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TADA promotion

TADA Is Now Giving Users $3 Off Rides, To Mark Their First Baby Born In Their Car Moment

TADA promotion

Ever since the ride-hailing industry entered the Singapore market, travelling from point A to point B has gotten far easier. From Grab to Gojek, there seem to be quite a few options to jump between when prices surge during peak hours. 

If you’re looking for yet another platform to have on hand, add TADA to your list of ride options. And especially thanks to a surprise passenger, TADA is currently running a $3 off promotion for slightly cheaper transportation in a pinch.

The surprise baby backstory

Image credit: Mass Vehicle Ledger (MVL)

If you thought ordinary child births were dramatic enough, wait till you hear about how one lucky baby was born in the backseat of a TADA vehicle just a few days ago.

On 12th September, Mr Muhammad Annur Mohammad and Madam Mardhiah Abdul Malek were on the way to the hospital when Madam Mardhiah starting going into labour. Thinking on his feet, the driver, Mr Addy Soon, made the quick decision to pull over and call for help.

tada baby
Mama, Papa, and baby are all doing fine!
Image credit: Mr Muhammad

In what was probably a Mediacorp-worthy moment, Mr Soon managed to get the help of a group of cyclists – and among them was a doctor – to help Mdm Mardhiah give birth to her baby. 

Other than an exciting story for the ages, the couple also earned themselves a month’s worth of free car rides and $300 worth of TADA Fresh Market grocery vouchers.

Save some money with TADA

TADA baby
Image credit: TADA

Other than having a new option for affordable rides, you can save just a little bit more as a first time user of TADA. To celebrate the birth of the baby on board, the company is launching the promo code “TADABABY” to save yourself $3 on your first ride.

Besides its vehicle services, the platform has also expanded since its first launch in 2018, with its own grocery delivery service TADA Fresh Market. And with the high community cases, there’s no better time to get your groceries delivered than now. It’s even got $1 weekly deals for a steal to fill your kitchen.

TADA is also a zero-commission app – meaning it doesn’t collect commission fees from its drivers, so its fares are steady throughout the day and even during peak hours. For more information on their services, check out TADA’s website.

Cover image adapted from: Mass Vehicle Ledger