize your preferred level of sweetness with the barista.

As for the Organic White Orchid tea, the White Orchid brought a flowery fragrance to the usually dull Oolong Tea. Like complementary instruments in an orchestra, their combination was comforting with a sweet aftertaste. You can taste the essence of the tea in this simple, heartwarming cup of tea.

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_4824-Copy.JPGRegardless of what type of tea you order, we recommend that you check out their Wild Jackfruit Cake ($6.65). The cake complements any tea that you order, as it’s a mousse cake that’s not too light or dense. We’re hoping to see a Durian version of this soon because we loved the texture of the cake so much.


The Verdict


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_4826-Copy.JPGTeadot takes great pride in differentiating themselves from the usual cafe with their focus on tea instead of coffee. Whether you’re a student that’s looking for a new place to study, or if you just love cafe hopping, Teadot provides a pleasant experience different from the typical coffee shop culture.

Enjoy their great variety of mains and teas at an affordable price, as they have neither GST nor service charge. You can even get any gourmet drink on their menu for just $2.50 if you purchase any meal item!


Getting To Teadot


Address: Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, #01-08, Singapore 608532

This post was brought to you by Teadot.

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