Taobao 11.11 – one sale to rule them all 



Not only is Singles’ Day – or 11.11 – an unapologetic celebration of singlehood, it also happens to be Taobao’s LARGEST online shopping fest of the year. Mark 11th November 2016 down in your calendar because there’s gonna be a sale in which tons of items have been slashed down to HALF price! 

Taobao manages such low prices by eliminating importers, exporters, distributors and retailers from the shopping equation, giving you super cheap deals, from Women’s Fashion to Home and Garden accessories. So let go of some self-restraint and start shopping – even if you sell your “regret buys” on Carousell, you’ll still be making nifty profits. 


Navigate the Taobao 11.11 madness easily


One drawback of using Taobao for non-Chinese readers is that the site’s wholly in Chinese, and can be quite confusing to use. For example, here’s a screenshot of their catalog: 


Catch no ball lah. Source 

Thankfully, there’s a way around this – ezbuy is an agent that translates everything to English and makes shopping so much easier: 



Think of ezbuy as a “Google Translate” for Taobao, bringing the best of Taobao’s deals to English speakers! Except ezbuy does more than that – it features like member perks, giveaways and discounts to the casual shopper. 


1. Get a flat shipping rate of $2.99 up to 20 items



Simply add 20 items from Taobao to your Prime Wishlist and check out the entire cart with a flat shipping rate of S$2.99. A privilege that normally comes with ezbuy Prime subscription (u.p. S$99/year) will be extended to you completely FOC for the 11.11 sale.

This means you can buy a 50kg sofa from Taobao (usual shipping fee: $130) + 19 other items but pay only $2.99 for shipping in total!


2. Chalk up free eCoins to redeem free Prime & vouchers 



Get free Cashoff Vouchers with eCoins starting from 4th Nov. Receive your free eCoins for the day by heading to the eCoin Reward Page on your web browser or ezbuy mobile app and click on the “Check-In” button.

Don’t forget to check-in every day, because with every day accumulated in your “Check-In” streak, you get 5 extra coins than the day before. Receive 5 coins on Day 1 and up to a maximum of 30 coins on Day 6. Before you know, you’ll be redeeming heaps of discount vouchers with your expanding coin collection!   

Find out more about eCoins here.


3. Spin the ezbuy jackpot to win an iPhone 7



They say “11.11 make a wish!” My wish is that I’ll someday win a million bucks from the lottery. But now you don’t have to go buy 4D and Toto to win big – just use your eCoins to spin ezbuy’s Jackpot for a chance to win MORE eCoins, Prime vouchers and even an iPhone 7.


4. They’ll ensure the right items get to your doorstep for free


To give you a sense of scale, Taobao sold RMB10 billion worth of items in 12 minutes during last year’s 11.11 sale. This year, with more people from all over the world getting wind of this sale, it’s only going to get crazier.

Which is why ezbuy’s role here will save you a ton of headache: their inspection service ensures the order you purchased from Taobao is exactly shopped for. You won’t have to worry about your order being lost in the mail or getting the wrong items because they’ll check to ensure that the orders are done right. 

For 11.11, ezbuy will be waiving agent fees and giving free shipping for the 1st kg and 20% off subsequent shipping fees. Click here to find out more.


5. Get up to 80% off when you shop with your friends 


This is your perfect excuse to pull a “twinsy” with your BFF! Get up to 80% off when you buy stuff together. You’ll be too busy shopping with friends for matching outfits to give a hoot about your “forever-alone” status. Stay tuned for further details when ezbuy rolls out this deal!


Some ezbuy hacks to make shopping easier



Here are some quick shopping tips for the pro ezbuy user: 

  1. Check out the Brands Collection, where you can shop all the products of one brand sectioned into distinct categories. Instead of trawling the site and reading reviews, just hit the Bestseller Section. 

  2. To see all sale items consolidated into one big fat sales section, check out the Super Sales section where items are going for up to 70% off. And because double 11 calls for double the happiness, get more discounts on already discounted items with free Cashoff Vouchers. 

  3. Camp for ezbuy’s Flash Deals – you’ll have to train your fingers, because these products are going at up to 90% off.   

Also, get your hands on XiaoMi products from the highly popular MI Collection and enjoy up to 30% off portable power banks or smartphones.  

ezbuy’s done the groundwork for you, putting the items into clear shopping zones, stopping compulsive online shoppers from getting sucked into a massive Taobao black hole. It certainly spares us the stress of having way too many options popping up in our faces. 

And if you’re new to ezbuy, here’s a $10 voucher to get you started.

Go 11.11 shopping crazy on ezbuy here!

This post was brought to you by ezbuy.