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taobao kitchen gadgets

5 Taobao Kitchen Gadgets To Make Cooking & Cleaning Take Way Less Effort

Taobao kitchen gadgets

Admit it – you’re a sucker for quirky and utilitarian kitchen gadgets just like most of us. And one place where there is no shortage of these toys that can value-add to your cooking space is Taobao

As one of the biggest eCommerce sites in the world, you’ll be able to find everything you need from an affordable fruit dehydrator to a chio oil dispenser to jazz up your countertop. Check out these five kitchen gadgets from Taobao that will elevate your cooking and cleaning-up in our home. 

P.S. Read till the end to find out how you can save on your Taobao hauls!

1. Fruit dehydrator to make easy, healthy snacks

fruit dehydratorImage credit: Taobao

You might have an air fryer for all your snacking intentions, but you can go healthier with a fruit dehydrator to make some crispy fruit chips instead of french fries. This dehydrator from FruNuts has five spacious tiers for plenty of drying space. They are also removable which makes cleaning them after a painless chore.

The dehydrator also has eight different temperature settings and can dry for up to 72 hours, so you can just set it up and leave it running without having to worry about over-drying your snacks.

Price: S$41 (¥199)

Get the FruNuts fruit dehydrator from Taobao.

2. Baby food blender with 7 blending modes

taobao kitchen gadgets baby blender
Image Credit: Taobao

Blenders are usually messy and a burden to clean. Not this baby food blender from Supor Kids though. The simple design and disinfecting function makes post-blend clean ups as smooth as the puree you’re making for your infant.

There are seven blending modes you can choose from by turning just one knob, and up to eight options on how intense you want your pumpkin or avocado to be blended.

Price: $269 (¥1,299)

Get the Supor Baby food blender from Taobao.

3. Cooking pot with detachable handle for easy one-pot meals

taobao kitchen gadgetsImage credit: Taobao

One-pot meals are fuss-free, but sometimes the chunky handles can get in the way. This ceramic pot with a detachable handle from Korean homeware brand Kims Cook will help you save a ton of space not only on the dinner table, but also in your kitchen cabinets as storing these pots will be easier since you don’t have to stack them in awkward positions.

The pots come in multiple sizes from a small milk pan to a 24 cm frying pan with a steamer attachment.

Price: From $82 (¥399)

Get the Kims Cook Pot With Detachable Handle from Taobao.

4. Leak-proof oil dispenser to keep your counter dry and clean

leak proof oil dispenser
Say goodbye to an oily mess when you’re cooking at home
Image credit: Taobao

Those who are particular about the aesthetics of their kitchen counter and the cleanliness of the stove area will appreciate this leak-proof oil bottle. As you’re pouring out the oil into your pan, the cap of the bottle will catch the excess that will inadvertently drip from the spout. The handle will also help with all the PTSD from gripping oily plastic bottles.

Price: $8.20 (¥39.90)

Get the Leak-Proof Oil Bottle from Taobao

5. Utensils dryer and steriliser for extra cleanliness

taobao kitchen gadgets
Image credit: Taobao

Our kitchens all have dish racks, but do you have a dish rack that can sterilise your utensils? You can elevate your cleaning chores with this utensil holder that has a built-in dryer and UV light that can sterilise and disinfect your dining and cooking utensils and knives all at once, for an affordable price.

Price: $26 (¥126.20)

Get the Pampas Utensils Dryer and Steriliser from Taobao.

Bonus: Portable kettle to make hot drinks on the go

portable kettleImage credit: Taobao

If you don’t trust the cleanliness of hotel room kettles, one solution to still having your coffee or tea on your travels when borders finally reopen or for your staycation – is to bring along your own portable kettle. This compact model from Small Pumpkin can shrink down to the size of a mug so you can put it in your bag or luggage.

There is even a small cup included in the entire set so you don’t have to worry about finding a clean mug for your hot beverage.

Price: $32.93 (¥159)

Get the Small Pumpkin Portable Kettle from Taobao. 

Spruce up your home with useful kitchen gadgets from Taobao

Not all kitchen gadgets are frivolous appliances. You can find plenty of practical gizmos you never knew existed on Taobao that will make your time in the kitchen more productive, whether it be speeding up your cleaning or preparing food in a fuss-free way.

From 16th – 20th June, Taobao is also holding their annual 618 GSS shopping spree, where you can score tons of promotions on the eCommerce site.

taobao app
Image adapted from: Taobao

When you shop on the Taobao app with your region set to Singapore, you can also make use of some exclusive promotions to save some dollars on your hauls. New users can use the promo code “2021NEW” to get $4 (¥20) off with a minimum purchase of $4.35 (¥21).

From 14th June – 20th June, you can also redeem hongbaos for your purchases and shipping worth up to $14 (¥68) that can be stacked with other cross-shop discounts, vouchers, and promo codes. Spending at least $61 (¥299) in the Free Shipping to SG category will also make you eligible for free international shipping

Some other promotions to take advantage of include a cross-shop discount of $6 (¥30) off every $40 (¥200) spent; bigger spenders can also use the promo code “TBGSS90M” to get $18 (¥90) off a minimum spend of $139.90 (¥699).

Taobao is also hosting a few giveaways where you can win items like a hair removal device from Ulike worth over $400 (¥2000) and baby toys. Head over to their Facebook page before 20th June to participate in the giveaways.

Find out more about Taobao’s GSS promotions here


This post was brought to you by Taobao.
Cover image adapted from: Taobao
Disclaimer: Prices shown are accurate at the time of publishing and are subject to exchange rate fluctuations.