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taftc fashion diploma Singapore Offers Fashion Diplomas You Can Achieve In Just 4 Months, Instead Of 3 Years fashion diploma programmes

This one’s for all the aspiring fashionistas – if a career in fashion has always seemed like a pipedream to you, this could be your call to give it a shot. At, you’ll get the chance to complete fashion diplomas in a matter of months, instead of the usual 3 years. So if you’re keen on stepping into the fashion industry, you’ll get to do so on a quicker timeline. 

Instead of focusing on more illustrative background work, the school focuses on teaching industry-relevant skills, so students will be able to quickly get their hands on a job after graduating. If you’re keen to find out more, here’s what to expect from the fashion diploma programmes

Fast-track fashion diploma in 4 months

Taftc Shoe Making Course
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As with most courses, a fashion diploma typically takes years to complete, but not all of us can or want to take more time off for school. If you’re looking to zoom through your studying years, you’ll be glad to hear that most of’s fashion programmes only take 4 months to finish.

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Most diplomas here are completed through an “intensive programme” that comprises 15-19 modules fit into a 4-month timeline. You may think that 19 modules in 4 months sounds a little daunting, but with courses taught by industry professionals, rest assured that you’ll be offered tailored guidance that suits your pace.

Taftc Sewing Course
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Currently, the school offers 5 specialties, each covering different skill sets: 

  • Diploma in Apparel Design and Product Development (15 modules): For aspiring designers to learn the real world skills of a fashion designer, from technical drawing to operating an industrial sewing machine, and even rendering 3D virtual fashion designs in CLO-3D.

  • Diploma in Fashion Business (19 modules): For those interested in managing their fashion business effectively or starting a fashion label. Modules teach digital marketing skills such as Search Engine Optimisation and Paid Ads for students to learn how to stand out to the right target audience, as well as merchandising skills such as costing and sourcing.

  • Diploma in Footwear Design and Product Development (15 modules): For those interested in footwear design and starting their own footwear label. The programme is in collaboration with Arsutoria from Milan and covers profesional shoe-making and business skills to build a footwear collection.

  • Diploma in Bag Design and Product Development (18 modules): For those interested in bag design and starting their own bag label. is the only school in Singapore offering a Bag Diploma, with in-depth modules teaching skills like 3D bag prototyping and bag making, from the raw materials to the finished product.

  • Advanced Diploma in Fashion Technology (25 modules): The only diploma that takes up to 9 months to complete, and is essentially a combination of the Apparel Design and Fashion Business courses. 

Shorter courses to fit your schedule

Fashion Class
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You know what they say – it’s never too late to chase your dreams, even if you’re already working. At, you’ll also get to opt for Advanced Certificates or Professional Short Courses, 2 options that are ideal for those looking to add a couple skills to their existing resumes. 

Taftc Fashion Course Work
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Professional Short Courses are targeted courses for those who want to learn more specific skills. For instance, examples of skills you can learn include Basic Drafting and Sewing, Virtual Prototyping, and Footwear Components and Construction.

Best of all, you can complete each course in a matter of only 1-7 days, after which you’ll be presented a Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) Statement Of Attainment. Find out more about this qualification via the SkillsFuture website

On the other hand, those looking to do something more in-depth can take up an Advanced Certificate. These are essentially part-time programmes that can fit around your work or schooling schedule, so you can hustle for a fashion cert even if you’ve got other commitments. 

Examples of Advanced Certificate courses include Apparel Design & Production Development and Fashion Business.

Hands-on learning experience & overseas opportunities

taftc fashion diploma teacher
Learn from industry professionals.
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Whichever course you choose, provides hands-on learning experiences taught by industry professionals. You can expect to learn real-world skills, including practical knowledge like how to create your own business websites. 

It doesn’t end once your course is done and dusted, either. If you’re envisioning your life after, you can expect plenty of internship opportunities, career conversion programmes for job-switchers, and even marketing support at your disposal. Feels good to know that a school has your back even after you’ve graduated.

Taftc Paris Programme students in Paris.
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Most excitingly, you’ll get the chance to go overseas – we’re talking major fashion capitals like London, Paris, Milan, and New York. This is possible because has partnerships with schools in these major cities, and offers international programmes for graduates. 

Of course, if you’d prefer to stay in Singapore, there are several different pathways you can explore. Those who want to start their own businesses can get a comfy start thanks to’s entrepreneurship support, with platforms like The Label SG for students to feature their works for free. 

There are also local internship opportunities on’s website. Roles available include fashion design intern at local athleisure brand butter. and shoe design intern at Pedro. While breaking into the fashion market post-grad may seem uncertain, has lots of success stories you can take comfort in. 

Syne kimonos
Syne restores vintage material into new kimonos.
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Some successful businesses to look to include Syne – a sustainable kimono studio started by students Eshton Chua and Ian Sam, as well as utilitarian streetwear brand Kerbside & Co., founded by alumni Fahmy. 

Kerbside & Co. Singapore
Kerbside & Co. specialises in selling utilitarian wear, and releases genderless clothing with each drop.
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Learn more at’s Open House in September

taftc sketching workshop
Sketching workshop at a previous Open House
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Attending a fashion school may be a pretty unfamiliar experience to you, but will be holding an Open House on 3rd September 2022.

Besides hearing the lowdown on all the different programmes and getting to consult the faculty on any burning questions you may have, there will also be interactive segments. This includes a sharing session on how you can earn a side income from home through their AlterAround programme.

taftc fashion school Singapore
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So whether you’re planning to leave your mark in the fashion biz or simply want to explore a little side interest in fashion, be sure to check out’s courses – who knows, you may find yourself in Paris in a couple months. 


Find out more about fashion diplomas
Address: 298 Tiong Bahru Road, #14-06 Central Plaza, Singapore 168730
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm (Closed on Saturdays & Sundays)
Contact: 3158 9328 | website

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